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Nothing makes me grin and giggle and shriek out nonsensical comments in a falsetto voice like my now 14 year old cat trotting and galloping and tweaking out like the spaz she is.

History Cat

In May of 1997, my dad and brother were out of town one weekend. And my mom saw a "FREE KITTINS" ad at the munie or the old grocery store in Rogers. We headed out to a farm and she was the orneriest kitten there. Playful and crabby and feisty and full of hiss and spit. We had to have her. I held her on my lap for the whole drive home.

My dad's first comment when he saw her: "That cat's history!" After a questionably run name drawing in which my dad was the one drawing from the hat, History was named.

Sandy was 6 at the time and she did not like History. It might have been because Sandy had all of her favorite spots stolen by a kitten who knew a good thing when she saw it. Mom's lap - taken. Jill's bed at night - taken. There were six chairs at the dining table with cushions. Whichever one Sandy was on, History tried to sit on, too. Sandy didn't like catnip anymore because the already feisty History cat would just get feistier.

History's favorite spots to sleep, other than wherever Sandy was sleeping, were empty beer cases (especially funny when my dad's favorite beer at the time was Red Dog and there was a calico cat head sticking out of the hole), and a decorative basket on top of the topmost cupboards. You'd call her name and have to see if any pointy ears were sticking out of the basket.

She'd go outside and pounce on grasshoppers. They were her favorite. She eventually moved on to little birds and would leave presents by our door. Sandy preferred to give us gutted bunnies and mice.

When I left for college, my dad said I had to take History with me. This led to my adventures in my first apartment that led me to starting this LJ. It was an apartment that allowed cats.

At 14 she's still full of hiss and spit and feisty and ornery. She's starting to tolerate Kiko now. Well, as long as Kiko isn't sticking her face in History's face. She's still pretty skinny, although her hips are getting a little bonier. Sandy made it to 3 months away from 18. She seemed to be slowing down more than History is, though. I suppose a 60 pound canine nemesis keeps you on your toes. She still loves going outside and cooking in the sun. In the winter, she and Tim battle for the prime heat register locations. In the summer, she tries to sit with me on the hammock and follow me around the yard. Most nights, just after I go to bed, I hear a mad scramble and then feel the cat jump on the bed - she risks life and limb running past the dog just to sleep with me at night. :) No matter where she is in the house, as soon as we let the dog outside, there's suddenly a cat in the kitchen, licking her chops, waiting for treats.

Any newly emptied cardboard box in the basement becomes her new playground. When we bought a big screen tv this winter, she would lead me downstairs and scramble in it to play with me. We had to get rid of that box, so Tim grabbed the box from Guitar Hero and put a marble in it for her. There are now about 6 marbles, a string, and a small stuffed Big Bird in that box. :)

I love this cat so much. She makes me smile just sitting there. She's been with me from the age of 16 and has been there through all of my growing up. She was one of the reasons I knew Tim was a good one - she hated my previous boyfriend with a passion and doesn't particularly warm up to people very well. But the first time Tim came over to my apartment, he put his coat on the chair and she snuggled up in it. She lets him hold her and she doesn't struggle or claw (first. person. ever.). I've been so lucky to have her in my life.

I think I'll have to give her a few extra treats this month. :)


Mar. 27th, 2009 04:21 pm
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I started this morning with working code.

All I did was try to move the call to one function from one area to another.

Now, all I am getting is core dump after core dump. I just want to close the window and go back to the previous window. But the wclose() function is what makes it barf. I can whide(), but then it doesn't repaint itself and all of that fun garbage.

This is the part of programming that I hate. It's not the fun discovery or planning or implementing phase anymore. It's the "Let's narrow down to the most friggin' obscure piece of 30 yr old code that you copied from one section where it worked fine but it doesn't want to work fine here." struggling phase. I love figuring stuff out, but this is more of the "using up vacation time waiting all day at the Social Security office to change your name on your card and when you are finally called to the window ten minutes before it closes, being told that you needed to get your license updated first at city hall across town, which will also close in ten minutes" kind of figuring stuff out that isn't fun.

It's a Friday afternoon. Half an hour before the end of the day. The gray matter was borked by Wednesday afternoon. I am still expecting to work on my capstone paper tonight as the deadline is looming (Monday!).

