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Tim's dad just turned 81 last week, so we took him out to lunch yesterday to the new Austrian Schnitzel Headquarters restaurant in Waite Park.

Oh, it was so good.

Let me start off by saying I'm a horrible, horrible person for going to a place named that and not actually eating any schnitzel. I know, I know. But I'm an old lady and deep fried food no longer agrees with me.

What I did have, though, was so scrumptious I'm salivating just thinking about it right now and I just had breakfast.

Their special soup for the day was Garlic Crouton. Yum. It was very garlicky and was basically just broth with croutons in it. It tasted like liquid garlic bread. Yum yum yum yum yum. Tim's dad and Betty had the Pancake Stripe Soup and really liked it. It's a savory soup with strips of pancakes in it! For the main course, I had the Shepherd's Spit (Hirtenspiess). "Pork Tenderloin, Bacon, Onions, Bell Pepper and Weiner Sausages" all on a kabob. Very very tasty. The pork was moist, the onions were cooked just enough but not too much, the bell peppers weren't over powering, and the little bacon that was on it gave everything a juicy bacon flavor. Mmmm, bacon. The menu says it is served with fries, but the waitress said I could pick any two side dishes. I chose peas and a dumpling. Oh, that dumpling was good, too. Soft and not too dry or too soggy and had a good mild flavor. I scarfed that whole plate down and would order it again in a heartbeat. Tim and I split the apple strudel (Apfelstrudel) and it was PERFECT. Obviously homemade as it was just the right touch of sweet and not over powering. Tim was wary of the raisins in it, but they were the perfect accent flavor.

I also tried the Elder Flower Juice. I've never had it before. It looks like a big glass of water and it has a very mild taste to it. Not too sweet, but very refreshing. I imagine it would be wonderful on a hot day. It wasn't too bad on the cold day that was yesterday.

The restaurant is where my old favorite pho restaurant was - right next to the Weight Watchers office I attended before I got married. It has over a hundred photos on the walls everywhere with big numbers next to them and the tables all have brochures detailing what each one is - they all have some tie to Austria. A few were for Red Bull, two by our table were of Arnold Schwarzenegger (one autographed of him from Conan the Barbarian) and none of Hitler. It's a family establishment - the diagram of all the table assignments for the wait staff was split into two - "Mom's" and then our waitress. Unfortunately, I think our waitress never really waited tables before. She forgot our silverware and napkins until we asked for them and, after we asked for our bill the second time, she finally told us we could just pay for it at the counter. But as the restaurant has only been open a short time, she'll have time to learn. The excellence of the food strongly outweighed the service. At least the girl was friendly and promptly kept Tim caffeinated.

Art and Betty seemed to like it, too. Betty is always so funny about some things. They had the schnitzel with rice special and Betty kept asking for soy sauce to put on her rice. I just shook my head. They really enjoyed the cucumber, tomato and potato side salad. Betty said the potatoes were "different" but ate them anyway and Art gobbled his up saying they were just perfect.

My old favorite restaurants in town were Mongo's or Jules' Bistro, but I think I have to add the Schnitzel HQ to the list.
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Last night was our semester's potluck for the MEM program. Oh, it was so good. So many kinds of curry. One Bangladeshi fellow was saying how HOT these chicken legs were and I ate 'em. And they were good. I had to take a breather from time to time, it was so spicy, but it was good. American restaurants seem to just not know what spicy is.

There was so much good food. There was this one potato roll thing, I think from Peru?, that had raisins and veggies and a hard boiled egg inside. Favorite! I am still a big fan of Nepali samosas. The Chinese chicken salad was pretty tasty, too. Home-made by four Chinese guys at a friend's house. They later did a presentation of Shanghai, which is where they are from. A university in Shanghai has an exchange program with our university, and they are who came over. One fellow actually used to work for the metro trains in Shanghai and was pleased with our bus system here in St. Cloud. He got the most laughs of the picture of him in a butterfly apron making Chinese Crystal cakes.

We also had presentations from students of Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and the Bangladeshi and his Minnesota wife presented Bangladesh.

I have to admit that the presentation for Saudi Arabia irked me. Maybe it is just that country that irks me. All of that wealth and overt displays of it. It's a monarchy - really no citizen representation - and all of the buildings are named after King this and Prince that. They have so much money they don't know what to do with it. One prince is planning a building that is one mile tall - just because. Saudi Arabia is a desert, so one anecdote the presenter made was that a gallon of water costs twice as much as a gallon of gasoline. And the King has the tallest water fountain in the world. That just makes me crabby. An amusing point, however, was when he showed all of the Saudi Arabian bills and there was some confusion until he realized some of us in the room can't read Arabic numbers. He was remarking on the 500 Riyal note and we didn't know which one he meant! Their 2s look kind of like 7s.

