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So, I get home from the gym. Go 'round the house to get the mail as usual. Open the door and it hits me.

Something delicious is emanating from the kitchen.

My husband, who had to come in to work three hours early today to work a full twelve, somehow managed to find time to make a crockpot full of delicious soup - all different kinds of veggies and what looks like italian spicy sausage. Oh, it was so delicious.

Next to the crock pot was a big bouquet of lovely flowers, a sweet card that brought tears to my eyes, and a small, beautifully wrapped box.

My husband never wraps things. "gift bag" is his mode of choice.

In the box was a beautifully delicate necklace with a single pearl that will match the earring he got me for Christmas two years ago.

He really is quite wonderful.
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I don't know what that karma is smokin', but it has gotta be some good stuff.

So today I'm all tired and crabby. I still can't run the effin NCOA to save my life. I figure for sure it is the memory that is overloaded as it isn't every day we try to run it on 5 million names. But even after I trim it down to just 280k, it still freezes. What's worse is that after that job is run, I have another 700,000 names I also have to run an NCOA on. And that job was due today. I finally put in a work order with the software company this morning because I've run out of options.

Do you know what the problem was?

Apparently, recently the USPS decided to add the nickname "Zeke" to their nickname table to help make matches on people who have moved. And now, whenever there is a record with the first name of "Zeke", our program freezes and doesn't know what to do. There were 14 Zeke records in our 5 million name file. And at least 1 in the 700k file. How fucking obscure is that shit?

So, anyway, our software company has a fix that is in the new release that hasn't been released yet. They try to send me the specific bug fix program. All day long, I wasn't getting any emails from them and we couldn't figure it out, no matter what the IT team thought of. We renamed the thing, sent it to different emails, everything. At 1:45 I was ready to start stabbing anyone who even tried to talk to me. It wasn't until about 2pm we finally FTPed the file over. It fixed the issue. However, I was still unable to get the job out that was due today. But really, how bullshit of an issue is "the program doesn't like the first name of Zeke"?

I was totally having a terrible day and didn't want to think about the gigantic projects that are all coming in right now and I am one of the few people who knows how to work on them and I'm fried from working mandatory overtime and my house is a mess and I didn't have any ideas for xmas gifts for the parents and they're coming tomorrow!

And then around 3pm I get a phone call from one of the Nahans. They have a bunch of season tickets to the SCSU basketball and hockey games and give 'em to people if they can't make it. I just got four tickets to Friday night's Husky hockey game. My mom loves hockey. My dad likes hockey. I like hockey. My parents will be here on Friday. I think I almost had a coronary just from the highs and lows of that past hour.

This morning I had texted Tim about how I was so stressed out and didn't want to think about anything. I come home tonight to a clean living room, the christmas tree is lit, the fireplace is ready to be lit, and the presents I got for my dad in April that I couldn't find were sitting on my desk chair. Seriously. I just can't believe how thoughtful he is sometimes. How did I get so fucking lucky?

Anyhoo... yeah. Fuckin' karma, man.


Nov. 30th, 2006 08:58 pm
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Nothing truly interesting going on around here. I had my first meeting with my new grad school advisor, Ben. He really cemented my reasonings for choosing this particular major. We picked out the first two classes I'll take next semester and I just have to find an old report card from SCSU from 4 years ago that might have my tech id and I can start registering for my classes.

The highlight of my day was after leaving Ben's office and I realized I had enough time to stop at home and maybe see Tim for 15 minutes or so. Damn, I love that man. He's on his new evening shift so I don't get to see him until he wakes me up around 1am and then I'm usually incoherent. Mornings I get to see him a little bit, too. I'm ready for Saturday, though!

