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Yesterday was Angie's 25th birthday. Amanda and I decided to throw her a little party. I had recently gotten some fresh rhubarb from my father-in-law's garden and decided I'd try to make some kind of cake out of it for Ang.

Tuesday night I dug around in my recipe book cupboard and found two recipe books I could use: one from the Catholic church in Rogers my mom gave me when I moved out, and one from Tim's relatives' hometown that we got as a wedding gift. I found five different rhubarb dessert recipes in these two cookbooks. I did not have all of the ingredients for any one as a whole.

Tim said I should go to the store, then, and buy the ingredients. I said no. That would involve leaving the house and I was done with leaving the house for the day. Instead, I tried to make do with what I had in the house.

Phone conversation snippets with Tim:
J: "What is sour milk?"
T: "I think it's just milk and some lemon juice."
J: "That sounds weird. I don't think that's right."
T: "Why don't you go on the internet and look it up?"
J: "Because that would involve leaving the kitchen. I don't feel like leaving the kitchen."

I get very lazy and curmudgeon-y at the end of the day, as you can see.

J: "This baking powder says it has corn starch in it. Can I just use it instead of corn starch?"
T: "No."
J: "Can I use it instead of baking soda?"
T: "No. You know, if there isn't any cake left after the party, that's OK. You really don't have to save any for me."
J: *digs in cupboard some more* "Wait! I do have baking soda!"
T: *sigh*

We hung up for a while as I worked. Later:

T: "I looked it up on my phone. Sour milk is milk with lemon juice. I was right."
J: "Ok. We don't have milk anyway."
T: "I think you could also use buttermilk."
J: "You know we don't have any of that, either."
T: "I know. I just wanted you to know that I was right. Like usual."
J: "Well, I suppose it has to happen once in a lifetime."

The end result is more of a coffee cake with a little bit of rhubarb flavor in it rather than the traditional rhubarb pie or bars that are a lot more gooey, but it's tasty. It's just a touch dry, so I've tried putting honey on it, but I don't think that flavor really works with it. I think I'll try a piece at lunch time with some butter instead. All three of my guests last night said they thought it was "really good" so I'll take that down as a success.
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I've taken to looking at the puppy page lately. I really should stop that.

Yesterday I said "Fuck it!" and decided to put gas in the tank and take Darlene for a spin. (For some reason, I've been calling her Dolores in my head, recently, which is really one of my old computer towers in the closet with some old ass Red Hat installed on it) Then I took her for a drive all over town. 13 miles on her at 30 miles an hour. It was frickin' fun! It was a little muggy, but with the breeze it was OH so nice.

It was all I could really think about today at work while trying to figure out what was wrong with my unix bins. (I don't know much about unix and then it doesn't work right anyway. grr) It is Amanda's birthday today, so I took Darlene all the way across town to Waite Park and got her a gift card from Crafts Direct - because her craft corner isn't cluttered enough! It was by far the farthest (furthest?) I've ever driven her and also the fastest: there's 40 mph zones over that-a-way. And the whole trip went smoothly! Then she started right away in the parking lot, too! So I drove her down to Mexican Village (where everyone goes on their birthday for a free meal).

David, Amanda's future stepson, was there along with 2.5 yr old Kalen (I totally just spelled that wrong) who is Amanda's friend's son. I took pictures of them both on Darlene out in the parking lot.

(more pics here)
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Interesting day today.

Amanda and I went for our usual walk around the building at lunch time but didn't get very far today. There was a dark follower.

A young cat (a little smaller than History) with a blue bell collar but no name tag. Very friendly. She mewed quite a bit and rubbed all over our legs. No struggle when we picked her up.

We had the front desk call the Humane Society, but they don't pick up animals. Instead, they gave us the number of the Animal Control Officer. But that just went to voice mail. So I asked my boss and she asked her Account Rep and we took kitty across town to the Humane Society.

There is only one house next to our building but nobody answered when we knocked and rang the door bell. Soft-hearted me wrote on the admittance form "If no home found, call Jill @ ..."

She really was a sweet cat. Apparently she'd been out there for at least 7 hours as the Press Foreman mentioned seeing her at 5:30 this morning when he got in. The only other thing I can think of is that she was a trucker's cat who got out on accident. But Amanda noticed that there was some kind of bite or something on her shoulder and that her whiskers looked a little singed on one side. Poor thing.

Tim's response: "If you get a second cat, then you have to give me a hummer every day."

He was joking, but boys sure can dream some times...

Other interesting note: I came home and Tim was noticeably agitated and very hostile towards the squaking black birds in the back yard. Betty, his step-mother called this afternoon. Apparently his dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday and had two more stints put in the arteries by his heart today. He was still in the hospital and will be released tomorrow.

The last time his dad had problems like this was two weeks into our relationship. I was in Boston for the first time and got a phone call from Tim saying that his dad had a heart attack. I didn't quite know what to do. I'd only been dating Tim for two weeks and I was on the edge of the continent and would be for a few more days.