To be fair, I was a little wary of the presentation of China, as well. I think the recent stories in National Geographic have tainted me - you hear about so much poverty in the country and then see all of the money they spent on the Olympics and now on the 2010 World Expo. But, I'm American, and you shouldn't throw stones in glass houses, so they say. I'm lucky to live in an area of my own country where there isn't as much poverty as, perhaps, Mississippi or Alabama. I imagine my very small exposure to their country is about as fair as what they may see of ours. When I was scarfing down five different kinds of curry (the professor from Korea was in front of me in the buffet line and brought his young son, warning him that this curry would be different from the Korean curry they have at home), I was sitting with the Bangladeshi couple and one of the Chinese professors. He was saying how impressed he was with "Minnesota Nice" and how different we are from people in LA. The Bangladeshi agreed, saying we were much different from people in New York, where he had lived previously. I joked that we HAD to be nice so that when our cars died in the winter, someone would give us a jump.

I did not know much about Malaysia before the presentation, so I'm glad that Kien talked about his home country. It is made up of mostly three kinds of people: Malays, Chinese, and Indian. I had only heard of one of the fruits that he showed: durian. It is supposedly the most pungent of all fruits (he didn't think "stinky" because he actually likes it). Another he said was just like a kiwi but brown on the inside. Most of the audience is from India and I think they were surprised by the number of similar traditions and dishes in Malaysia - probably due to their large number of Indians.

I also did not know much about Bangladesh before the presentation. The student who presented is actually the son of a diplomat and didn't know a lot about Bangladesh first hand as they had moved around a lot. I did not realize that it was originally an Indian state, then part of Pakistan until 1971 when his "Indian brothers," as he called them, helped them get independence. They say it is humid here in Minnesota during the summer, but his wife visited Bangladesh during their summer and it was even more humid. It is a country of rivers, she said, and most of the pictures of her from there just make her look drippy.

The new professor who taught my Operations Management course last semester is just this little wisp of a woman - she'd make [ profile] viksin look tall. She's a vegan and kept asking if different foods had egg in them. But, she's smart as a whip and brought this delicious creamy mango beverage. Very tasty! The closest thing I can compare it to is slightly melted sorbet, but milder, less sugary or acidic, and creamier. Goes down smooth.

The Nepali dumplings were very good - although I think I liked the vegetarian ones better than the non vegetarian ones. (Vegetarianism seems to be very common amongst Indian folk as the Hindu religion prohibits them from eating cows (sacred animals) or pigs (dirty animals)). I'm note sure who brought it or where it was from, but one of the desserts was this purple liquid stuff with tiny clear balls in it along with some cut up bananas? and other fruit. It was also tasty, but the soupy consistency threw me for a loop - I kept looking for something I was supposed to be pouring it on as a sauce. I ended up just eating it with a spoon. It was mildly amusing that it sat next to ice cream and some Little Debbie snacks.

All in all, it was a very satisfying evening. I went home sleepy with a belly full of food I can't pronounce. And it was goooooooood. I will miss this night when I graduate.
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It's that time again...

The Engineering Management potluck dinner is tonight and I'm already salivating...

1) Chicken Wings
2) Potato and Onion Bujia (Indian style fries in chick pea flour)
3) Samosa ( Stuffed vegetable fry)

Main course
1) Lemon fried Rice
2) Egg Fried Rice
3) Chicken Curry
4) Chole (Garbanzo curry)
5) Chicken dish
6) Non Vegetarian
7) Korean vegetable Noodles
8) Chopped Boiled Eggs

Dessert -
1) Ice cream
2) Hyderabadi Sweet
3) Mazamorra Morada - Spainish Desert
4) Carrot Cake with welcome to graduate students written on it
5) Coca- Cola cake

One of the new students in the program is from Peru and he is bringing the Mazamorra Morada - something new!
I didn't really comprehend the prevalence of vegetarianism in Indian culture until recently. I just previously thought it odd that people bringing food had to list if it had meat in it or not. But it sounds like it is very common, at least among the the Indian students in our department.
Oh, this is going to be so yummy. Seriously, it's 9:30 in the morning and I just finished breakfast, but I'm salivating for dinner.
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just had spam for breakfast. :) it's almost like we're back home in minnesota except that we don't eat spam there and it's about eighty degrees warmer here.
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It is day 2 of my diet relaunch.

I believe the photos from our User Group meeting last week were the big kicker.

