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Aug. 4th, 2008 01:47 pm
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So, the thing that irritated me the most about Gmail now has to be my favorite thing about it.

Gmail groups your messages together by conversation. This is confusing when you are used to the normal Outlook (or other varying email client) which has each conversation item separate, but if you use the Gmail website or the Gmail client for your smart phone, it is so nice.

Case in point: we are going to Kansas City this weekend with 8 other people to tailgate for the Twins vs Royals series. So, 10 people all emailing back and forth can be an email client nightmare with all of the responses to responses. But in Gmail? No problem. All 17 emails in one string are nicely grouped together. And if someone sends a new message out with a different subject line, you can just label them with color-coded labels so that you can easily group together and see all of the emails in the total conversation at once.

How is this even better than just creating new folders in your email client? Because you can also use multiple labels on each email. I haven't found an easy way to put an email in Outlook into multiple folders. But, say, if an email has two labeled topics in it (Kansas City this weekend and Twins game last weekend), you can label it as such and still see all pertinent emails together.

I am an uncompensated endorser for Gmail. I am just currently quite happy with it.
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Holy crap cakes, Batman.

I think all of my grad school learnin' is finally sinking in. Example: I created a kanban in my laundry room.

Kanban is a signaling system to trigger action. As its name suggests, kanban historically uses cards to signal the need for an item. However, other devices such as plastic markers (kanban squares) or balls (often golf balls) or an empty part-transport trolley or floor location can also be used to trigger the movement, production, or supply of a unit in a factory. -- from the above linked article on Wikipedia

See, this spring Tim and I decided to swap chores until I go back to school in the fall. That way it gives the other one of us a good idea of what kind of work needs to be done. Tim's chore that I do this summer is the laundry.

Now, Tim wears specific work shirts that he pays a fee for out of his paycheck - they have the company's logo on them and he can get them covered in grease and not care. He only has five of them and works five days a week. If I slack off (who? me?) at all, it means he doesn't have a shirt to wear to work that day. Needless to say, I figured this out the hard way and there were at least two times that he did not have a clean shirt to wear to work.

Now, neither of us is particularly ambitious when it comes to putting our clean laundry away. (I believe I still have clothes in one basket from when there was still snow on the ground.) So, the problem came about that even if he did have a clean shirt, it was very difficult to tell.

My kanban: we have multiple laundry baskets. I will put my clothes in one and his clothes in another, with his work shirts being the only exception. For his work shirts, I will fold them and pile them on top of the dryer all by themselves. This way, he will know exactly where to find a clean work shirt and I will know exactly how many clean work shirts he has left and if I need to do another load of laundry. The official kanban signal is the pile of work shirts.

We've been successfully implementing this for the last couple of weeks and it only just hit me tonight what it was that I was doing.

Now if only I could somehow make a thesis out of this, then my stress over graduating next spring could be reduced!
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My goodness, I am in shock by the accessibility of everyone through the interwebs.

So, one of my guilty pleasures is watching pretty much every reality competition on the Bravo network: Project Runway, Shear Genius, Top Chef, and Step it Up and Dance. My favorite dancer on the latter was Nick Drago. Who apparently has an account on Facebook.

Yes, I did just send him a friend request.

I am such a nerd. Excuse me while I go all fan-girly.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 12:36 pm
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So it was just yesterday that I was going to give up on due to the fact that I'm poor and and I hardly ever get cash anyway and most hits tend to be with people who use those fancy pants stamps (not just handwritten stuff).

But then I got my first hit today!!!!

*happy dance*

It went from Sartell to Pierz - I know, not that far. But pretty damn cool.

I'm such a nerd.

Further proof that I am a big nerd is that I just injured myself playing air drums at a stop sign. There was a big cymbal crash and I slammed my thumb pretty hard on the steering wheel. It's already puffy.

