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I don't know what that karma is smokin', but it has gotta be some good stuff.

So today I'm all tired and crabby. I still can't run the effin NCOA to save my life. I figure for sure it is the memory that is overloaded as it isn't every day we try to run it on 5 million names. But even after I trim it down to just 280k, it still freezes. What's worse is that after that job is run, I have another 700,000 names I also have to run an NCOA on. And that job was due today. I finally put in a work order with the software company this morning because I've run out of options.

Do you know what the problem was?

Apparently, recently the USPS decided to add the nickname "Zeke" to their nickname table to help make matches on people who have moved. And now, whenever there is a record with the first name of "Zeke", our program freezes and doesn't know what to do. There were 14 Zeke records in our 5 million name file. And at least 1 in the 700k file. How fucking obscure is that shit?

So, anyway, our software company has a fix that is in the new release that hasn't been released yet. They try to send me the specific bug fix program. All day long, I wasn't getting any emails from them and we couldn't figure it out, no matter what the IT team thought of. We renamed the thing, sent it to different emails, everything. At 1:45 I was ready to start stabbing anyone who even tried to talk to me. It wasn't until about 2pm we finally FTPed the file over. It fixed the issue. However, I was still unable to get the job out that was due today. But really, how bullshit of an issue is "the program doesn't like the first name of Zeke"?

I was totally having a terrible day and didn't want to think about the gigantic projects that are all coming in right now and I am one of the few people who knows how to work on them and I'm fried from working mandatory overtime and my house is a mess and I didn't have any ideas for xmas gifts for the parents and they're coming tomorrow!

And then around 3pm I get a phone call from one of the Nahans. They have a bunch of season tickets to the SCSU basketball and hockey games and give 'em to people if they can't make it. I just got four tickets to Friday night's Husky hockey game. My mom loves hockey. My dad likes hockey. I like hockey. My parents will be here on Friday. I think I almost had a coronary just from the highs and lows of that past hour.

This morning I had texted Tim about how I was so stressed out and didn't want to think about anything. I come home tonight to a clean living room, the christmas tree is lit, the fireplace is ready to be lit, and the presents I got for my dad in April that I couldn't find were sitting on my desk chair. Seriously. I just can't believe how thoughtful he is sometimes. How did I get so fucking lucky?

Anyhoo... yeah. Fuckin' karma, man.
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I am avoiding going to the gym today. My excuse is that I had a fever yesterday and i'm still coughing. Still feel a little guilty, though.

I got an entertaining email today.
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your pre-order of the NEXBlack Digital Audio Player/4GB
Microdrive & the FM Transmitter. We are sorry that the release date of
the product has been delayed for so long. It is now finally ready to ship
on August 25th, 2006. ...

Most people wouldn't think that very funny except that I ordered the thing at the beginning of January. Yes. After getting no response about the shipment of my mp3 player, Tim gave me one for our anniversary at the end of March.

Forgive us for not waiting eight months for a product to be shipped. To be exact, I ordered the item on January 2nd.

Holy balls.

Anyhoo, Tim was ever so generous when he gave me my current mp3 player. However, it only has 1GB - not enough to hold my current music collection -- and the one I originally ordered has 4GB.


I don't need two MP3 players. And, I'm perfectly fine with the one I have. However, I really liked the one I had ordered.

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Normally a hair appt leaves me happy and fresh and the self-esteem on the high side.

Not today.

I left the place on an ok note and went shopping at the mall for stuff. The more changing rooms I was in, the more I hated my new hair. Hated.

I was going for the brown with a coppery tone to it. This shit is purple. blech. And there's still some sections (spotty, of course) where my natural hair color show through. As in, not all dyed.

Jillith was not a happy camper. Jillith does not want to get married with purple hair. Jillith is just not that punk anymore. And Jillith definitely does not want to get married in spottily dyed purple hair.

I got home quite upset. Tim snuggled with me on the hammock and finally convinced me to call the place and ask for a fix. They wanted to fit me in tomorrow afternoon, but my bachelorette party is all day tomorrow. I insisted on a morning appointment. They finally managed to squeeze me in at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

I hate being that person. The one who isn't just happy with what they get. I mean, I'm not that picky of a person. I've gotten my hair chopped off once by a drunk girl at a party with dull scissors. I'm not kidding either. And I was happy with it!!! But I know a tear fell in that hammock when I was telling Tim that I didn't want my wedding pictures with me and badly dyed purple hair.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow. It's never fun (for me, anyways) to tell a person they fucked up and to fix it. And it's worse when you have to tell them to their face and then you and your entire wedding party is coming back the next week to the same person for your wedding hair style. Ick.

But seriously. When a person spends $120 on hair, products, and tip, the damn dye job shouldn't have missed spots. So that's the main thing. The purple hair will just have to be fixed as well.


Apr. 14th, 2006 09:07 pm
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I am very disappointed with iTunes at the moment.

As you may or may not know, a couple weeks ago my fiance gave me an MP3 player for our anniversary. Yay!

