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Nothing makes me grin and giggle and shriek out nonsensical comments in a falsetto voice like my now 14 year old cat trotting and galloping and tweaking out like the spaz she is.

History Cat

In May of 1997, my dad and brother were out of town one weekend. And my mom saw a "FREE KITTINS" ad at the munie or the old grocery store in Rogers. We headed out to a farm and she was the orneriest kitten there. Playful and crabby and feisty and full of hiss and spit. We had to have her. I held her on my lap for the whole drive home.

My dad's first comment when he saw her: "That cat's history!" After a questionably run name drawing in which my dad was the one drawing from the hat, History was named.

Sandy was 6 at the time and she did not like History. It might have been because Sandy had all of her favorite spots stolen by a kitten who knew a good thing when she saw it. Mom's lap - taken. Jill's bed at night - taken. There were six chairs at the dining table with cushions. Whichever one Sandy was on, History tried to sit on, too. Sandy didn't like catnip anymore because the already feisty History cat would just get feistier.

History's favorite spots to sleep, other than wherever Sandy was sleeping, were empty beer cases (especially funny when my dad's favorite beer at the time was Red Dog and there was a calico cat head sticking out of the hole), and a decorative basket on top of the topmost cupboards. You'd call her name and have to see if any pointy ears were sticking out of the basket.

She'd go outside and pounce on grasshoppers. They were her favorite. She eventually moved on to little birds and would leave presents by our door. Sandy preferred to give us gutted bunnies and mice.

When I left for college, my dad said I had to take History with me. This led to my adventures in my first apartment that led me to starting this LJ. It was an apartment that allowed cats.

At 14 she's still full of hiss and spit and feisty and ornery. She's starting to tolerate Kiko now. Well, as long as Kiko isn't sticking her face in History's face. She's still pretty skinny, although her hips are getting a little bonier. Sandy made it to 3 months away from 18. She seemed to be slowing down more than History is, though. I suppose a 60 pound canine nemesis keeps you on your toes. She still loves going outside and cooking in the sun. In the winter, she and Tim battle for the prime heat register locations. In the summer, she tries to sit with me on the hammock and follow me around the yard. Most nights, just after I go to bed, I hear a mad scramble and then feel the cat jump on the bed - she risks life and limb running past the dog just to sleep with me at night. :) No matter where she is in the house, as soon as we let the dog outside, there's suddenly a cat in the kitchen, licking her chops, waiting for treats.

Any newly emptied cardboard box in the basement becomes her new playground. When we bought a big screen tv this winter, she would lead me downstairs and scramble in it to play with me. We had to get rid of that box, so Tim grabbed the box from Guitar Hero and put a marble in it for her. There are now about 6 marbles, a string, and a small stuffed Big Bird in that box. :)

I love this cat so much. She makes me smile just sitting there. She's been with me from the age of 16 and has been there through all of my growing up. She was one of the reasons I knew Tim was a good one - she hated my previous boyfriend with a passion and doesn't particularly warm up to people very well. But the first time Tim came over to my apartment, he put his coat on the chair and she snuggled up in it. She lets him hold her and she doesn't struggle or claw (first. person. ever.). I've been so lucky to have her in my life.

I think I'll have to give her a few extra treats this month. :)
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Texts from Tim

  • 10/19/06 15:08 Kitty just burrowed under a blanket next to me. Just the tip of her tail is showing. heh.

  • 10/19/06 11:14 I was going to best buy to get stargate but they were not open yet. Got shoes at shopko and they had stargate too. Got a fire and a kitty so I'm all set :-)

  • 10/19/06 09:36 Wow. You know the guy in dazed and confused who gets in the fight at the outdoor party? Well I just met his red headed twin. Same voice too.

  • 10/18/06 17:17 I couldn't find a happy medium when I was sleeping so I went with cold. Now I am sitting in kittys spot in the bathroom. She wanted out so is open.