So, it is day 2 and I am hungry and I just ate. :( The cat and I have something in common: we both lick the black plastic bowl thingie for those SmartOnes dinners clean. What I don't get, she'll lick and lick and lick until the thing is stuck under my desk and she can't quite reach it anymore.

Dad made a drive-by visiting this week. He arrived around 6pm on Tuesday and left around 5:30 am on Wednesday. He had just finished his "gut bomb" at Burger King (his terminology) before he got back to my house and so was too full to have any of the brownies I made especially for his birthday.

I'm not sore about it, really, except that we don't usually have brownies or many other types of refined sugar in our house. Otherwise I will eat it all. So now I am stuck with a pan of brownies (of which I've probably ate 1/4 already). Stupid brownies. Stupid, fattening, delicious brownies with chocolate frosting. I told Tim to bring them to work, but I think he forgot and then gave the excuse that he wants to eat them. He better eat the whole damn thing, that skinny bastard. Mom is arriving tomorrow evening, so she better help, too.

I think she yelled at my dad because Wednesday night he called me and apologized for not eating any of the brownies. heh

I have to somehow convince myself to do my homework tonight so I don't have to work on it when Mom is here. This will be a very difficult task as I have started a new crochet project and am a touch excited about it. Plus, I'm a big lazy ass.

My cubicle at work has a view of the Mississippi river out the big wall of windows. So we had a nice view of the crazy tornado storm that passed through yesterday afternoon. All the different offices in the building emptied to the corridor outside ours by the brick stairwell and we watched as the sky went from gray to black to yellow to blue to white. No damage to our building or my house. Trees are uprooted all over the place, though. Our yard just has extra downed branches and that's about it.

I think my best argument for not putting off doing my homework is that by doing my homework, I have a good excuse to continue to put off putting the laundry away. Welcome to my brain.

update: I have the exercises completed but now I have to read two case studies and report on them. Ugh. I am not interested by case studies. They always ask stupid questions at the end that are just odd. Maybe I'll do those tomorrow morning....
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I think I have multiple personalities. I think my other personality is named Cartman.

Reason the first: It irritates me to no end when people do not "Respect my authority!" Damn straight I know where the postnet barcode must be placed when in the barcode clear zone on an automated letter using ZIP+4 or the DPBC. Read the damn Notice 67 template correctly!

Reason the second: So, we print the Schwan's catalogs and had a record sales year and so all of the employees got free Schwan's food in June. They decided to invite Schwans to come to our building once a month in case employees wanted to continue buying the food. What do I buy? Pot pie.

That is all.
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Oh my goodness. We just found my new favorite restaurant. Mongo's Grill.

Oh, I am salivating right now.

We ate there yesterday (in the strip mall on the corner of HWY 23 and HWY 15) and it was so good. They have bins and bins of veggies that I like! And bins and bins of meat that Tim likes and bins and bins of different spices and sauces that I'm drooling over right now.

I kind of really want to go there for lunch again today. Oh, it was so good.

The only flaw that Tim could think of is that they don't serve alcohol. Coffee and tea and hot chocolate, but no alcohol.

An interesting thing is that they also didn't ask "Smoking or non?" Which I think is very cool. No smokers that I saw.
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For some reason today I keep thinking I'm 26.

I gave blood today. The first time since oh so long ago at Anoka Ramsey Community College. All of the years since then I haven't had enough iron. But this year, I was one point above the cut-off. I think it's probably due to the increase of spinach intake I've had over the last year. :)

So, anyway, It's incredibly busy at work and I expected to go in there, get my finger pricked and then they kick me out for having low hematocrit and I'd go back to work on my merry way.

No such luck this time.

My biggest fear is that I'll have some n00b who decides to go deep sea fishing in my arm and I end up losing a chunk of flesh. Not these pros. After the girl poked my arm a bunch (with her finger) and had her supervisor poke my arm a bunch (with his finger) they found a nice big hidden vein and bypassed the very obvious (but far too thin) blue one on the surface. *POKE* and it was in. Less than seven minutes later I was up on my feet.

Less than a minute later, I was down. I couldn't see anymore and the piped in music was fading fast. They made me lie down with my feet up. "Are you better now?" "Hey! I can see again!" A while later, I slowly trodded back in to work. I only had 15 minutes left of my official shift.

I had expected to be in and out of there fast, so I had sent Tim a text saying I'd be late from work cuz it was so busy. But I was drained. Literally. And people kept commenting that I looked it as well. So I left on time today, with my boss's blessing, and managed not to black out on the way home.