As you may or may not know, my 25th birthday is next Wednesday. My brother asked me what I wanted. Thinking "Oooh, new mp3 player! Must get more songs to play on it!" I told him I would like an iTunes gift card. He, very generously gave me a $50 gift card. !!! The kid's in college, for goodness sakes!

That arrived yesterday. There is now less than $20 on it. (I was getting sleepy and decided to wait to use the rest of it)

I went to the gym today and used my mp3 player and noticed the battery was low and I should plug it in and maybe add some of my new songs on it.

Who all knew that iTunes uses an AAC protected M4U file type? A file type that pretty much nothing other than the iPod and iTunes supports. A file type that, since it is protected, cannot be converted to any other format.

Jillith be pissed.

iTunes, however, has the ability to burn CDs. I'm hoping that somehow I can burn my new songs onto CDs, then copy those CDs in a somewhat supportable format to the computer. If that doesn't work, I may have to use my CD burner component of my stereo. And if that doesn't work, I will put it in my older stereo in the "input" line into the CD burner componenet, burn that to a CD and then rip that onto the computer.

In other words, I don't think I'll be asking for any more iTunes gift cards.

Wish me luck!
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The porn is restored! The porn is restored!

Our cable company got bought out by the other cable company and the old cable modem from the previous company decided to kick the bucket this weekend. I bought a new one today and it is such a relief! I think I'm addicted.

In other news, I'm sure Mr. [livejournal.com profile] verucagonff would appreciate that we rented and watched Serenity this weekend and found it to be a rather good show. I didn't want to kick anyone or choke on my own tongue. The visuals were neat, the premise was intriguing, and that one dude was pretty darn yummy.

I've decided (now, this will still take some time) to stop stressing about the wedding and look forward to the fun. Like the bridal shower on Saturday. Rather than stressing about entertaining my mother for a weekend while missing Tim as he's living it up in Vegas and having to put up with a bunch of relatives, I'm looking forward to eating some food, seeing my mom, having some time alone in the house to get some stuff done (or not) and getting to open lovely presents and hang out with some of my best friends.

How long this will last is another thing, but for now, it's working. :) Plus, I found a cute outfit to wear to the shower so I'm a happy monkey.
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Mail-in Rebate update:
So I called the 888 number on the letter and the nice bored young guy on the other end fixed my misspelled name and told me to send in my copy of the UPC with the letter to the resubmit address and they'll continue processing my rebate.

So, I made copies of my copies and a copy of the letter and stuffed an envelope and stuck it in the mail box.

*fingers crossed*

And the truth is, if RadioShack hadn't had that rebate (and the fun "red chair" commercials), I probably would have bought one elsewhere as portable DVD players seemed to be the big Day-After-Thanksgiving sale item at any and every store.
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I am on my 9-on. Yes, 9. Three days of training this week (Tues-Thur) and then I get to finish off the next 6 days for my usual 7 on. hurrah.

But, the trainer dude is a dreamy French Canadien named Yves. Really, quite dreamy. He even says "pro-ject" like my dad does in Canada. I tried to chat with him yesterday and asked if he was based in Boston (which is where the training was last year) and he said, no. Montreal. So I asked, "Oh, so how are the Canadiens doing this year?" He looked confused and said they had just had an election on Monday. Sadly, I was talking about the hockey team and did not realize that they had just elected a Canadian vesion of George W.

Anyhoo, the training is down near Rosedale Mall, which takes over an hour for us to drive there. It would take me about 90 minutes to drive there, but Arin is a crazy man and gets us there in just over an hour.

It is located in this office building that many companies are in and we have to walk through one companies front office area in order to use the restrooms. Well, Arin drinks a lot of green tea and Eric chugs about three caffeinated, carbonated beverages in just the morning session of the training, so I was outside the restroom doors waiting yesterday. And noticed a door between them with a label saying "Phone Booth".

Being the nosy person that I am, I tend to open doors with out-of-the-ordinary labels on them just to see if I can.

One time, in Winona, I was visiting a friend of mine at her dorm which was once a convent. Lovely place, with interesting floor tiles and stained glass windows. I can understand why they called the rooms "cells", though. Anyhoo, there was a door that said "Fire Hose" on the wall of the gorgeous dinner hall turned common room. It was a normal sized wooden door. I turned the knob and found it unlocked. Inside was no firehose but three chunks of 2x4 lumber.

The "Phone Booth" was ever so much more interesting than that.

Its door was unlocked as well. The room was about the size of a closet with one plastic office chair, a shelf with a phone book and office phone, and a Superman costume hanging from a hook.

I kid you not.

This particular office is also some kind of computer programming company with Microsoft plaques and whatnot on the walls.

Anyhoo, I was incredibly amused by finding a Superman costume in this odd closet-room. It wasn't until today that Arin made a comment making me realize why there would be a Superman costume in a room marked "Phone Booth". Yes, I am slow sometimes. I thought it was an entirely random and odd thing. But it's still rather amusing anyway.

In other news, I bought Tim a portable DVD player for Christmas from Radio Shack on the day after Thanksgiving with a sweet $70 mail-in-rebate. I mailed it in at the end of December. On January 7th I received an email:
Your rebate submission for $70 Axion 3.6 Portable DVD Player from RadioShack has been received. Please allow 8-10 weeks for final processing and validation.