Yah, that's certifiable, I think.
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holy crap. we get on a plane in an hour and a half to leave. it's quarter after nine here. we arrive in minnesota at two pm tomorrow. then back to work wednesday and school starts thursday evening. my minor panic attack is bubbling under the surface. and the whole damn airport here does not sell chewing gum! what kind of crazy shit is that? that's all i got. i did finish a book on vacation. it was my maternal grandmother's originally. called the labrynth and was published in 1944. had some very interesting views that have not changed at all from the war then and the war now. and it used the word "wonky". that made me giggle. oy i'm ready for a nap.
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So, the other day while I was on my walk around Whitney Park, I noticed this big painted concrete block building that had what looked to be old lighting fixtures and the garage door looked to be in the middle of a blocked up opening. To my untrained eye, it looked a lot like an old airplane hangar. Didn't think much more of it.

One of the perks of my new job is that I could quite possibly ride Darlene there without having to take her much faster than 40mph. Well, that is if they ever finish the road construction. So I was looking around on different street maps online to try to figure out some other way to drive Darlene to work without having to take her on Hwy 15 (60mph). Turns out there isn't, unless I want to go way out of my way. Some map sites are funny in that they show you roads that just aren't there.

See that "Sartell Bridge St"? Yeah, that isn't there. The fuzzy white line above it that corsses the river was a road bridge but is no longer safe for traffic and I think just has power and water utilities crossing it, now. Or, just north of Whitney Park it shows "Mill Creek Cir" continuing through the actual "Circle", through people's yards and connecting with County Road 1. (I WISH!)

What I did not realize was that on some street map sites (, for example) listed part of Forest Drive as "Airport Rd":

That got me thinking. So I searched a bit more and found this:
Alice Whitney portrayed by Rita Lange reminisced about the life of Alice Whitney. Born in New York in 1868 came to St. Cloud to live with her sister and to attend the St. Cloud Normal School to become a teacher. Alice Whitney married Albert Whitney October 14, 1891 in Hudson New York. Albert Whitney, owned 40 farms and in 1901 bought into the steam and heating utility plant and in 1906 Albert Whitney built the modern gas plant. Alice and Albert Whitney had three children. Alice Whitney leased 143 acres in St. Cloud and in 1935 a dedication was held in honor of the first airport in St. Cloud.

Now, the current St Cloud airport is quite a few miles southeast of us on HWY 10. But when you look at the aerial picture of the park:

that parking lot in the lower left corner of the park sure looks an awful lot like a landing strip....

OK. I'm done nerding out for now. Good night.
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I'm getting excited for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert on Saturday night at the Xcel Center. !!

When Tim still worked at Nahan, he made it past the ten year mark (and then some) and so he earned a two-night stay at one of so many hotels. He had to use it up, however, by the end of this year. So, Saturday and Sunday night we are staying at the Embassy Suites by the airport. It should be pretty sweet.

Transportation to and from the show (along with our friends) is a little tricky at the moment. I'm a huge fan of public transit (except here in St Cloud where it'll add hours to your transit time) and personally can't wait until the Northstar Rail goes all the way up to Rice (however, the website is MIA, so I'm not quite sure what to think of that!). So, I've been looking at the Metro Transit site to see what kinds of train/bus trips we could use (I haven't been on the LightRail system yet...) It looks like Route 54 is our route, as long as the show is done and we are out by 12:36am. (We'd be around stop #8). It starts at 8pm, though, so... and if we do end up staying later than that, our friends are driving and I'm sure they'd be able to drop us off...

My concern with this, though, is that Tim is not a big fan of public transport. He really disliked riding the T in Boston and having to be based off of someone else's timetables and driving. It could be related to our misfortune of trying to ride the same line as a bunch of people going to the Red Socks game. We were literally crammed in, face-to-armpit. Hopefully this won't be as bad as that. And, I did my own trip planner, and it looks like it'd be less than a 30 minute ride there with no transfers and hardly a walk (0.2 miles) from the hotel to the station. Plus, you can't beat $1.50 fares per person per trip.

I'm such a nerd. I can't tell you how much joy I've gotten just from looking at the maps and schedules and figuring out which is the best way to go.


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