Dec. 11th, 2008 10:18 am
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Currently on a conference call.

A co-worker dialed in a little late.

Sound bite: "Hi, this is Jim. Just hopping in here. [sounds of a zipper zipping]"


It's been a long month...
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So, BBC News' website has the Day In Pictures which I enjoy viewing when I have a few moments. Today, there is this one:

The caption reads as such:
Japan's Princess Takamado pours tea for Britain's Prince Charles during the prince's visit to Nagano.

Am I the only one who notices that Price Charles' mug says "BEER" on the side of it?
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From my Daily Briefing by SME

Nintendo makes more profit per employee than investment bank.

The Financial Times (9/16, Harding) reports that "the average employee at Japanese video games maker Nintendo is on track to earn more for their company this year than the average Goldman Sachs employee did in 2007, the investment bank's best ever year." The video games maker "also makes more per employee than Internet group Google." The Times notes that, "for an electronics company to make more per employee than a high-powered investment bank is exceptional, and the figures highlight how profitable Nintendo," which has "less than 3,000 permanent employees, has become after the success of its Wii and DS consoles."
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I am super excited about my new window in the bathroom at home. The past few days I've been scraping wall paper paste off the walls and took down the ugly green shower curtain that was covering the old window. It has been sooo much brighter in that room now. With the glass block and tile sill replacing the wooden sill, I will no longer need that ugly green shower curtain. !!!!

You just don't understand how awesome this is going to be.

Rick came over this morning and was still working on it when I came home for lunch today. We'll need a good amount of caulk (I like caulk. I can't get enough of caulk. I have the sense of humor of a pre-pubescent boy) around the edges of the block. I'm a little nervous about if it will be weather proofed for the winter (don't want a lot of cold air coming through a shower window) but over all, I'm excited.

Can you tell I'm excited? Because I am. Excited, that is.

I won't have enough time to put some paint down tonight so it can dry over the weekend, but I'm put some primer over the spots that need it and maybe futz with the mirror....
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Amusement for the day:
"One well-known physician, Edward Clarke claimed in
his 1875 book, Sex in Education, or, A Fair Chance for the Girls, that girls could overtax their
reproductive systems by too much study, and it might make them anemic and even infertile.
Therefore, women should not work as hard at their studies than men in order to preserve their

From this thesis by Sandra B. Conaway
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From Cute Overload,
this made me giggle:
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Haha, this makes me laugh:
from St Cloud Times article Sartell leads in census growth

"Waite Park added one resident in 2007 to make its population 6,800."
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So funny thing.

[livejournal.com profile] princess_nicci is up visiting this weekend and last night we went over to Angela's new apartment.

Ok. Two funny things.
Er, maybe three...
  1. Angela's new apartment is #205 in a building that I lived in just before I moved in with Tim. I lived in apartments #304 and #206 in that exact same building. Huh. Small town.

  2. Angela has pet rats. She previously had three female rats. She then bought two more - one male and one female. This week she became a "grandma". Now she has 15 rats! They are so little!!!

  3. Finally, the really funny thing. So, at Nicci's wedding, my husband Tim was sitting at a table with some of Nicci's friends. He had a few more than a few drinks. He gets really friendly when he has a few more than a few drinks. He gave this couple his phone number and told them that if they were ever in St. Cloud, to give him a call and we'll go out and have a few beers.

    They later asked Nicci if we were swingers.

Apparently, they couldn't figure out why else he would be so friendly and give out his phone number!

When Angela heard that story, she then informed me that her friend Krystal was also questioning why my husband gave her his phone number after the party the cops broke up.

Apparently he hasn't lost his touch. I guess he needs to figure out how to change his former man-whore-hitting-on-chicks-at-the-bar attitude into more of a non-sexual chummy attitude. But who can really blame these people for being unsure? The man just reeks of hotness. *grin*
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Thing that makes me giggle:
On the St Cloud Times website, there is this story bit:
People look for ways to make quick cash
Al Lassen, manager of Granite City Pawn Shop, works on a firearms purchase application between customers Wednesday.