You know you've worked too long in the printing industry when... So, this lady in customer service has been getting on my nerves more and more over the past month. She gives a maybe 65% effort most of the time and expects perfection from everybody else while she treats them like they don't do that much anyways. So, anyway, I wasn't sure exactly what to do with a request for a customer asking for a font to be increased on a coupon and brought back a screen shot so they could let me know if it was a big enough increase. The distance between the dollar amount and the words was decidedly smaller than before (because the font was bigger). I said it looked like it had about a tenth of an inch between. She said "I don't know what a tenth is. What's a tenth?" And then she proceeded to turn, look at a ruler and say, "Oh, a tenth is almost an eighth. Ok."

I kinda had to leave her cubicle for a while before bursting out laughing.

The printing industry uses eighths and sixteenths and thirty-seconds of inches as primary measuring units. Even though most of our machines are from Germany. But, still. "What's a tenth?" *just shakes her head*

Last night I went out with a bunch of co-workers as it was the end of their work-week (12-hour days like I used to be on). The end of the night was just me, my boss Rick and my co-worker Missy. Missy, having signed her divorce papers not even a month ago. Rick, on his second marriage which has been loveless for at least ten years. Me, who is going on her seventh month of wedded bliss. Just add beer and interesting conversation ensues.

Needless to say, I got home in a shaky state of mind, expecting the marriage to collapse at any second. Which is why I really appreciated the 15 minutes this afternoon of sitting on the stairs with my husband chatting and kissing and grinning at each other all goofy and googly eyed.

Rick, by the way, is very convinced that it isn't until your third marriage that you'll finally be happy. But it takes two years to get over a heartbreak. And two years to get over the infatuation. And, wait, he has to go pee again.
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A day that starts off with a flat tire and continues with feeling like you're fighting a war all by yourself gets a whole lot better when you walk out the door at work and see a dreamy guy out on a motorcycle waiting for you.

Man, he's a stud.
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You should listen to this because I told you to.

Cary Brothers' Blue Eyes. (Hint: you have to click on the song to make it play)


I may or may not have chosen this song as the first to dance to with my husband. :)
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He woke me up early this morning when he got home from work.
He woke me with a kiss and a greeting to the dozing cat on the blanket.
"Come on. Get ready," he said.

I pulled on some jeans, a tank top, two socks and my heavy black shoes.
I pulled on a jacket and grabbed my sunglasses.
"All right. Let's go," I said.

The slight breeze felt cool, with dew on the grass and the sun slowly climbing.
We walked to the driveway as he fastened his jacket and gloves.

The bike was still warm from his ride home.

He swung his leg over the bike and looked at me expectantly.
I swung my leg over the bike and wrapped my arms tight around him.
"Ready?" he asked.

We were off: down the alley, around the corner and past the hospital.
We were off: through the park, following the river, down the hill and downtown.
"Hang on," he said.

The river glistened with early sun rays through the mist.
The river glistened as ducks swam and called to us passing by.
"What a beautiful day!" I gasped.

We sped through the neighborhoods, over the river, and up through town.
We sped past schools and graveyards, businesses and homes.

At a stop sign on the edge of town, he looked back and grinned.

He gunned it. A newly laid road, straightaway, not a car in sight.
He gunned it. A hill up ahead, my chin bumping his shoulder as he changed gears.
The wind ripped any words away.

The bike didn't hesitate; it simply roared with pleasure as it sped past fields.
The bike didn't care as we turned onto the highway back towards town.
"Awesome stretch of road!" he screamed.