I think that last one he sent me yesterday is my favorite. I laughed out loud when I read it. The cat sits in front of the heat vent in the floor of the bathroom whenever the furnace kicks in. She poses herself so as to absorb as much of the heat as possible. This spot's only competition is in front of the patio door, nose pressed to the glass, waiting to go outside.


(I work too much if the most conversations I get from my husband in a day consist of text messages)
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It is October. It is not time for snow.

I thought the white frozen stuff on the deck this morning was just possibly frost. But no. It was snow.

It even snowed while I was leaving work tonight.

How I really know its cold out: after going outside twice this morning for less than five minutes, the cat parked herself in front of the heat vent in the upstairs bathroom for the rest of the day, only briefly leaving if someone had food she might be interested in.

And now for something completely different, Karen and Alan are having another baby! Their son Levi will be two in February and the new baby is due May 8th!

So, that means two of my four bridesmaids are now pregnant. Holy crap.
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Justice Denied -- an interesting read about Washington State's current Marriage debate.

I spent the weekend with the Minnesota equivalent to the Kennedys. Our governor's niece and nephew actually. Niece is a thirty-something married mother of three and spent most of the weekend flirting with the brothers we were with, hitting on her brother's friend "Cubis" and then, just before we packed up the tailgating party, showed another man her boobs after she explained how she feloniously (!) crawled out the back window of a cop car while she was a sophomore in college.

Just before she discussed her illegal activities, her brother proceeded to chant his favorite saying of the weekend -- Hooryayyyyy beer -- and barfed ten times in a circle around the vehicles in the parking lot. Then he Hulk Hoganed his t-shirt, tossed around a lawn chair he had broken the day before, and proudly gave tours of his barf puddles to anyone interested.

But don't mention any of those damn liberals around them.

Did I mention her husband calls her the "Kaiser"?

It's fricken hot out in Kansas City. Especially when you decide to bake yourself in the parking lot. The Twins won both Friday's and Saturday's games. I found the city itself very unsettling, however. The poverty makes North Minneapolis look like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. There's this elite "Country Club Plaza" area downtown that had Armani and Coach stores and the like and is touted for being modelled after Seville, Spain. I missed the turn and two blocks north of it is a grungy liquor store. All along the freeway there are crumbling houses and neighborhoods. A block away from the Jazz Museum and Negro League Baseball Museum is absolute poverty.

The thing that confused me the most was the lack of beautiful public spaces. There are some beautiful parks around the Blue River on Cleaver II Blvd but no parking lots. Beatiful fountains and concrete embankments, but no parking lots for anyone to park at and enjoy the park itself. If I lived in that city and it was that freaking hot on a weekend, I would have loved to be in that park along the river, watching the geese and the fountains and enjoying it all. But I wouldn't have been able to because there was no place to park. Who thought that genius idea up?

The weekend was a lot of fun, however. Grilling and drinking and dancing in the parking lot at Kauffman Stadium. Friday is Fireworks Night, so even though the Royals lost, the fireworks rivalled St. Cloud's Sesquicentennial celebration. I tried the "World Famous" Arthur Bryant's BBQ (just a few blocks from the Jazz and Negro Leagues museums). It was pretty good. I met Mudcat Grant who is an amazing story-teller and helped me feel better as a white person from Minnesota. (We apparently treated black baseball players like humans, which was a novelty back in the day.)

We saw a covered bridge in Madison County, Iowa. You can't drive through it anymore. We stopped at the gas station next to it for a pee break and ran into the scariest backwater inbreds I've ever seen. That 10-ish year old boy just did not look right. His older sister walked in and she didn't either. His mom had a fly land and sit on her back for a few minutes. I think it rode on her out the door, too. *shudder*

Gonna go snuggle with the man now and maybe pet me a furry kitty cat. She was so happy to see us come home tonight she was squeal-purring.
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Interesting day today.

Amanda and I went for our usual walk around the building at lunch time but didn't get very far today. There was a dark follower.

A young cat (a little smaller than History) with a blue bell collar but no name tag. Very friendly. She mewed quite a bit and rubbed all over our legs. No struggle when we picked her up.

