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I crocheted this hat for Tim with the yarn I had left over from the scarf i made him last winter. He has declared it lucky for playing internet poker.
Sat 01/26/2008 11:38 01262008124

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I'm loving the camera on this phone and my ability to post pictures directly. Here's waikiki beach and diamond head. That mountain is just breathtaking. Water is warm too. :)
Fri 01/18/2008 11:39 01182008074

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Not the best quality pic but view from our hotel balcony. There's the ocean!
Wed 01/16/2008 20:35 01162008062

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Waiting for the bright yellow suitcase.
Wed 01/16/2008 18:24 01162008061

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First thought when the plane turned towards the island to land: we're almost home! what did that freud guy know anyway? :)
Wed 01/16/2008 18:17 01162008059

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Just landed in portland. We've got about an hour before the flight over the pacific. I came prepared. :)
Wed 01/16/2008 09:09 01162008058

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The trees just look beautiful today as all of the branches are coated with delicate white frost. Unfortunately this is due to our current air quality. There is a health warning out because we have so many particulates in the air right now. They say it is due to the lack of wind lately. I'm suprised because i assumed we had very clean air up here. It's not like we are L A or china. :(
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I've taken to looking at the puppy page lately. I really should stop that.

Yesterday I said "Fuck it!" and decided to put gas in the tank and take Darlene for a spin. (For some reason, I've been calling her Dolores in my head, recently, which is really one of my old computer towers in the closet with some old ass Red Hat installed on it) Then I took her for a drive all over town. 13 miles on her at 30 miles an hour. It was frickin' fun! It was a little muggy, but with the breeze it was OH so nice.

It was all I could really think about today at work while trying to figure out what was wrong with my unix bins. (I don't know much about unix and then it doesn't work right anyway. grr) It is Amanda's birthday today, so I took Darlene all the way across town to Waite Park and got her a gift card from Crafts Direct - because her craft corner isn't cluttered enough! It was by far the farthest (furthest?) I've ever driven her and also the fastest: there's 40 mph zones over that-a-way. And the whole trip went smoothly! Then she started right away in the parking lot, too! So I drove her down to Mexican Village (where everyone goes on their birthday for a free meal).

David, Amanda's future stepson, was there along with 2.5 yr old Kalen (I totally just spelled that wrong) who is Amanda's friend's son. I took pictures of them both on Darlene out in the parking lot.

(more pics here)


Aug. 13th, 2007 08:28 pm
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Things that are good:
  • I have just barely over 24 hours of vacation left and Lars let me take Wednesday through Friday off so tomorrow is my last day at work!
  • Pictures from the going away party last Thursday
  • Tests came back and the nodules in my thyroid are benign. AKA I don't have cancer!!!!!!!!!!
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Target fixed the oops and the last of my pictures are now all uploaded in the Venice album.
Burano Canal
Key West stole Burano's charm and just made it kitschy. ;-p
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Tim and me in Rome
I will post more singularly, but most of them (sans a Target blank CD oops) are now here: Italy Trip gallery
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Found a neat photo that made me giggle:

from [livejournal.com profile] la_guinevere's trip to Perth, Australia.

This is a pic of seagull feet on an umbrella!

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Two things that are making me smile:

from cuteoverload.com and
this post from [livejournal.com profile] uvaspina

I am about a third of the way done with Thank You cards. My hands hurt, though. I hope the pictures from Coborns turn out ok. Some photoshopping must have been done for the super-sweet slideshow DVD, but I don't think they were done to the real pictures on the photo dvd. So, hopefully that one turned out ok.

Tim took me to see the house he and Scott bought. It's definitely an oldie, but still a good one. At first I was incredibly nervous to go in there (it's 140 years old!) and I still wouldn't want to be in there alone at night, but after I figured out the original layout of the house and it became more homey in my mind's eye, I got less frightened by it.

Yes, old buildings can freak me out sometimes. I am a wuss.

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More of the professional wedding photos here.
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Pictures are here.

I have to load them onto my site and everything which will take a few days as tomorrow is Tim's 35th birthday and Sparring Rohman is playing Friday at the Press and Saturday down in St. Paul and I'm planning on helping Jody move on Saturday and then Monday is birthday lunch at Dana's house for my two nephews and Tim. GAH!

The brother came up tonight to haul away our trailer he used to move last year when he goes up to International Falls this weekend. He's excited to see the cousins again up at the cabin.

He's so funny. He was looking at our pictures and kept saying "I made that tux look good. I looked damn good." heh
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Last night I dropped off the 23 FunSaver cameras from the reception at Coborns. It'll be interesting to see if I can tell the difference between the photos of the most avid photographers that night: the 2 year old ring bearer Jack or the 9 year old nephew Craig. Neither of whom really got the concept of setting the flash. :)

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The wedding day was really golden. Read more... )

I just got finished planting some flowers around the mailbox and digging up our tulip bulbs in the back garden. Just as I was digging up my last tulip, it started to sprinkle, so I think I timed it pretty well. I'm off to the gym now, as it's been over two weeks and I feel the flab coming on!

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Amber Marie
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Just spoken by me: "Oh my gahd, that's Mandy and Shaun!"


I am currently attempting to type up the programs and print them, but am a bit stumped on the "Letter to the guests" section. So I've been clicky-ing around and somehow landed on this site. The Red picture in the middle there? That's my cousin Mandy at her wedding last August!

That is all.
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Funny Hat - cropped
Smiling Jill

The rest of the pictures can be seen here.


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