We turned back into town, past the businesses, buildings, park and river.
We turned back into town, past the hospital, down the alley and up the driveway.
"Wow," I whispered.
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Reasons why I believe I won the jackpot in the husband lottery:
  1. This weekend, he got his motorcycle back and looked ever so dreamy and studly with the motorcycle jacket I bought him and slightly tousled helmet hair
  2. Then he took me for a half-block bike ride and didn't make fun of me too much for panic-giggling in his ear and saying "I wasn't attached to anything!"
  3. He had Monday and Tuesday off this week and painted the whole kitchen. He even tore down his beloved "wall of weed" wall paper and painted there, too. He even did a double coat!
  4. Tuesday, he then bribed Gary and Bryan into helping he fetch our new stove from Menards and removed the old stove and installed the new one. And our new range hood.
  5. Wednesday, he went with me to a co-worker's birthday party/boss's new promotion party and hung out with us.
  6. Today, I get home to steak on the grill, corn on the cob on the grill, and roasted buttery garlic potatoes, carrots and onions on the grill.
Note: This list is not entire. It is only the most recent awesomeness that has occurred in the past five days.
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More of the professional wedding photos here.
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Last night I dropped off the 23 FunSaver cameras from the reception at Coborns. It'll be interesting to see if I can tell the difference between the photos of the most avid photographers that night: the 2 year old ring bearer Jack or the 9 year old nephew Craig. Neither of whom really got the concept of setting the flash. :)

Ruminations of being an Aunt )

The wedding day was really golden. Read more... )

I just got finished planting some flowers around the mailbox and digging up our tulip bulbs in the back garden. Just as I was digging up my last tulip, it started to sprinkle, so I think I timed it pretty well. I'm off to the gym now, as it's been over two weeks and I feel the flab coming on!

footnote )
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He must really be whipped.

He just called me from the strip club saying he misses me.
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Bachellorette party was yesterday. It was fun.

First I had to have a sobbing reunion with the hair stylist and now my hair is no longer purple. Yay.

Then, the glorious Miss Jody Mae picked me up and we had some tasty soup and fancy tea with steamed milk (I believe they called her fancy tea Xocatlatl) at Serendipity. We did not see the ghost, but we also stayed downstairs. We chatted about busy life, crappy dad's who don't pay child support and give her many many health insurance issues, and how she generally needed a vacation a year ago and it still hasn't happened yet. And, of course, how she needs a conjugal visit by either The Rock or a close look-a-like.

Next, we stopped at the DayLily Spa for many hours of pampering, champagne drinking and peanutbutter cookie chomping, gossiping, laughing, debating, and general good girly fun. All of the bridesmaids were there and it's just darn fun to hang out with them.

A side note: I smudged my nail polish less than twenty minutes out of the door there and I think the massage chair gave me a bruise!

Dinner at Ciatti's was good. The Salmon Orriechette was ordered by Dana and myself and we all agreed it needed something in the sauce. A little too flavorless. We were joined by Kelly, Amanda, and Ms. [livejournal.com profile] superna and had some good fun conversing as well. Karen, one of the bridesmiads, had to leave after that step as she's had strep throat for a month and anti-biotics and alcohol don't mix. Amanda also is on the anti-biotics, so she was kind enough to be our sober cab.

We trudged through the rain across the parking lot to the martini bar, where I was handed my bouquet of "suck for a buck" lolipops and garbed out in various dollar accessories from Target. (Including a blinking red lips pin which Karen surreptitiously helped me attach to my butt. I'd had a few drinks by then and was thoroughly amused! Wore it all night and I think Tim is planning on wearing it tonight on his crotch during his bachelor party. We be classy here in the Cloud.)

At the martini bar, I stumbled across a bachelor party and was propositioned by a groom-to-be to sit on his lap and suck cake frosting off his fingers in exchange for the lolipop. He, sadly, was turned down by a creeped out Jill. I was only slightly less creeped out when attempting to rid a loli on two older gentlemen, one of whom proclaimed he was getting divorced in two months and insisted I tell him why the hell I'd want to get married in the first place and what does this guy do for you anyway? Katie met up with us there and Dana had to take off -- she has my future nephew, the 17-yr-old, home alone that night and was eager to get back.

Our next stop was DB Searles across the street. I sold off the remaining suckers and also got a free shot and a few free drinks to boot. At one point while squeezing through the crowd, a man, upon seeing my outfit and big veil, wished me a happy birthday. We had a bit of a giggle over that. We rocked out to Kelly's high school alum and his band for quite a while, but the room was incredibly hot and we were quickly running out of layers to remove and still keep our modesty, so we headed off for The Press.