What I would really like to do is say "Fuck it. I quit," walk to the bar across the parking lot, forget my name in a couple bottles of Captain Morgan, and drunkenly decide to go swimming in the freezing, foaming, flooding Mississippi. I figure the second bottle of Morgan will numb whatever pain there is before the cold numbs the rest.

But I'm not going to do that. I'll end up resisting urges to go for a swim, and probably resisting the urge to waste the evening playing Sims, and instead prod my borked gray matter into pecking out something half legible on the laptop while the dog stares and sighs at me bored.

Update: There's a comic for that )
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Today started with a groggy Jill having not slept well. She then proceeded to grab her husband's body wash to use as shampoo before realizing too late. doh.

It got better from there, however, when she managed to divert the dog from hiding under Tim's desk and got her in the crate with little issue. And, just before entering work, she was greeted by a beautiful technicolor glow over the Mississippi.

I didn't get my paper done last night - the brain was fried before 11:30 when I finally gave up. But I did get a HUGE part of it completed. All I have left to do is expound on the research methods, clean up my bibliography, and read it through.
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Every morning, I put the dog in the crate when I leave. She stays in there until Tim wakes up and lets her out.

She likes her crate, actually. Not so much since the last time we left her at the kennel, though. *sigh*

So lately she's been difficult to get into the crate in the morning. She'll hide under Tim's desk or under the kitchen table and make me drag her out and push her into the crate.

This morning was another fine example of her making me just want to drink brandy for breakfast rather than try to figure anything out.

So, I walk out of the bathroom after brushing my hair and notice the dog already sitting in her crate. I think, "Good dog! Maybe she's getting over the crate thing," and go into the kitchen to get her a treat.

Upon hearing me enter the kitchen and rustle in the treat bag, the dog immediately runs out of the crate and hides behind the chair in the living room. She doesn't budge as I happily call her, snap my fingers, or threaten death and damnation. I sigh, grab her by the collar and drag her out from behind the chair, scold her and push her into the crate.

Jill vs. Dog current score:
Jill - 3
Dog - 949
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The door bell just rung on the tv and both pets flipped out. The dog jumped up, which scared the cat, who then jumped up and ran for the edge of the couch. The cat was running, so the dog was momentarily distracted and chased her behind the couch. Then the dog ran for the front door. Which no one was at. I had not moved from the couch, so the dog ran back downstairs all waggy and bright-eyed to wait for me to go see who's here. Which I didn't do. So she ran back upstairs to see who was outside. A couple minutes later, she slowly plodded back down the stairs to me. Until she saw the cat peering out from behind the couch, which caused her to gallop into the room, leap over the chaise on the couch, and almost run into the coffee table.
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For some reason, the past couple of weeks I've had it in my head that I need more Rolling Stones in my diet.

So, in lieu of eating any additional iron in my diet so I can friggin donate blood once this month (I've been turned down four times this month), I spent too many dollars at the Electric Fetus. Well, they gave me 20% off because I bought three or more items, so I didn't spend nearly as much as I could. I also put back many items that I had in my arms.

Ummm.. There was a huge crash and it looks like a seven foot long branch from one of our trees in the front yard just almost landed on Kiko. She's fine other than being quite startled.

Anyhoo, I perused the vinyl section and picked up four albums and put three back. I got the newly remastered "Some Girls" album by the Rolling Stones. I am already thoroughly enjoying it. After much wandering through the CD aisles and restraining myself from buying a second copy of Cold Cranking Amps' "Anxiety Blanket" CD, I also picked up a Rolling Stones mix of R&B covers called "Out of Our Heads" on CD, the Pixies' "Bossanova" and Black Francis's "SVN FNGRS".

I was entirely fed up with the radio the past couple of days and had recently cleaned my car out and only had Frank Black's "Teenager of the Year" which is awesome, but gets old the hundredth time you hear it in a row. So I needed some new fodder as Tim's not done copying all my CDs to hard disk yet.

It's been a long time since I've written a music nerd post. huh.
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kiko_garden 002
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We went down to moto_geek and superna's poker party on Saturday and brought Kiko with. The morning after, Aron was cleaning up and had his two dogs in the backyard with Kiko. He lost track of her and looked over at the garden by their shed...

