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I have an urge to watch me some Kill Bill.

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Got some shiznit done. The swag is all glued. Only burnt myself once with the glue gun (although it is creating a tiny blister). The last batch of programs are printing and Tim is folding them. Got back from seeing the movie "Inside Man" with my parents, as Tim was knocked out with Nyquil, and it was a decent show. I'm sleepy now. But in a much better mood. It's amazing what a good cry in the arms of your love can do for your outlook.
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I have the urge to watch Amelie.

However, I also have to be at work in 9 hours.

Dilemma: much needed and enjoyed sleep or much enjoyed film that offers much needed brain vacation.

Well, a more interesting brain vacation than the multiple games of computer solitaire I just played.

It occurs to me that I need a hobby...
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The porn is restored! The porn is restored!

Our cable company got bought out by the other cable company and the old cable modem from the previous company decided to kick the bucket this weekend. I bought a new one today and it is such a relief! I think I'm addicted.

In other news, I'm sure Mr. [livejournal.com profile] verucagonff would appreciate that we rented and watched Serenity this weekend and found it to be a rather good show. I didn't want to kick anyone or choke on my own tongue. The visuals were neat, the premise was intriguing, and that one dude was pretty darn yummy.

I've decided (now, this will still take some time) to stop stressing about the wedding and look forward to the fun. Like the bridal shower on Saturday. Rather than stressing about entertaining my mother for a weekend while missing Tim as he's living it up in Vegas and having to put up with a bunch of relatives, I'm looking forward to eating some food, seeing my mom, having some time alone in the house to get some stuff done (or not) and getting to open lovely presents and hang out with some of my best friends.

How long this will last is another thing, but for now, it's working. :) Plus, I found a cute outfit to wear to the shower so I'm a happy monkey.
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Point #1: I was within 10 feet of Mr. Kevin Smith. And within 15 minutes he was talking about the first time he made a woman come vaginally and it was when he was filming Mall Rats.

Point #2: Ms. [livejournal.com profile] viksin is fun and I am ever so glad she came to visit and invited me to go see Mr. Smith and to come dancing with us at the Press.

Point #3: Mr. Dewey and Ms. Kelly have been engaged for a week now and they are ever so happy. It is good.

Point #4: Sometimes people just need to get drunk and make out with random persons at the bar. At times it is needed and is good.

Point #5: Ms. Kelly is a wonderful person. And not just because she was our sober cab from the bar.

Point #6: Sometimes it is good for two old friends to get drunk and discuss various things while sitting in my stairwell. And sometimes it is even better for me to serve guest drunk with water and ibuprofen and then leave the immediate vicinity in order for these old friends to continue their discussion uninterrupted and uninhibited.

Point #7: Jill loves her friends. All of them. In good times and in bad times and in drunk times and in sober times. And even when Jill is drunk, too.
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They asked a question on Punch Drunk Love! And Primus. And Deep Space Nine. And the only one of the three I got right was the one on Punch Drunk Love. But 1 out of three of my past passions is ok, right?

Going on hour 24.
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Just got back from King Kong.

Man, humans are evil.

Damn good movie though. At times my face hurt from wincing so much. And I did hide behind the popcorn bag for a little while as demonic children scare the crap out of me. Especially those of the cannibalistic persuasion. *shudder*

And creepy crawly bugses. We donts likes the bugses.

But dude. I gotta buy my underwear at the same place as "Ann". That silky nightie survived the freaking jungle, dinosaurs, and a big hairy ape. The lacy stuff I buy at Target can't even survive the darn washing machine.
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We saw "The Family Stone" on Christmas Day. Is it sad that all of the parts in the movie when the rest of the audience is roaring with laughter is when you are crying because you identify EXACTLY with the poor main character? It was a mish-mash of a movie otherwise. It lost its focus about two thirds of the way in and the end was far too drawn out and long.

In other news, I am a bit of an idiot. I took many pictures at the beach one day and then took a bunch more at the Homosassa Springs Wildlife Park yesterday before I realized I had no film in my camera. *facepalm*

Tim gave me a pair of beautiful hite gold earrings with pearls and little butterflies for Christmas.

Too tired to be much more verbose... Hope everyone had a nice holiday...


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