One of the arm pokers (not my arm poker) looked incredibly familiar to me. Her name was Kate. Being my usual blunt self, I said, "Kate. How do I know you?" We figured out that I used to date Bryan and she used to work with him at Out N About. She's cool. A feisty gal who is in the process of buying a house now. It was nice seeing her.

And now for some pizza!
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Amanda and I had a grand old time looking at the homes on the Historic Homes tour here in Cloud.

Bishop Busch sure was a rich man back in the day. His house was gigantic. It now holds the offices of the St. Cloud Arch Diocese and the past four bishops (not including our current) all lived in the apartment on the third floor across from the chapel room. One thirty-something fellow who is completely gutting and renovating one of the houses on the tour was practically giddy when an elderly lady disclosed she had boarded there one summer in 1938. It had been college apartments for quite a few years recently and the house is currently studs and floors now.

After the tour, Amanda and I had lunch at Jules Bistro next to the Paramount. She had the veggie wrap and I had the veggie sandwich. I think [ profile] viksin would really like the place. It's much different from the last time I was there, Halloween 2000, when it was "The Garden on St. Germain". I think it was the last night I saw my roommate Andrea before my friends and I left all of her stuff in her boyfriend's driveway on New Years Day.

I couldn't imagine what Amanda's sister is going through at the moment. Married for less than a year. Divorced two weeks ago, pregnant for three months and now married to baby's daddy but she hasn't offically told Amanda or her mom yet that she's married again. All at the age of 21. Holy balls.
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Last night I was cheered up quite a bit by getting to just hang out with Tim. We had some Spciy Thai Pepper Chicken at the Asian House, went to "Thank You For Smoking", and finished some grocery shopping. I really enjoy his company and my crabby mood was completely gone even as we ordered the food.

I am exhausted right now and have little desire to complete the projects left for the wedding. Or much else, really. I broke down and played solitaire for the first time in many days. Now, off to bed. And it's not even 10 yet. But nice warm bed is a very appealing idea right now.



Apr. 3rd, 2006 12:46 pm
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Tim in Vegas )

Mom's travels )

Shower scares )

Sunday adventures )

And then we had some Pho. :)

Shower decorations )

Saturday night )

Math problems and crazy seamstresses )

Then we had BLT sandwiches at Benton Station. Mom thinks it will be a great place to bring Dad for lunch when they come up in May.

I also amused my mother this morning with this video.

Her friend Gail gave her a book that had us both cackling on the couch.

And now I think I will reserve hairdresser appointments for the big day and take a lovely nap on the couch.
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I don't know why, but I really had this song in my head and Tim's just gonna have to listen to it over and over again. Cuz.

I am so sick of being sick. One noise I could TOTALLY go for not hearing ever again is the sound of me sniffling snot wads back into my nasal passages only to cough uncontrollably to get them back out again.

Apparently I look sick, too.

I went to the pharmacy to fill my birth control prescription and when I went back up to get it, the dude confused me with some other Jill who was picking up vicadin. And the vicadin was CHEAPER! I don't know how the vicadin would help me not concieve (fuckit, I can't spell that word) but I bet I'd feel a lot better about the damn snot wads!

And the check-out lines were long and the dude putting the bags in my trunk was all mumbly and looking at me funny and I forgot the damn coupons for a movie rental and I was all around crabby and whiney and cranky and I walk in the door to a delicious home-cooked lunch of salmon, peas and cheesy potatoes. Because I'm loved.

And it's still cold out, but not cold enough to discourage the damn cat from going outside and rolling in dirt. Her whole front is BLACK with dirt and she justs sits there all proud of herself.

Oh. And I got a letter in the mail today from Social Security. Why in the hell a 24 yr old would be getting correspondance (fuckit, another word I can't spell) from Social Security is beyond me. But I found out that if I die before I'm married, Tim gets nothing. And if I die after we're married, Tim gets nothing. But if I die after we get married and we have a kid, Tim gets, like, $870 a month and so does the kid. I'm totally rethinking the vicadin, now.
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WeightLoss 2005-2006

I made my goal this week at Weight Watchers: 142 pounds. I just have to maintain that for the next 6 weeks and then I don't have to pay anymore!

I have averaged 1 pound a week: approximately 21 pounds in 21 weeks. I think that's pretty good. I've gone from a BMI of 26 (25 - 30 is overweight) to a BMI of 23 (20-25 is healthy). I'm pretty proud of myself.

Now, this weekend, endless supply of pizza, beer, and other bad-for-you goodies will be had at [ profile] superna's house.
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Tim has been having a sharp pain in his back for a while (as in months). He only just mentioned it to me yesterday.

We get home from eating some Pho and he mentions that it hurts when he laughs.

I check my friends pages and see a photo of a house. I tell him, "We should paint our house like this."

