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Jan. 18th, 2017 12:00 pm
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  • Wed, 09:17: RT @gfrancie: Once I had a good sob over the fact that @SpeakerRyan is actively trying to murder my mom, I was able to face the rest of the…
  • Wed, 09:21: This is too simplistic. When coworker's kids have multiple concussions. When teacher friend leaves district for LON…
  • Wed, 09:22: When principals are fired and inept teachers are the only ones who stay (or apply for openings)... When teachers ar…
  • Wed, 09:24: When friends pull their kid out of the school TWO BLOCKS AWAY to one in another town due to class disruption to discipline children...
  • Wed, 09:26: I don't want to be another white flight parent.
  • Wed, 10:19: RT @moiseschiu: IDEA doesn't exist in the alt-world Betsy DeVos lives in, where she's so close to demolishing public ed to make (her words)…
  • Wed, 10:54: Got @RepTomEmmer's response to my support of the ACA. He feels that health savings accounts should be encouraged. For premies? Seniors? No.
  • Wed, 10:55: I don't feel @RepTomEmmer's support of HSAs is feasible. How do I know what to save for? Cancer? Dialysis? How much will that cost in 20yrs?
  • Wed, 10:56: The only people HSAs work for, @RepTomEmmer, are the corporations that siphon off fees for admin and get interest on my money.
  • Wed, 11:11: TFW you've mostly grown out of grunge music you loved as a teen, but then open the door to sunshine on the deck ...
  • Wed, 11:16: That was the day before his birthday... With Mike Starr on the bass! Mike was the last one to see him alive...


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