Today, I told Tim that he should just call work and say he's coming in late so he can go see his dad in the hospital. He hemmed and hawed over it, but finally called. We drove over to the hospital (a whole four blocks away) and navigated through the halls to the private riverview room Art was in.

He was wide awake and seemed pretty feisty. Tim's sister Sandra and her son Craig were right behind us. We visited for quite a bit and didn't leave until about 7:30. We told him he'd have to stick around for a while yet because he needed to meet his first granddaughter. That'll be a few years yet. He agreed and smiled at the thought of having a granddaughter and how his two daughters would fight over spoiling her.

Tim was pretty quiet when we got home (other than the daily hummer thing) and finally left for work at 8:10.

It was pretty hard walking into that hospital. I was worried I'd get all emotional thinking about my grandfather or my father, but I did ok. Told the story about my sunburned butt and gave everyone a giggle. It's got to be scary, seeing your dad in a hospital bed.

Third interesting note:
Our friend Trent, who was one of our personal attendants at the wedding, had complained about not getting an invitation - even after I insisted that I had sent it. We mailed those things out at the end of February. I just received today Trent's invitation back from the USPS. I spelled his last name wrong. Not Tullis, but Tulus. They put "Addressee Not Known" and then mailed it back to me over three months later. WTF?
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Amanda and I had a grand old time looking at the homes on the Historic Homes tour here in Cloud.

Bishop Busch sure was a rich man back in the day. His house was gigantic. It now holds the offices of the St. Cloud Arch Diocese and the past four bishops (not including our current) all lived in the apartment on the third floor across from the chapel room. One thirty-something fellow who is completely gutting and renovating one of the houses on the tour was practically giddy when an elderly lady disclosed she had boarded there one summer in 1938. It had been college apartments for quite a few years recently and the house is currently studs and floors now.

After the tour, Amanda and I had lunch at Jules Bistro next to the Paramount. She had the veggie wrap and I had the veggie sandwich. I think [livejournal.com profile] viksin would really like the place. It's much different from the last time I was there, Halloween 2000, when it was "The Garden on St. Germain". I think it was the last night I saw my roommate Andrea before my friends and I left all of her stuff in her boyfriend's driveway on New Years Day.

I couldn't imagine what Amanda's sister is going through at the moment. Married for less than a year. Divorced two weeks ago, pregnant for three months and now married to baby's daddy but she hasn't offically told Amanda or her mom yet that she's married again. All at the age of 21. Holy balls.
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Bachellorette party was yesterday. It was fun.

First I had to have a sobbing reunion with the hair stylist and now my hair is no longer purple. Yay.

Then, the glorious Miss Jody Mae picked me up and we had some tasty soup and fancy tea with steamed milk (I believe they called her fancy tea Xocatlatl) at Serendipity. We did not see the ghost, but we also stayed downstairs. We chatted about busy life, crappy dad's who don't pay child support and give her many many health insurance issues, and how she generally needed a vacation a year ago and it still hasn't happened yet. And, of course, how she needs a conjugal visit by either The Rock or a close look-a-like.

Next, we stopped at the DayLily Spa for many hours of pampering, champagne drinking and peanutbutter cookie chomping, gossiping, laughing, debating, and general good girly fun. All of the bridesmaids were there and it's just darn fun to hang out with them.

A side note: I smudged my nail polish less than twenty minutes out of the door there and I think the massage chair gave me a bruise!

Dinner at Ciatti's was good. The Salmon Orriechette was ordered by Dana and myself and we all agreed it needed something in the sauce. A little too flavorless. We were joined by Kelly, Amanda, and Ms. [livejournal.com profile] superna and had some good fun conversing as well. Karen, one of the bridesmiads, had to leave after that step as she's had strep throat for a month and anti-biotics and alcohol don't mix. Amanda also is on the anti-biotics, so she was kind enough to be our sober cab.

We trudged through the rain across the parking lot to the martini bar, where I was handed my bouquet of "suck for a buck" lolipops and garbed out in various dollar accessories from Target. (Including a blinking red lips pin which Karen surreptitiously helped me attach to my butt. I'd had a few drinks by then and was thoroughly amused! Wore it all night and I think Tim is planning on wearing it tonight on his crotch during his bachelor party. We be classy here in the Cloud.)

At the martini bar, I stumbled across a bachelor party and was propositioned by a groom-to-be to sit on his lap and suck cake frosting off his fingers in exchange for the lolipop. He, sadly, was turned down by a creeped out Jill. I was only slightly less creeped out when attempting to rid a loli on two older gentlemen, one of whom proclaimed he was getting divorced in two months and insisted I tell him why the hell I'd want to get married in the first place and what does this guy do for you anyway? Katie met up with us there and Dana had to take off -- she has my future nephew, the 17-yr-old, home alone that night and was eager to get back.