He comes over to take a look.
Read more... )
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Tim and I went to the Wild game last night against the Avalanche. We were in the 13th row from the ice at center ice practically -- much better seats than row 30 of the second floor at the Metrodome, which only has 31 rows total! They lost, but it was all kinds of fun - like seeing my family again. And Bruno (Andrew Brunette) and Antti Laaksonen (my mom's favorite former Wild player) were both playing along with Mr. Hinote who graduated from the same high school as Mr. [ profile] thetim and me. It was kinda neat cuz at one point when the Avs were having a powerplay, Mr. Captain himself, Willie Mitchell, was chatting it up with Bruno at center ice like old buddies. Unfortunately less than a minute later, the Avs got their first score of the night. (With Mr. Mitchell reaching but not quite defending his goal.)

Picture of my favorite player )

Tonight, Mr. Wonderful fiance of mine made a delicious steak dinner with some mixed veggies and warm-from-the-oven rolls. He's too good to me, sometimes...

oOOo! Look! I can even get wallpaper of him!

*school-girl giggle*
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Just got back from taste-testing cakes at Cold Spring Bakery. We decided on the almond flavored cake with buttercream frosting (as the bettercream apparently is too soft for layers).

Dman, cakes are expensive, but I don't regret it as it will taste absolutely delicious and look pretty nice, too.

History cat does not like Jack. The first time she met him, she puked. This time, luckily, she just hid underneath the futon behind some storage containers.

Jack knows his color "green" and "orange" quite well. Well, at least the orange, as everything else is green or red. But he knows what is really green as I bought him a gingerbread man with green frosting. And he knows his animals and animal sounds quite well. And he even went pee on the potty today. Not bad for a 2 year old.
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Weighed in today. I only gained 1.2 pounds after all of the key lime bars, pumpkin bars, brownies with M&Ms on top, Trisha's German chocolate Cheese Cake, the freshly squeezed fruit juice from Mom's trees, the Cheeto chowing (I only eat the stuff at the parents' house), the parking on the couch in front of the tv for hours, the airplane food, the Val's bacon cheeseburger with fries, the disappointingly bland Burger King Whopper Jr and limp onion rings, the buttery grilled catfish and lemon egg Greek soup, the chinese buffet at Kwanda, the slice of pizza I stole from Tim yesterday, the beer, the three meat (steak, shrimp and mahi-mahi) Christmas Eve dinner that Mom cooked and served before we went to Trisha's to have more food, and the family size bag of Twizzlers I've been eating all day yesterday and today.

Woo hoo!

I think I shall celebrate with a caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper...
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Christmas Eve was spent in a more-unusual-than-normal way.

You see, my parents live in a suburb of Tampa. Next door is a couple, Trisha and Anthony, and next door to them is another couple, Ray and Tina.

Ray and Tina are both from Panama. Ray "pushes tin" as an air-traffic controller and Tina collects all things collectable. Ray loves the run from Guyana. Ray, Tina, and my family were all invited over to Trisha and Anthony's house for drinks and food on Christmas Eve.

Trisha is from Trinidad with grandparents from India (very lovely woman whose speach is just musical). Anthony is from Guyana and can't sit still for very long without offering more rum (of which my poor hung-over father proclaimed he'd get him back for) or changing the CD or making my dad a tiny paper boat as a present. Very jovial company.

Trisha made some absolutely delicious food! We had corn soup which was a little concoction of meat and corn and various seasonings and then some curry goat which had the texture of deliciously melt-in-your-mouth roast beef and was delightfully spicy. There was also some roast pork with a spicy pepper sauce to dip it in, various baked desserts, homemade chex mix, and a variety of "I'm not telling you what is in this alcoholic drink" drinks.

Definitely a different kind of Christmas Eve.

In my mother's backyard there is a lemon tree, a lime tree, a tangerine tree, a grapefruit tree, an orange tree, a basil plant, and some tomato plants that are growing like weeds! Not to mention the cute little lizards skittering all about! In her front yard is an array of local fowl -- a wood stork, many egrets, and shorter white birds, as well. Apparently they like balogne, but much preferred the left-over catfish I had for lunch one day.
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Oh yeah.

I walk in the door to a delicious smelling kitchen (and a grumpy Tim).

He made these delicious potato/carrot/onion thing wrapped in foil that I love, some green beans, and the whole room smelled of rosemary... He had made chicken in a sweet rosemary, currant jelly, and raspberry vinegar sauce and it was so moist and delicious and yummy and good. Jill is impressed. Seriously, you don't know how good this chicken was.

Jilly are spoiled. :)


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