She was hiding in the plants watching him! She's such a big dork! There's two more on my Flickr page...
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Yesterday I took the dog for a walk and decided to listen to some music via my phone along the way. But the shorts I was (were?) wearing did not have any pockets. I usually bring a bag along on the walk with a dish, a bottle of water, a little baggie, and some dog treats because it gets hot out and you need your supplies when walking a fluffy, black dog. So I thought I'd just put my phone in the bag during the walk.

This worked well until the walk back when the dish was still a little wet, therefore getting the phone wet as well.

So, the displays were no longer happy on my phone. They'd blink a lot and then just get garbled in spots. So I opened it up and took out the battery and everything and left it overnight to dry out.

This morning, my husband tries putting in the battery and it turned on. And then immediately turned itself off. And then turned itself on again. And... You get the picture.


Much disassembling and reassembling ensued with not much of an improvement other than the displays worked for the 3 seconds between the phone turning itself on and off.

Much disheartened, I went online to see if I could find a new phone with my requirements being (in this order):
  1. Bluetooth (I love it - especially on roadtrips because my car stereo also has bluetooth and I don't have to dig through my purse at high speeds to answer a call)
  2. 3G (fast and CLEAR)
  3. Music
  4. Camera
  5. Internet capabilities
(2 through 5 being my addiction to connectivity when I am on trips)

The first phone I see on the webpage that fits that description? The new iPhone 3G. And it's only $200. (I don't care that I'd need another 2 year contract - I've been with AT&T since 2001 and I've found no good reason to change)

So, just as I start reading further on the tech specs and envisioning myself with this drool-worthy gadget (I usually don't buy things like this for myself - I'm actually quite thrifty), my husband manages to fix my current phone by tweaking the power button with a pair of tweezers.

I guess I dropped the phone too many times this week and the water just aggravated the issue.


Now that my phone works again, I can't convince myself that buying the iPhone is worth it. But it's so pretty and shiny....

Pbbt. My acutely honed patriotismconsumerism is fighting with my fiscally aware pocketbook. I've taken too many math classes to think that I can just afford any shiny thing I see (I still sigh over the beautiful Suzuki Boulevard C50C I saw at the mall last fall. The picture on the website doesn't do the subtle flame paint job justice).

Oh well. I still like my phone. It works really well for the things I use it for and I'm glad it's not broken. I can use the $200 I'd be spending on the iPhone for better things - like two new tires on my car, or the roadtrip we're taking to Kansas City next month for the Twins at Royals games.
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My first attempt at fund raising so I set my goal at, what I think, is achievable with a little bit of work.

Tim and I adopted Kiko from the Humane Society here in St. Cloud. We've also taken her to obedience classes there. Please donate. They really do a wonderful service to pets who might otherwise never find a loving home.

My fund raising page: www.firstgiving.com/kiko
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Me = dumb puppy mom

So, today I forgot my backpack at home when I left back for work after lunch. So, en route to school after work, I stopped by the house to pick it up - sneakily using the front door, thereby not alerting the dog to my presence so she does not start barking and whining and the such.

Except as I got my keys out and put them in the lock, she greeted me.

As in, she was on the step below me.

In the front yard.

Not in the backyard in the kennel we built for her this summer.

Completely untethered and happily wiggly her butt about.


As my brain tried to wake up from the "it's past 5pm and I was shut off for the past half hour at work" to comprehend the "oh shit my dog has been running around the neighborhood for the past three hours", I somehow managed to get myself and the dog in the house, put the dog's bed in the crate, lock the dog in the crate, give her a treat, and still get my backpack and get to class on time.

So I come home from class and let the dog out of her crate in the house. She kinda looks lost for a while before I realize that I threw her chewy squeak ball away yesterday as she had ripped it open and was tearing out the stuffing. She lives for this ball (and its predecessor) so I thought I'd go into her kennel and get a chew toy for her until we get her another ball. She gets all excited to go outside again.

Stupid me thinks that since she greeted me at home, that would mean she'd stay home with me if I let her out.