We had the front desk call the Humane Society, but they don't pick up animals. Instead, they gave us the number of the Animal Control Officer. But that just went to voice mail. So I asked my boss and she asked her Account Rep and we took kitty across town to the Humane Society.

There is only one house next to our building but nobody answered when we knocked and rang the door bell. Soft-hearted me wrote on the admittance form "If no home found, call Jill @ ..."

She really was a sweet cat. Apparently she'd been out there for at least 7 hours as the Press Foreman mentioned seeing her at 5:30 this morning when he got in. The only other thing I can think of is that she was a trucker's cat who got out on accident. But Amanda noticed that there was some kind of bite or something on her shoulder and that her whiskers looked a little singed on one side. Poor thing.

Tim's response: "If you get a second cat, then you have to give me a hummer every day."

He was joking, but boys sure can dream some times...

Other interesting note: I came home and Tim was noticeably agitated and very hostile towards the squaking black birds in the back yard. Betty, his step-mother called this afternoon. Apparently his dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday and had two more stints put in the arteries by his heart today. He was still in the hospital and will be released tomorrow.

The last time his dad had problems like this was two weeks into our relationship. I was in Boston for the first time and got a phone call from Tim saying that his dad had a heart attack. I didn't quite know what to do. I'd only been dating Tim for two weeks and I was on the edge of the continent and would be for a few more days.

Today, I told Tim that he should just call work and say he's coming in late so he can go see his dad in the hospital. He hemmed and hawed over it, but finally called. We drove over to the hospital (a whole four blocks away) and navigated through the halls to the private riverview room Art was in.

He was wide awake and seemed pretty feisty. Tim's sister Sandra and her son Craig were right behind us. We visited for quite a bit and didn't leave until about 7:30. We told him he'd have to stick around for a while yet because he needed to meet his first granddaughter. That'll be a few years yet. He agreed and smiled at the thought of having a granddaughter and how his two daughters would fight over spoiling her.

Tim was pretty quiet when we got home (other than the daily hummer thing) and finally left for work at 8:10.

It was pretty hard walking into that hospital. I was worried I'd get all emotional thinking about my grandfather or my father, but I did ok. Told the story about my sunburned butt and gave everyone a giggle. It's got to be scary, seeing your dad in a hospital bed.

Third interesting note:
Our friend Trent, who was one of our personal attendants at the wedding, had complained about not getting an invitation - even after I insisted that I had sent it. We mailed those things out at the end of February. I just received today Trent's invitation back from the USPS. I spelled his last name wrong. Not Tullis, but Tulus. They put "Addressee Not Known" and then mailed it back to me over three months later. WTF?
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Two things that are making me smile:

from cuteoverload.com and
this post from [livejournal.com profile] uvaspina

I am about a third of the way done with Thank You cards. My hands hurt, though. I hope the pictures from Coborns turn out ok. Some photoshopping must have been done for the super-sweet slideshow DVD, but I don't think they were done to the real pictures on the photo dvd. So, hopefully that one turned out ok.

Tim took me to see the house he and Scott bought. It's definitely an oldie, but still a good one. At first I was incredibly nervous to go in there (it's 140 years old!) and I still wouldn't want to be in there alone at night, but after I figured out the original layout of the house and it became more homey in my mind's eye, I got less frightened by it.

Yes, old buildings can freak me out sometimes. I am a wuss.

rental house descriptions )
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I don't know why, but I really had this song in my head and Tim's just gonna have to listen to it over and over again. Cuz.

I am so sick of being sick. One noise I could TOTALLY go for not hearing ever again is the sound of me sniffling snot wads back into my nasal passages only to cough uncontrollably to get them back out again.

Apparently I look sick, too.

I went to the pharmacy to fill my birth control prescription and when I went back up to get it, the dude confused me with some other Jill who was picking up vicadin. And the vicadin was CHEAPER! I don't know how the vicadin would help me not concieve (fuckit, I can't spell that word) but I bet I'd feel a lot better about the damn snot wads!