Kelly's fiance Dewey had picked Tim up and brought him to The Press, to be met by Katie's fiance, and an usher, Scott, and Cyndy's husband Dennis. We also ran into a recently promoted co-worker who has an unenlightened view of women. Thankfully, I did not have to hear first-hand his account on whose boobs are what classification in his puny little brain. Tim bought me a shot to take in my nifty plastic shot ring and additional dancing ensued. The party was winding down, as most of us had mates present.

All in all, the party was great. I got to hang out with some of my best friends, eat good food, drink good drinks, I was hugged and congratulated by many a stranger and escorted to the "little girls room" by an amicably amused white-haired man. I'm not overly hung over, and I came home to a beautifully cleaned house. My man loves me. :) So much so that he was vehemently requesting that if he called me tonight during his bachelor party, that I would come join them.

It's rainy and cold outside now, so I think I'll make myself some tea and curl up on the futon to crochet a bit more. Perhaps the cat will be good enough to sit on my lap a bit. :)
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Last night I was cheered up quite a bit by getting to just hang out with Tim. We had some Spciy Thai Pepper Chicken at the Asian House, went to "Thank You For Smoking", and finished some grocery shopping. I really enjoy his company and my crabby mood was completely gone even as we ordered the food.

I am exhausted right now and have little desire to complete the projects left for the wedding. Or much else, really. I broke down and played solitaire for the first time in many days. Now, off to bed. And it's not even 10 yet. But nice warm bed is a very appealing idea right now.

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A little over an hour before I should start to expect him to be home.

I wonder how many more games of solitaire on my computer I can play in a little over an hour...

I wonder how many games of solitaire I have already played today...

I know why he isn't home yet but that doesn't stop me from asking

Why isn't he home yet?

I could do laundry or clean the house or clean the car or pick up fallen branches from the yard or something.

But in the odd nervousness and anticipation, all I can bring myself to is playing more solitaire in an endless clicky-clicky-noblinky repetition.



Apr. 3rd, 2006 12:46 pm
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Tim in Vegas )

Mom's travels )

Shower scares )

Sunday adventures )

And then we had some Pho. :)

Shower decorations )

Saturday night )

Math problems and crazy seamstresses )

Then we had BLT sandwiches at Benton Station. Mom thinks it will be a great place to bring Dad for lunch when they come up in May.

I also amused my mother this morning with this video.

Her friend Gail gave her a book that had us both cackling on the couch.

And now I think I will reserve hairdresser appointments for the big day and take a lovely nap on the couch.
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they have a myspace acct now.

Sparring Rohman played an "interview" at the Salida last night in Becker. Ron was kind enough to drive Gary, Terryll and myself down there. (Tim had to work last night) The "OZ" dude in the comments was the sound guy who apparently really liked the guys. Hopefully, when St. Cloud empties out during the summer (college kids go home) they can get some regular weekend gigs at the Salida which is busy during the summer (volleyball courts and whatnot). Mike and Bryan are two of the guitarists playing at our wedding ceremony. Mike even wrote an original tune that they will play. *grin*

In other news, I sure missed Tim this week. We are celebrating our two year anniversary of dating today even though it is really tomorrow. But Mom will be flying in late tonight so we figured it'd be more fair for everyone if we celebrate today.

Tim had this neat blue Hawaiian-type shirt he really liked but it got a rip in it a few weeks ago (damn cheap Target clothes) so I got him two new loose Hawaiian-type shirts for our anniversary. One is a nice linen and the other is fine silk. I figure since he'll be in Vegas this weekend where it is hot, I'd get him shirts he'd be able wear and look nice in and not get too hot or sweaty. He hasn't tried them on yet, and since the silk shirt is so soft, he originally thought they were pajamas!

Mr. Wonderful got me an MP3 player and case. It is charging right now and I am excited to try it at the gym today. But the manual and documentation don't say how long you should charge it for the first time... :( Well, regardless, it looks like it works pretty well!

