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I can tell that this year's crop of college kids at SCSU have just discovered the movie Fight Club.

No, a bunch of them aren't running around with busted up faces and no corporate art's been crashed into coffee shops. But my radio listening pleasure has been tainted.

Now, you could pretty much say that I love the Pixies. I got my first speeding ticket listening to "Debaser". I don't qualify as any kind of music nerd for them as I know very little about the band or their history and I've never seen them live. But I own a few of their albums and some of Frank Black/Black Francis's albums, too. And I enjoy it. And that's good enough for me.

But when I hear "Where Is My Mind" every day last week INCLUDING the only song I heard in my four mile drive to work this morning on KVSC, I get angry.

That song is great. I do admire that it is the only raw rock and roll song in the entire Fight Club movie and it plays at the very end. But there are SO MANY OTHER Pixie songs out there that could be requested. Gain a little bit of fucking REPERTOIRE people! It's almost as bad as fucking commercial radio.

It's a good thing I just received THREE new mixed CDs from [livejournal.com profile] verucagonff this weekend in the mail. Maybe the co-eds can discover Dazed and Confused and switch over to the Power Loon in the meantime so I can get my audio variety back in my diet.

Also, I hate auto emails from Bugzilla on a bug I fixed THREE WEEKS AGO but the customer is too disorganized to validate that it has been fixed. Every morning I have the pleasure of opening TWO of those emails for the same stupid bug and every week I have asked the customer to validate that its been fixed and every week they are too disorganized to even look at it. I hate it so much I hate it twice.
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So, the intertubes is a wonderous place full of win.

Recently I added a Twitter account to my online repertoire. Casually I mentioned that I had a song in my head. The next day, the band who recorded that song started "following" me on Twitter. So, I looked at their profile, saw they had an official website, visited it and realized that they were playing in my town May 10th - 12th. Not only that, but their new female lead is a St. Cloud native.

I purchased two tickets to their May 10th show. Not sure who's using the second ticket yet...
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For some reason, the past couple of weeks I've had it in my head that I need more Rolling Stones in my diet.

So, in lieu of eating any additional iron in my diet so I can friggin donate blood once this month (I've been turned down four times this month), I spent too many dollars at the Electric Fetus. Well, they gave me 20% off because I bought three or more items, so I didn't spend nearly as much as I could. I also put back many items that I had in my arms.

Ummm.. There was a huge crash and it looks like a seven foot long branch from one of our trees in the front yard just almost landed on Kiko. She's fine other than being quite startled.

Anyhoo, I perused the vinyl section and picked up four albums and put three back. I got the newly remastered "Some Girls" album by the Rolling Stones. I am already thoroughly enjoying it. After much wandering through the CD aisles and restraining myself from buying a second copy of Cold Cranking Amps' "Anxiety Blanket" CD, I also picked up a Rolling Stones mix of R&B covers called "Out of Our Heads" on CD, the Pixies' "Bossanova" and Black Francis's "SVN FNGRS".

I was entirely fed up with the radio the past couple of days and had recently cleaned my car out and only had Frank Black's "Teenager of the Year" which is awesome, but gets old the hundredth time you hear it in a row. So I needed some new fodder as Tim's not done copying all my CDs to hard disk yet.

It's been a long time since I've written a music nerd post. huh.
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[livejournal.com profile] gear544, who does some awesome photography by the way, put a link to a song by these guys:


I'm diggin' it.

And, [livejournal.com profile] _flyonthewall_ has some always-amazing phtography going on in his journal today, including just one more how-cool-is-that building in Detroit.

From [livejournal.com profile] superna:

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: Spaghettios (or Franco American Spaghetti) luke-warm out of the can Eh. My brother and I would be lazy growing up and would just dump the can contents in a bowl and start eating. It's goooood.
Literary: National Enquiror, et al. Raod trips and weekends up at the cabin just require the utmost class in literary journalism. Plus, I like to feel better about myself when rich famous people look like ass buying groceries.
Audiovisual: Project Runway I can't help it. They're judging people on how classy they can make garbage look on a model! Using real garbage!
Musical: New Wave It's happy and bouncy and catchy and sometimes clever and I remember folding laundry with my mom with it on the radio while I was a kid.
Celebrity: Zach Braff He's my not-so-secret secret tv boyfriend

Now I tag:-

[livejournal.com profile] theeothertim [livejournal.com profile] revjim [livejournal.com profile] timecrash [livejournal.com profile] unopenneddoor and [livejournal.com profile] verucagonff

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
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It has occurred to me that it has been a very very long time since I've immersed myself in music of any kind. Back in the day, music was almost always on. Had a bad day? Music was on louder. It was my release.