And the check-out lines were long and the dude putting the bags in my trunk was all mumbly and looking at me funny and I forgot the damn coupons for a movie rental and I was all around crabby and whiney and cranky and I walk in the door to a delicious home-cooked lunch of salmon, peas and cheesy potatoes. Because I'm loved.

And it's still cold out, but not cold enough to discourage the damn cat from going outside and rolling in dirt. Her whole front is BLACK with dirt and she justs sits there all proud of herself.

Oh. And I got a letter in the mail today from Social Security. Why in the hell a 24 yr old would be getting correspondance (fuckit, another word I can't spell) from Social Security is beyond me. But I found out that if I die before I'm married, Tim gets nothing. And if I die after we're married, Tim gets nothing. But if I die after we get married and we have a kid, Tim gets, like, $870 a month and so does the kid. I'm totally rethinking the vicadin, now.
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We registered yesterday at Marshall Field's. This was after his sisters insisted we go there. (We are also planning on registering at Target today)

Oh, goodness. I was expecting not to find much that we liked but after going through the store, I have gotten very nervous that we are listing wayyyy too many expensive things. They are all nice things, but expensive. So, if you look at that list, we did add a whole bunch of little kitchen utensils and bathroom stuff to help even it out a bit. And, Target will help too.

I couldn't believe the sale they are having this week. While we were looking at dishes we saw a big set that was on sale for $299 -- originally $1480. No shit. We both did a double take when we saw that. We didn't list it, however, as it was not dishwasher safe -- which is a necessity for our lazy asses.

One unique thing on our list was this chip and dip bowl:

We both thought it was pretty cool lookin'.

Oh, listen to that. The cat is barfing. Lovely.
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Just got back from taste-testing cakes at Cold Spring Bakery. We decided on the almond flavored cake with buttercream frosting (as the bettercream apparently is too soft for layers).

Dman, cakes are expensive, but I don't regret it as it will taste absolutely delicious and look pretty nice, too.

History cat does not like Jack. The first time she met him, she puked. This time, luckily, she just hid underneath the futon behind some storage containers.

Jack knows his color "green" and "orange" quite well. Well, at least the orange, as everything else is green or red. But he knows what is really green as I bought him a gingerbread man with green frosting. And he knows his animals and animal sounds quite well. And he even went pee on the potty today. Not bad for a 2 year old.
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Off to Florida we go, we go. Off to Florida we go!

Desk-top printers are stupid. Always trying to eat ALL of the paper instead of just one sheet at a time.

I weighed in yesterday. I've surpassed my 10% goal (16 pounds)and have now lost over 18 pounds. Some of my skinnier pants (which were fat pants at the time I purchased them) fit again. Woo hoo! Just 9 more pounds to go.

Tim keeps questioning me about things related to his Christmas present. And then he gets mad at me for not telling him (because he doesn't know its related to his Christmas present) and then I feel tricked when I have to divulge that it IS related to his Christmas present! The vicious cycle!

The kitty cat is all cute curled up on the fuzzy blue blanket and the SpongeBob pillow. Too bad it's in front of the closet with my suitcase in it. I don't really need to bring clothes to my parents' house in Florida. It's not as important as cute purry, squinty-eyed, squooshy-faced History cat.

We received our new Tempur-Pedic bed yesterday. It's definitely a firm mattress as both Tim and I are a little stiff this morning, but it's supposed to get a little softer with time as the visco-elastic cells open up. Man, I hope so.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!
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Mis Jody Mae, the maid of honor and all around most lovely of friends, has a cat named Rocki.

Now, how I understand it is, Rocki did not know how to hiss until she and Jody lived with History and me. This picture looks like two crazy Rocki cats:

except now Rocki is very very fat. But her head and legs and tail are normal sized so just take the one cat flying there and then add about 10 pounds to the belly and you will have the Rocki cat.

In other news, I got a funny text today from the gorgeous groom-to-be. (I worked OT all day today and he got to stay home, the poop.) It said "I almost CRUSHED the cat."