Well, I should probably get going to the gym as I was also planning on hitting work for a little while today...
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I went home early today. I haven't slept well in three days and my ass was dragging... even after the giant cup o' chai and the Diet Dr Pepper I had today. I usually don't have any caffeine.

So I left early. Kevin asked if I was feeling ok. Basically he thinks I look sick. Bah. Just cuz I've had this cold for three weeks...

But, being the tired and lonely fiancee I am, I stopped at the liquor store to buy Tim some beer before I came home. He needed some love.

I am really hoping this sick thing will be gone in time for the bridal shower and also my new drivers license photo I have to take (I'll be 25 next month!!!)

O'course, the last photo I took I had a fever but I like the picture a lot. *shrug* Maybe the fever added some needed color to my otherwise pasty complexion...
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this makes me miss him.

Today was the first day since we've lived together that we aren't on the same shift. He's working 7pm to 7am now and it's our 7-on this week and I didn't even take my second break (that I usually take with him) because I didn't know how. I didn't know what to do. It wasn't worth looking forward to.

I bought some drapes for our bedroom as our current curtains don't block a lot of light and summer will make it very bright in that room and it will be hard for him to sleep. I didn't put them up, yet, as I would like him to approve them first (I'm pretty sure he will...).

I didn't sleep very well last night as I kept waiting for him to come to bed even though I knew he wouldn't because he had to stay up late to conditioin himself to the nightlife again. The bed's lonely without him.
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Tim and I went to the Wild game last night against the Avalanche. We were in the 13th row from the ice at center ice practically -- much better seats than row 30 of the second floor at the Metrodome, which only has 31 rows total! They lost, but it was all kinds of fun - like seeing my family again. And Bruno (Andrew Brunette) and Antti Laaksonen (my mom's favorite former Wild player) were both playing along with Mr. Hinote who graduated from the same high school as Mr. [livejournal.com profile] thetim and me. It was kinda neat cuz at one point when the Avs were having a powerplay, Mr. Captain himself, Willie Mitchell, was chatting it up with Bruno at center ice like old buddies. Unfortunately less than a minute later, the Avs got their first score of the night. (With Mr. Mitchell reaching but not quite defending his goal.)

Picture of my favorite player )

Tonight, Mr. Wonderful fiance of mine made a delicious steak dinner with some mixed veggies and warm-from-the-oven rolls. He's too good to me, sometimes...

oOOo! Look! I can even get wallpaper of him!

*school-girl giggle*
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Oh yeah.

I walk in the door to a delicious smelling kitchen (and a grumpy Tim).

He made these delicious potato/carrot/onion thing wrapped in foil that I love, some green beans, and the whole room smelled of rosemary... He had made chicken in a sweet rosemary, currant jelly, and raspberry vinegar sauce and it was so moist and delicious and yummy and good. Jill is impressed. Seriously, you don't know how good this chicken was.

Jilly are spoiled. :)


Nov. 30th, 2005 09:35 am
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I got all of my prints I wanted into my album and decided to try scanning in my slides.

Unfortunately, Tim's scanner doesn't scan slides for crap.

In other news, I went in to work yesterday for 6 hours. It was a pleasant experience. My phone hardly rung (and when it did, it wasn't always for me) and I was left alone for the most part. I had a pleasant day at work for once. :)

And then I came home to a Christmas tree put up and glowing. Tim was just putting on the finishing touches as I walked in the door.

I also picked up the enlargement I had done for the Elk River Area Arts Alliance Arts in Harmony contest. I'm entering this one:

Mississippi Scene

I'm a little wary about going to weigh in tonight as I haven't been a good little diet monkey this week. But, I figure if I exercise a bit today and behave for the most part, I can't feel too bad about it.

What should I do about these slides, though? hmmmm I think I'll just have them made into prints (which I want to do anyway) and then scan the prints in instead...


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