When I first read that, I thought that Al was gonna buy a firearm to make some quick cash!

It's early. Give me a break.

Baby Abraham was born at 5:34am on Saturday, March 8th. He's so cute! He has a little dimple in his left cheek just like his dad. He's got tiny little monkey feet.

It also finally occurred to me why the comic Baby Blues has a baby named Hammie. Before I always wondered why a family would name a kid after food. But I understand now that it is short for Abraham.

So Jody has two kids: Tater and Hammie. hehe.

I am SO ready for spring. The thing I look forward to most is the end of my eternal refilling of the humidifiers. I feel like every time I look at them, I have to refill them. And it's that or nosebleeds and annoying crusty boogers.

My cubicle is faced such that the sun in its current position is able to shine directly into my eyes in the 1 ft of window that peers out over the top of the cubicle. Methinks I'll have to get a tall shelf and add some plants to block it.

And seriously, people. Don't call me in the morning all bitchy because you can't type in a website address correctly. That ain't my fault. Good thing we have it in a PDF where the link is clickable. It's amazing how many fat fingers (including my own) that cures.

Oh yes, and also: taxes suck. I finally see why there are people out there rooting for Ron Paul. These are the people who want immediate gratification and are unable to save money. Kinda like me right now. I received the automatic deposit pay stub for my bonus and stupid taxes took almost half of it! And they treated it like my normal paycheck, so 10% went into my 401k and then the rest of it got put in our family accounts instead of my personal accounts. (That last part is more my fault than anything else, and just annoying that I have to transfer funds between accounts now.) I realize that I have to pay taxes and stuff, but my own naiveness had me assuming I'd just be getting a nice fat check to hold in my hands and drool over. *pout*
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So, Monday was my first Supply Chain Management class. It was also my first elective for the major, thus I was surrounded by Operations Management undergrad students. Most of whom are white males from Minnesota.

This is a huge change from all of the other classes I've taken this time around where 75 to 80% of the students are from India, with another 15 - 20% being from Nepal (I'm usually hanging out with the Nepalese). And one of those Nepalese is in the Supply Chain class with me - Jenius.

Side Note: Last night one Nepalese girl, Sama, let me try some "traditional Nepalese food": dried apricots (with the pits still in them) coated with sugar and some kind of hot, spicy stuff with a kick. Oh, it was so good...

But anyway, so the first class has about 40 people in it and we all have to go around and introduce ourselves. As I said before, most of the people are white males from Minnesota. So, in their introductions, at least 20 of them all said that either "I'm in Ops Management and I like sports/hockey" or "I'm in Ops Management and I like hunting and/or fishing." You can't make that shit up. Then, after they hit the first white Minnesotan girl (who also likes fishing), they come across a second white Minnesotan girl, dressed in all black with dyed black hair and multiple facial piercings. Her response? "Hi, I'm [name], I'm in Ops Management and I've been a professional Michael Jackson impersonator for the past seven years."

You can't make that shit up, either.

In other news, I've been feeling the financial crunch lately. What with holiday spending, the trip to Hawaii and paying for tuition and books ($2000 a semester), I've been feeling very poor. My wonderful husband keeps offering to help pay for school, but I'm stubborn and prideful and really want to be able to do it myself. I know, I don't deserve him. This summer I have to give Darlene back to [livejournal.com profile] viksin (or her sister) so if I want to be a biker babe for the second year in a row, I'll need to buy a bike, too. Unless my first review here gives me a multi-thousand dollar raise, that ain't happenin'. So Tim get's a wild hair up his butt. We're at a poker party last weekend at [livejournal.com profile] motogeek's and Puzi is there and tells us that he might be willing to sell the "alien" bike (which I think is another small Honda Rebel like Darlene) for pretty cheap (like $650, cheap). I don't know if it was the "Guzzi Juice" or the fact that he won first place in the first two tournaments, but Tim decides that if I like the alien bike, he'll buy it for me.