Apparently he got up from the 'puter and rushed in the bedroom to catch the end of the Vikings game. He jumped on the bed. Poor little cold-toes History cat was all burrowed underneath the blankets on said bed. Tim nearly landed on her - at high velocities, even! And goofy kitty wasn't burrowed under ALL of the blankets, just the top one, so Tim had a funny time trying to dig through the blankets just to find the darn thing! Once he did, she LAUNCHED herself through the hallway and into the living room.

*shakes head* These pets of mine. I tells ya.
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So, that picture of my cat under a cooler that I entered at the Gala will be picked up by me tomorrow. No one purchased the small thing. But I'm ok about that. Here is one reason why:

Last night Amanda asked me how my photo showings were doing and I told her about how I had to pick this last one up and said it was just a funny little thing with the cat in a cooler. She immediately perked up and said "I saw that one! I thought it was cute!" Apparently she had taken a walk through the Paramount and as she was turning the corner in the hallway or whatever, she noticed my photo (not knowing it was mine) and thought that it was cute. It didn't match anything else that was in the show, but she liked it.

The fact that she noticed it and remembered it. The fact that it stuck out a little bit in her mind. That makes me smile.


Nov. 2nd, 2005 11:04 am
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Tim and I stopped at St. Cloud Floral downtown to get a better idea of the flowers for the wedding. Turns out he really likes the bouquet Jody and I found in a magazine oh-so-long ago, too. The nice lady who knows the leavy things told us the four main flowers in the picture and gave us an estimate of about $130 for it. She also said they'd work with us if our budget only has us have $100 for the bridal bouquet by taking out a couple of the more expensive flowers or adding more local flowers, etc. We were pretty impressed with how nice she was and set up an appointment for next Friday at 2pm to sit down and delve deeper.

additional wedding babble with pictures )

After that, we stopped at the golf store that is closing and Tim found a $400 wood for just barely $200 (after tax). He can't wait to brag to Gary about it. :)

Then he wandered around TJMax a bit and spent lots of money at the grocery store and I somehow convinced him to take me to Cork's Grill and Wine Bar that I'd never been to before. Silly me, I forgot my ID at home and had to drink water while he tasted three different wines. *pout* It was by far the most expensive meal I've ever had as, after tip, we paid $110. No shit. I had the filet mignon in a tart sauce I wasn't too fond of, but the beef was juicy and soft and so delicious. It also had buttery potatoes and various green veggies. Before that, I had the salad with an obviously just-made-for-my-order blackberry vinaigrette that was delicious. And for an appetizer we had the half-serving of the cheese tray. Yum. A cheese from England, Italy, and France with two different flat breads to try them on and some tasty grapes as garnish. Tim had the two-soups-in-one-bowl for his dinner prelude and the shrimp champagne bisque was delicious. He wasn't too fond of the other one even though it had bacon in it. I stole a bite, and the shrimp bisque was really quite good. His meal was the Cork's (shell) Fish Bowl. It had king crab legs, clams, mussels, cold-water lobster and shrimp on top of dinosaur-egg potatoes in a creamy butter sauce. Note to whoever orders this -- go easy on the lemon as at first Tim thought it was delicious but it got a little too bitter at the end. They also gave us 2 slices of three different breads to dip in some oil and vinegar (Tim's first time dipping bread, but I think he survived :)

After that, we stopped at three different stores to find a game Tim wanted, only to be told he'd have to order it online instead. We then went home only to be disappointed that Gilmore Girls was a rerun. But we did get a good laugh or two out of My Name is Earl. Then we popped in Ocean's 12 that Tim had rented. I didn't like it as much as the first. I thought it was forced and messy and just not as well-planned or executed. And Julia Roberts looked like death -- too thin, too pale/dark. Ech. And I think my opinion of Brad Pitt has taken a turn for the worse since the break-up with Jen. I found him more annoying than charming and that horse-laugh is atrocious. But it was nice snuggling up to my favorite person with my favorite kitty cat for a couple of hours.


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