Our next stop was DB Searles across the street. I sold off the remaining suckers and also got a free shot and a few free drinks to boot. At one point while squeezing through the crowd, a man, upon seeing my outfit and big veil, wished me a happy birthday. We had a bit of a giggle over that. We rocked out to Kelly's high school alum and his band for quite a while, but the room was incredibly hot and we were quickly running out of layers to remove and still keep our modesty, so we headed off for The Press.

Kelly's fiance Dewey had picked Tim up and brought him to The Press, to be met by Katie's fiance, and an usher, Scott, and Cyndy's husband Dennis. We also ran into a recently promoted co-worker who has an unenlightened view of women. Thankfully, I did not have to hear first-hand his account on whose boobs are what classification in his puny little brain. Tim bought me a shot to take in my nifty plastic shot ring and additional dancing ensued. The party was winding down, as most of us had mates present.

All in all, the party was great. I got to hang out with some of my best friends, eat good food, drink good drinks, I was hugged and congratulated by many a stranger and escorted to the "little girls room" by an amicably amused white-haired man. I'm not overly hung over, and I came home to a beautifully cleaned house. My man loves me. :) So much so that he was vehemently requesting that if he called me tonight during his bachelor party, that I would come join them.

It's rainy and cold outside now, so I think I'll make myself some tea and curl up on the futon to crochet a bit more. Perhaps the cat will be good enough to sit on my lap a bit. :)
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So, that picture of my cat under a cooler that I entered at the Gala will be picked up by me tomorrow. No one purchased the small thing. But I'm ok about that. Here is one reason why:

Last night Amanda asked me how my photo showings were doing and I told her about how I had to pick this last one up and said it was just a funny little thing with the cat in a cooler. She immediately perked up and said "I saw that one! I thought it was cute!" Apparently she had taken a walk through the Paramount and as she was turning the corner in the hallway or whatever, she noticed my photo (not knowing it was mine) and thought that it was cute. It didn't match anything else that was in the show, but she liked it.

The fact that she noticed it and remembered it. The fact that it stuck out a little bit in her mind. That makes me smile.
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heheheh I'm drunk.

We went to McRudy's and I had many Morgan Diets. And a black fellow asked Amandato dance one song. And then he asked me to dance and we danced two songs. and he never made eye contact. Always looking down. And all he touched were my hands and my hips and we had a good time. And Matt (Amanda's boyfriend and my co-worker) told me his insecurities about the relationship. i.e. "Why does this young hot chick like this old dumb me with the 5 yr old kid?"

As the DJ was dumb and refused to play any song I wanted ("Is it hip hop?" he asked when I requested some Gwen Stefani) even after I pleaded to him to play a good song as Amanda wanted to dance with the pole on top of the bar, we left and went to the Press.

After we walked in, we saw Ronneby, Mike and Nate. I went up to Nate and said, "Hey!" He immediately said "Your friend is cute" to which I responded "She has a boyfriend". He turned and walked away. heh

Then two short mexicanos tried to buy me tequila and make a Jill sandwich on the floor. I declined.

I made friends with a friend of the band playing. I think he said his name was Michael.

I later went up to Nate and gave him the lei I got from the Jagermeister ladies at McRudy's and Amanda gave him the Jagermeister sticker and he said "She's fucking hot." I distracted him by asking about his 2.5 yr old daughter Sydney and he proceeded to tell me about how proud she was when she peed and pooped on the potty. As I was drunk at the time, I proceeded to tell him I wanted to be a mom and how the little voice in my head hated the bitch who got to be pregnant with twins right now. Nate told me he thought I'd be a good mom even though he doesn't know me that well and he said Tim was a lucky guy and I was a good girl and that he'd marry me in a heartbeat.

I then asked him the question I ask all silly gushing persons: "What's my name?"

The last time I visited my friends in Milwaukee, Sam's neice gave me a huge hug when I was leaving and said she loved me and she'd miss me a lot. I asked her this question. She didn't know the answer. I just hugged her back and said thank you anyway.

Nates response: "Uh.... Ginny... Jenny.... Jennifer?"

As Ginny is Tim's ex, I could be mad. But it's not his fault he's a lonely, bitter, drunken single father with partial custody of his daughter and lives in the basement of Gary's house. Or, maybe it is. But it's not my place to judge so I just did the same I did for Sam's neice. I hugged him, told him my name was Jill, and then changed the subject.

Later that evening, two mexicanos tried to make a Jill sandwich. I declined. (No, I'm not repeating myself. They tried it twice.)

Also, I complimented an overly skinny lady in the bathroom on her fluffy curly short dark hair. She told me she loved me and later danced with me on the dance floor. Matt was amused.

And I'm durnk and a little cold and am thinking fondly of the warm comfy bed with many blankets in the other room.

Good night all!
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I'm quite odd lately.

One night this week I had a dream about roommates making a coctail weinie sculpture. It was a coctail weinie elephant with a coctail weinie man riding on top and a coctail weinie elephant trailer with some big stick spanking the rump.

Note to self: don't take the pill right before bedtime.

And then today. Read more... )


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