Sparring Rohman is playing at The Press tonight. It is also warm out and raining.

Jill's gonna get her drink on tonight, gonna dance up some fun and probably, if drunk enough and if it is still raining, I'll be dancing in the rain.

God, I need this.
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You should listen to this because I told you to.

Cary Brothers' Blue Eyes. (Hint: you have to click on the song to make it play)


I may or may not have chosen this song as the first to dance to with my husband. :)
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I would really really like to go to this festival. PJ Harvey is playing and it's in Ireland where we've never been and it sounds like a lot of fun. Basement Jaxx will be there too!

Tim told me I had to price it out. It'd be 175 Euros per person for the festival/camping tickets. Then 295 Euros for a podpad (which looked pretty cool!). Then, through Orbitz, a decent roundtrip flight would be about $956 per person. So, about $3,000 total after converting currancies and car parking and shuttle tickets and stuff. Not including beer and food.

Tim's response to that?
"No wonder we can't afford a boat. :-/"

There was a boat for sale on Saukview drive on the way to work for $3500. Tim really wanted it, and looking back on it now, it was looking like a really good deal. But I didn't feel able to condone a boat purchase when we technically already own a boat (it's in the barn up in International Falls so we can go to the cabin in Canada) and I'm feeling a little financially strained with some of the extra expenses I made in preparation for the wedding. (Yes, I have savings accounts, but I don't want to have to use them to pay for some of these bills because I want to save them for something else. I should be able to pay for these expenses out of my spending money instead.) Plus, our next-door neighbors have a boat in their backyard that they don't take care of at all and I kinda feel like we'd be like them if we had a boat in our backyard instead of in a covered structure somewhere. So, to end the tale, the boat has been sold now, but not to us.

Tim's newest response:
"That was a joke sweetie."

So, I don't know. It's sounds fun and exciting and like something I'd be nervous to do just if it were X-Fest in Somerset, Wisconsin (which is only a few hours away by car, not a day away by plane). But it would cost a pretty penny and I don't have a lot of vacation. I'd have almost exactly 3 days of vacation banked up by then (which would let us leave on the Thursday and maybe let me take the Tuesday off, too, to recover) But then I wouldn't be able to get paid for the baseball roadtrip to Kansas City that Tim's friend Aaron wants us to go on in July.

GAH! So many things going through my head right now.

Like the festival itself. Would we get bored? Three days in the same park with various Irish hippies and the like? I got bored at Ozzfest. Except for the one year when Ozzfest and the Warped Tour were all the same day/same ticket/same park. Then, if your head got numb to heavy metal, you could cruise over and listen to some Cherry Poppin' Daddies.

And would my brain hurt every day after having to translate Irish brogue into Minnesotan? What do you suppose they call "pop" there? (HA! From that website:
CONCLUSION People who say "Pop" are much, much cooler.
And how hard is it to use a female urinal? (It's in the Press Releases section).
And what if I ask for acetaminophen and all they have is paracetamol?

But, wow. It'd be cool. Think of the pictures I could take!!! Would we rent a car? It'd take more money, but, in the case of us being bored, we could go and sight-see and stuff.

Just read this entry about her last show...

update: But, then, too.  About the boat.  We have a boat.  And we have said that the reason we want to wait to have kids is so we can continue to travel.  It'd be a lot easier to buy a boat with kids in tow than to go to a music festival in Ireland with kids in tow.  Tim's newest response: "True.  Keep an eye out and see if any better deals for air fare pop up."


Apr. 14th, 2006 09:07 pm
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I am very disappointed with iTunes at the moment.

As you may or may not know, a couple weeks ago my fiance gave me an MP3 player for our anniversary. Yay!

As you may or may not know, my 25th birthday is next Wednesday. My brother asked me what I wanted. Thinking "Oooh, new mp3 player! Must get more songs to play on it!" I told him I would like an iTunes gift card. He, very generously gave me a $50 gift card. !!! The kid's in college, for goodness sakes!

That arrived yesterday. There is now less than $20 on it. (I was getting sleepy and decided to wait to use the rest of it)

I went to the gym today and used my mp3 player and noticed the battery was low and I should plug it in and maybe add some of my new songs on it.