Yes, I am a lucky woman. :)
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holy crap. we get on a plane in an hour and a half to leave. it's quarter after nine here. we arrive in minnesota at two pm tomorrow. then back to work wednesday and school starts thursday evening. my minor panic attack is bubbling under the surface. and the whole damn airport here does not sell chewing gum! what kind of crazy shit is that? that's all i got. i did finish a book on vacation. it was my maternal grandmother's originally. called the labrynth and was published in 1944. had some very interesting views that have not changed at all from the war then and the war now. and it used the word "wonky". that made me giggle. oy i'm ready for a nap.
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just had spam for breakfast. :) it's almost like we're back home in minnesota except that we don't eat spam there and it's about eighty degrees warmer here.
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Waiting for the bright yellow suitcase.
Wed 01/16/2008 18:24 01162008061

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Just landed in portland. We've got about an hour before the flight over the pacific. I came prepared. :)
Wed 01/16/2008 09:09 01162008058

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Oh, yes. And also, I find Corner Gas to be quite amusing. That straight-faced Canadian sarcasm gets me every time.

Clip from the show:
[Error: unknown template video]
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Sometimes looking up your city on Wikipedia is very interesting...
"The racial makeup of the city was 91.75% White,..."

No wonder people refer to it as "White Cloud" sometimes. I'm interested to see what the new ratios will be in the 2010 census as there has been a huge influx of Somalis in recent years. Do you think they caught up with all of the large Catholic farm families?

Yes, I like nerdy statistical things (as long as I don't have to calculate any &Chi2s or perform any multi-variable integrations). I also enjoy looking at maps and taking long walks on the beach at sunset.
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Just made some Simpson avatars of the family:in here )from here: http://www.simpsonsmovie.com/main.html

(guiltlessly swiped from [livejournal.com profile] cogshiftingman)
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oh, lordy.

So, Deron Liebrenz is the shift leader for the warehouse department where I work.

His other job?

An extra in Bond spoofs

He is the solo golfer that gets shot with a golf club.

Smiles Aren't For Heroes

Posted Aug 16, 2006

In a dangerous world...of danger! The 5th installment of the Alexander Wellington series has the suave super spy the target of his arch rival, Vittorio Falco.

HAHAHA! Norwegian terrorist groups called "LEFSA".

And the obligatory Wisconsinite joke....
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OK. One more amusing thing for the day.

So I only accidentally found the YouTube link I posted in my first post today by scrolling through old entries in a friend's of a friend's of a friend's ... journal. I personally live under a rock when it comes to anything YouTube-y or current mainstream music. (At work they have the radio set to a classic rock station with a total of about 50 songs in its rotation)

Jody calls me up tonight because her Rocki cat has feline pancreatitis and she's understandably upset. She also somehow bought 8 tickets to see a band (which I keep forgetting the name of... Oh yeah. the Fray) on Monday night but got bailed on by a bunch of people. So she invited me. Guess who is one of the Special Guests opening for them? Ok Go. The band who were in that enjoyable little treadmill flick.

Sometimes coincidences are just weird.
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So, I took my first motorcycle class last night. For some reason, the web form I used to register didn't take so when I called on Monday to figure out what room I was supposed to go to, I had to re-register. I also took my lunch break to drive over to the tech college to pick up a big packet of stuff in preparation for the class. When I got back to work, I was running some processes that were taking a long time, so I started to go through the handbook.

My boss walked past a couple of times while I was reading through it but didn't mention anything about it until today.

See, the page I was on had a diagram. Today he asked me what exactly it was that I was taking a class for. Here is the diagram:

From his vantage point, he thought I was studying the female reproductive system.


I told him, "No. No ovaries." heh


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