Flash forward 40 minutes (did I mention it is only 9 degrees outside?) to me wandering through the alleys, back yards and side yards of the neighbors the next block down chasing after a dog that will let you get within a foot of her before she takes off to sniff the next garbage pile. I finally give up as my ears are frozen, my face is starting to hurt and I can't hear her jingling tags any more. I shlup down the alley and up the block towards my house. And see the dog sitting under her tree in our front yard waiting for me. She runs up to me and lets me grab her collar.

So much for studying for tomorrow's midterm all night tonight.

Obedience classes at the humane society start Wednesday night. Thank goodness for that!!!
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So, funny thing happened last night.

Tim and I were down in Kimball at my friend Angela's house having a good time playing board games, eating fried food and drinking beer and root beer schnapps shots.

At 11:30, I get a phone call from my mom.

Ok, now my mother lives in Florida. It was 12:30 her time. My first thought is that my grandmother just died (they just put her in a nursing home two weeks ago).

"Hi Jill. How are you? Are you guys having a good time?"
"Hi Mom. What's up? Why are you awake this late?"
"Yes, it is late. Apparently your dog is going crazy and the police are trying to get a hold of you. Can you please call Officer XXXXX at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I think that is the dispatcher so you'll have to specifically ask for Officer XXXXX."


Ok, #1. How is it that my mother in Florida is the one the cops get a hold of first?!? We don't share the same last name anymore and Tim's dad just lives a couple miles away from our house.

And #2. Sorry, it's still the same as #1 because I'm kinda in shock by that and I feel really bad that they had to call my mom in the middle of the night.

So, luckily Angela's friend James was kind enough and sober enough to drive the thirty miles from Kimball back to our house so I could speak with the officer, pick up our crazy barking dog, and drive back 30 miles to Kimball.

The police officer was very nice. He stated that the city ordinance is that dogs cannot be barking for more than three minutes straight and he'd been sitting in the alley for almost an hour listening to her bark. He said he appreciated that I came home to get the dog and he's glad he didn't have to take her anywhere for the night. On the phone he asked if she was a nice dog because then he would try to pet her to calm her down or something, but she's wary of unknown men in her home/yard, so I didn't think that'd be a good idea.

He was a very nice officer and didn't give us a ticket or anything. I think he was just glad that I came home.

But anyway. So that is the story of how we got the cops called on us.

She's never done this before. I don't know what's up with her. We bought a barking collar for her on our way home this morning and decided to try crate training again. This time we put her bed inside the crate and she went in there quite happily right away. She's voluntarily taking a nap in it right now:

She went in there all by herself. I'm not sure how much she'll like it after locking her in it tonight for the first time, but we'll see. *shrug* She chews on stuff too much to let her have free reign of the house while we are gone.

Oy. The questions that go through my head are: If its this hard to have a dog, how fucking hard is it to have kids?!?
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Did I mention that I love [livejournal.com profile] superna dearly and would quite happily have her babies? I'm sure [livejournal.com profile] motogeek wouldn't mind and would probably only ask to watch.

Anyhoo, she suggested that I get a "gentle leader". I went to Fleet Farm and found a similar "Halti" brand. I took her for a walk this evening (short one, as it was raining) and the pulling was significantly reduced! On the way back, she managed to pull it off of her nose, but that was my own fault for hooking the leash up to the wrong loop. She was not happy about it on her face, but she did not make any pained noises and seemed happy enough to still lead me down the sidewalk.

I also decided to pick up a kong today. If she likes it enough, we might have to get her two more. I'm hoping it will curb her chewing -- or, at least curb her chewing of things I don't want her to chew. Like the garden hose in the front yard.

You know, I never really liked having to wind up a stiff hose (*snicker*), and now I don't have to, because she chewed it clean through! As in, we now have two separate chunks of hose.

She's figured out that if she licks the kong hole diligently enough, she can get the treat chunks out. hee hee

ugh.... homework
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Wednesday morning I felt just fine. about 8:15 I sat next to Kathy at work to work on documentation for installing ODBC for a new project of ours. By 9am my voice was going. By 2pm I was dragging ass.

Thursday I stayed home and slept on the couch most of the day.