Who all knew that iTunes uses an AAC protected M4U file type? A file type that pretty much nothing other than the iPod and iTunes supports. A file type that, since it is protected, cannot be converted to any other format.

Jillith be pissed.

iTunes, however, has the ability to burn CDs. I'm hoping that somehow I can burn my new songs onto CDs, then copy those CDs in a somewhat supportable format to the computer. If that doesn't work, I may have to use my CD burner component of my stereo. And if that doesn't work, I will put it in my older stereo in the "input" line into the CD burner componenet, burn that to a CD and then rip that onto the computer.

In other words, I don't think I'll be asking for any more iTunes gift cards.

Wish me luck!
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they have a myspace acct now.

Sparring Rohman played an "interview" at the Salida last night in Becker. Ron was kind enough to drive Gary, Terryll and myself down there. (Tim had to work last night) The "OZ" dude in the comments was the sound guy who apparently really liked the guys. Hopefully, when St. Cloud empties out during the summer (college kids go home) they can get some regular weekend gigs at the Salida which is busy during the summer (volleyball courts and whatnot). Mike and Bryan are two of the guitarists playing at our wedding ceremony. Mike even wrote an original tune that they will play. *grin*

In other news, I sure missed Tim this week. We are celebrating our two year anniversary of dating today even though it is really tomorrow. But Mom will be flying in late tonight so we figured it'd be more fair for everyone if we celebrate today.

Tim had this neat blue Hawaiian-type shirt he really liked but it got a rip in it a few weeks ago (damn cheap Target clothes) so I got him two new loose Hawaiian-type shirts for our anniversary. One is a nice linen and the other is fine silk. I figure since he'll be in Vegas this weekend where it is hot, I'd get him shirts he'd be able wear and look nice in and not get too hot or sweaty. He hasn't tried them on yet, and since the silk shirt is so soft, he originally thought they were pajamas!

Mr. Wonderful got me an MP3 player and case. It is charging right now and I am excited to try it at the gym today. But the manual and documentation don't say how long you should charge it for the first time... :( Well, regardless, it looks like it works pretty well!

Well, I should probably get going to the gym as I was also planning on hitting work for a little while today...
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If your ears need new stuff to listen to....
The Melismatics have some new groovy tunes out there... Plus the bass player totally looks like David Duchovny.

And, you know... there's always the "Fake Denim" who rocks in their own funky way (and were in a Trivia question for the KVSC Tivia Marathon last month)

As you were.
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I don't know why, but I really had this song in my head and Tim's just gonna have to listen to it over and over again. Cuz.

I am so sick of being sick. One noise I could TOTALLY go for not hearing ever again is the sound of me sniffling snot wads back into my nasal passages only to cough uncontrollably to get them back out again.

Apparently I look sick, too.

I went to the pharmacy to fill my birth control prescription and when I went back up to get it, the dude confused me with some other Jill who was picking up vicadin. And the vicadin was CHEAPER! I don't know how the vicadin would help me not concieve (fuckit, I can't spell that word) but I bet I'd feel a lot better about the damn snot wads!

And the check-out lines were long and the dude putting the bags in my trunk was all mumbly and looking at me funny and I forgot the damn coupons for a movie rental and I was all around crabby and whiney and cranky and I walk in the door to a delicious home-cooked lunch of salmon, peas and cheesy potatoes. Because I'm loved.

And it's still cold out, but not cold enough to discourage the damn cat from going outside and rolling in dirt. Her whole front is BLACK with dirt and she justs sits there all proud of herself.

Oh. And I got a letter in the mail today from Social Security. Why in the hell a 24 yr old would be getting correspondance (fuckit, another word I can't spell) from Social Security is beyond me. But I found out that if I die before I'm married, Tim gets nothing. And if I die after we're married, Tim gets nothing. But if I die after we get married and we have a kid, Tim gets, like, $870 a month and so does the kid. I'm totally rethinking the vicadin, now.
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They asked a question on Punch Drunk Love! And Primus. And Deep Space Nine. And the only one of the three I got right was the one on Punch Drunk Love. But 1 out of three of my past passions is ok, right?

Going on hour 24.
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This made me giggle quite a bit.
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Now, I have a CD-Recorder hooked up to my stereo so I can record tracks from my vinyl. I use it maybe once a year tops, so it takes me a while to figure everything out all over again.