Today I received a letter:
We appreciate your purchase, but unfortunately your submission for the RadioShack rebate offer was declined for the following reason(s):
  • Submission did not include an original UPC for a Axion 3.6" Portable DVD Player
Please return this entire letter with all the missing information to the following address by March 4, 2006

Unfortunately I do not have said UPC because I sent it in the mail to these guys. BAH! I have a copy of everything I sent them but, now that I actually have to use it, does it even mean anything at all?!? Potential conersation:
Them: We need the UPC
Me: I don't have it anymore I gave it to you.
Them: We don't have it. Prove you gave it to us.
Me: I have this copy of the UPC I sent in.
Them: You could have gotten that anywhere. Doesn't mean anything.

le sigh.


Dec. 29th, 2005 05:55 pm
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from here:

AT&T Corp. ... was recently acquired by SBC Communications Inc. in a $16 billion deal. SBC, itself once part of the old AT&T, took on the AT&T name. The new AT&T is now the largest phone company in the United States.

Did you get all of that? SBC, which used to be a part of AT&T, now bought AT&T and then changed its name from SBC to AT&T. Nepotism strikes again! It's like the Menendez brothers corporatized.

Busy day

Oct. 31st, 2005 11:42 am
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Yesterday I got off work early and decided to cash a check from our now defunct sofa (Slumberland in St. Cloud has an asshole for a manager. No one called to tell us our sofa would be 1 month late and then they got mad and annoyed at me for calling and asking what the status was on it. So I told them to keep the damn thing and give me a refund) and deposit refunds for myself from the wedding account to repay the money I used to buy the bridesmaids' jewelry and my veil. I decided to drive around abit to see if there were any open houses to walk through. I remembered that Tim said the neat old house on the way to his dad's house was for sale and I was hoping it had an open house. It didn't. But the cars behind me were piling up so I kept on truckin' to HWY 10 and took it East back to town.

I was looking around and saw a building with a big sign on it that said "Higher Ground Church". I quick made the turn through a gas station parking lot and headed down the frontage road. (Did I mention that below "High Ground" it said my wedding's official's name?) there were a bunch of vans and cars in the parking lot in front of the building. It was after noon, so I figured there wouldn't be service anymore, but I walked in quietly and there was James, putting vegetable oil on people's hands and telling them they have to let go and pray and put your arms this way for the "sacrifice" and put your arms that way for "receiving the Lord" and the people in the room were shouting "AMEN!" and clapping and crying and laughing. Kids were running around and you couldn't really tell the church goers from the church workers as they were all enthusiastic and participating. I came in to the service where people who wanted help would walk up and James would give them a talking to. He'd listen to what they wanted help for and decide if they needed to "sacrifice" or "receive". He is the father to many children, so he says, helping a lot of the troubled poor people in the community. And rich, too, as the female of one couple was wearing real fur and her male counterpart had gold tipped leather and silk shoes. It was definitely different from the solemn Catholic services and the restrained Lutheran services I've been to. There were even two people from the St. Cloud NAACP education committee asking for advice, questions, and suggestions for the first ever education committee. "And white is a color, too. Just a different hue," said one of them women. :)

After the service, I gave James a big hug and he introduced me to his wife and his two girls, his sister, his neice, and some of his other "children". We decided on this Wednesday at 8pm Tim and I will have an introductory pre-marital counseling session.

His church is only a block away from the reception hall which is only a block away from a brand new Country Inn & Suites hotel. So I trucked on over there and got a couple tours of the rooms and asked for a quote on blocking them off for the wedding. Apparently their manager just got married himself and would be gone until Wednesday, but he'd call us as soon as he gets back.

I drove home and, as it was only quarter to 3 and it felt later than that (daylight savings time always confuses me) I decided to tackle the leave issue in our front yard. The issue being that there was no yard, just a thick layer of leaves. Two hours, $20 (for the yard bags), and 12 full yard bags later, our front yard finally looks better than our neighbors' yards. Even our next door neighbor who mows his lawn three times a week.

I didn't even get to touch the backyard and I had filled 12 full yard bags.

As I was raking up the slightly damp leaves from the yard, my motivation was that if I finished the front yard, then I'd be able to take a nice long hot bath. Apparently it worked, and I took an hour long bubble bath with Peaches and Cream bubbles and started reading my leather-bound signed copy of Kurt Vonnegut's "Sirens of Titan" I recently got in the mail from the Easton Press. Oh, it was a lovely soak.

Then I decided to make Tim some dinner as he was still stuck at work for the whole 12-hour day. A delicious recipe I've made before with a spicy raspberry sauce over pork loins. I didn't have any rolls in the fridge so I just made some plain white rice and then a Greekish salad with spinach greens, fat-free feta cheese, chunks of red onion, and some flavored almonds covered with a light smattering (the bottle was almost empty) of Roasted Garlic Vinaigrette. Tim was a bit wary on the salad at first as he's never had cheese (?) on a salad before and didn't know what dressing it was, but really liked it once he tried it. It was all I could do to not start eating it before he got home as I had not had lunch yesterday. It was tasty. :)


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