Feeling guilty (I haven't even been there two months, yet), I went in to work on Friday and proceeded to gross out everyone with my juicy nose-blowing. Kathy tells me she got checked and has strep throat. After picking up some school stuff from a fellow student, Jenius (yes, that is his name. He is from Nepal), I stopped at the mini clinic in the grocery store and paid $63 to be told I don't have strep. I don't have insurance until next month, so I figure $63 really isn't that bad to know.

Today I am in the happy fun world of coughing wildly every two minutes. The good news is that this means it is nearing its end. The bad news is that I am coughing wildly every two minutes.


Tim had to work six hours yesterday and is working five hours today and he's worn out and I'm crabby because that just isn't enough time to see him.

I've been taking generic dayquil and nyquil and my brain (and balance!) are impaired. I hate the stuff and I don't even know if it is working or just making it worse. Mostly it just makes me dehydrated and fall asleep on the couch. The only thing that did help was the walk yesterday, but it was really hot and humid and really humid today and the fluffy black dog was really dragging butt yesterday when we were only half-way done.

Blech. I still have to do my homework, yet, too...


Sep. 30th, 2007 12:02 pm
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Won't you please scratch my belly?
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It's official. I am in love with this dog.

Perhaps it was the long fur between the hind toes, or the sleepy brown eyes blinking at me, or the way she twitched while she was dreaming next to me on the couch. Whichever way, how anyone could not fall in love with this dog is beyond me.

We have decided to name her Kiko. According to this website, it means "spot" in Hawaiian and she has a spotted tongue. Yes, a stretch, but it was that or "Shadow" and Shadow is just too unoriginal for a household with a cat named History.

We're all learning. The wet spots (and poo piles) in the house have significantly decreased. She only pooed in the house that first night, and she is not peeing on the carpet anymore. She's only gone in the laundry room on the rubber mat flooring the past two days, and that is much better than the carpet. I think that is a huge improvement in just four nights with us.

Kiko has taken to chewing on (and, unfortunately destroying) the cat toys, while History has taken to eating the dog food. The rawhide bones and chew toys have been almost all but ignored so far, but the fuzzy squeaky ball we picked up for her yesterday has gotten the best reaction - mild interest and slight confusion. She's not quite sure how to play other than wrestling. Tim figured out a new way to play with her yesterday: if she is upstairs and he is on the landing, he'll hide behind stuff and kinda pop up every once in a while and she'll get all excited and run around and jump. Heh.

She already has many more names than Kiko. Like History, who is also known as goofy, silly cat, green-eyed demon cat, kitty cat, kitty, and pud-pud, Kiko has gotten some terms of endearment as well: fluppy dog, fluppers, and fluffer butter. (Yes, I am a big dork)

She fits in well with the family: she even pulls her own tail! There's been more than one occasion in the past four days that I've laughed out loud at her antics. She's still a puppy in her own mind. She doesn't realize how big she is (almost 60 pounds!) and so tries to be a lap dog and runs into things all of the time: the table, the door, your knee... She and History have an unspoken rule that they both have to keep an eye on each other, but don't get too close. I'd be sitting in the basement with Kiko and if the cat is upstairs, Kiko would have to be upstairs to keep an eye on the cat. Or, the cat would have to be in the basement with us, hiding behind the couch, but peering out every once in a while just to keep an eye on the dog. The invisible DMZ (de-militarized zone) has shrunk to about 15" around the cat, but it is a heavily guarded DMZ.

I don't think she was loved very much in the last days at her former home. Her fur was very matted and needed to be brushed and she was very wary of boys for a while. Tim spent almost an hour the other day just brushing her and cutting off the mats. She looks like a new dog. He really did a nice job. Especially since she doesn't know how to sit still for very long. She is very good natured and any barking she does is more of an alert to someone's presence rather than an angry or fearful challenge. She is not very happy about her kennel just yet, but enjoys being out on her leash in the front yard. Tim took the plastic side table from the deck inside the kennel and we've taken to sitting in there with her for a while. The first day I went to work and put her in the kennel, she barked and whined for a long time. Today, though, I sat with her in the kennel for a bit and then gave her a treat just as I left her in there, and I haven't heard her bark or whine at all, yet.

She's a lot more work than a 10 year old cat, but hopefully we'll figure out a happy medium. She's a good dog -- just young and energetic. I'll post a picture once I can take a good one of her: she moves too fast and lighting is difficult with an all-black dog.


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