Well, I recorded almost 80 minutes of songs off of my vinyl today in preparation of purchasing a new MP3 player. To finalize the thing, you first have to hit "Open/Eject" and then hit "Record" when it notifies you that it is not finalized yet. As it has been many moons since I've done this, I hit the open/eject button and then quickly verified the next step with the manual. The manual says "wait a few seconds" and the unfinalized CD will eject. This was perhaps 1 second tops in my quick reference. The disc was ejected. I reinserted the disc and the message "CRD BLANK DISK" showed on the screen. Assuming I could just finalize it now, I hit the open/eject button again and then immeidately hit the record button. Nope. The Recorder apparently did not recognize that the disk had any data on it and wanted to re-record track 1 all over again!


Expletives were heard by the poor History cat.

Now, because I was recording from an external, non-digital source, all 80 minutes of that disk were me trying very hard not to get distracted between tracks and manually incrementing the track indicator and manually flipping the vinyl and changing the record speed FOR 80 FUCKING MINUTES STRAIGHT.

Guess what I'll be doing for the next 80 minutes?


We're joining the YMCA next month and I'm making this collection so I don't have to keep reading Judge Judy's lips while I'm chugging along on the treadmill. So I'm recording a lot of my favorite fun songs that would keep me motivated. I'm hoping to get at least two or three more disks out of this.

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Having one of those odd days where I don't know what time or day it is. Tim and I both feel like it's at least 9 or 10pm when in reality it's hardly past 6.

I really hated work this week. I had to get the fuck out of there.

I had an interesting visit with my cousin Diane in Sartell. She gave me my grandfather's Bronze Star, letter of Commendation, and one of his dog tags to deliver to my mom this weekend. She also called her grandmother "a shit". But Tim became her son Aidan's new best friend.

Friday we hadn't even gotten out of the city limits before my car's "Check Engine" light went on. I was not about to continue on a 700 mile road trip through the uninhabited desolation that can be I-94 through Wisconsin when my car is questionable. $200 later, my O2 sensor is replaced and my tires are rotated. Tim, who hates driving long distances and can fall asleep just driving home from work, was a doll and drove all the way to Madison, all around Madison, and all the way home from Madison. Sometimes our topics of conversation were, shall I say, "improper", but it kept him awake and me amused.

If you had a pet pygmy goat, what would you name it? Tim suggested "Bucky". I forget what my ideas were...

The parents had been drinking free beer at the Holiday Inn Express in the hot tub with my brother for a few hours by the time we got in Madison. My mother hates her job as well. She jokingly said that every morning she and my dad debate going to work at all, but my brother's tuition bill keeps 'em plugging away, for now, at least.

I think driving in Florida, having a couple free beers, and just being crazy and borderline senile assisted us in our maneuvering through the maze that is Madison, Wisconsin. There are two big lakes in the city with a large capitol building in the small narrow strip of land between. It makes for some creative navigating at times. At one point, we followed my dad going from a parking lot, over the sidewalk and curb back onto the road on our way to dinner.

We went to a SCSU Husky hockey game last night versus the NDSU Fighting Sioux. The Sioux won 3 to 2. The second period was the best and we were in row four on the corner of the rink in the sweet seats Tim "won" in our company's silent auction.

We then met [livejournal.com profile] superna, [livejournal.com profile] viksin, Christel's cousin Heather, and their friend Lorna at The Press for the Slow Children show. Drinks were had. I tried hooking Lon up with a chick from work. He mentioned he prefers blondes more than once. I loved Slow Kids' first set as it included Corrosion of Conformity, old-school Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, old school Filter, and some Type O Negative for Christel to shake her booty to. And the girl in the bondage pants on the dance floor was totally making eyes at me. And there was a ripped navy blue girlie thong on the floor of the girl's bathroom.

Today we went to Tim's youngest nephew's 9th birthday party. We had ribs, rolls, veggies, potato salad and corn for dinner. The three-level chocolate cake was delicious. Craig always forgets my name (but at least he didn't call me Ginny this time. heh) and he was very excited about his new Harry Potter GBA game and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment as I gained 2 pounds last week when I was sick and didn't feel like keeping track of my cough drops, this week isn't looking much better, what with the tuna steak pre-Thanksgiving with the family in Madison and Craig's birthday party today in Rice. Next week looks worse with Thanskgiving in Rice, a possible day-after-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with Jody and her St Cloud friends, and another Thanksgiving feast on either Saturday or Sunday with Tim's friends.

I am not looking forward to working the next three days. I need a vacation.


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