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Wednesday morning I felt just fine. about 8:15 I sat next to Kathy at work to work on documentation for installing ODBC for a new project of ours. By 9am my voice was going. By 2pm I was dragging ass.

Thursday I stayed home and slept on the couch most of the day.

Feeling guilty (I haven't even been there two months, yet), I went in to work on Friday and proceeded to gross out everyone with my juicy nose-blowing. Kathy tells me she got checked and has strep throat. After picking up some school stuff from a fellow student, Jenius (yes, that is his name. He is from Nepal), I stopped at the mini clinic in the grocery store and paid $63 to be told I don't have strep. I don't have insurance until next month, so I figure $63 really isn't that bad to know.

Today I am in the happy fun world of coughing wildly every two minutes. The good news is that this means it is nearing its end. The bad news is that I am coughing wildly every two minutes.


Tim had to work six hours yesterday and is working five hours today and he's worn out and I'm crabby because that just isn't enough time to see him.

I've been taking generic dayquil and nyquil and my brain (and balance!) are impaired. I hate the stuff and I don't even know if it is working or just making it worse. Mostly it just makes me dehydrated and fall asleep on the couch. The only thing that did help was the walk yesterday, but it was really hot and humid and really humid today and the fluffy black dog was really dragging butt yesterday when we were only half-way done.

Blech. I still have to do my homework, yet, too...
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Earlier today, I was wondering what could be sexier than a girl who has to blow her nose every 3 minutes and coughs like there's a swamp in her lungs.

Then I made cardboard pizza for dinner.

Know what's sexier?

A girl who has to blow her nose every 3 minutes and coughs like there's a swamp in her lungs while holding an ice-pack on her blistering burnt thumb.

Damn. I've done this at least three times in my life. You'd think I'd learn one day to just wear the damn oven glove instead of using those square pot-holders that always shift at the right moment.


It's hard to blow your nose one-handed.
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I am avoiding going to the gym today. My excuse is that I had a fever yesterday and i'm still coughing. Still feel a little guilty, though.

I got an entertaining email today.
Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for your pre-order of the NEXBlack Digital Audio Player/4GB
Microdrive & the FM Transmitter. We are sorry that the release date of
the product has been delayed for so long. It is now finally ready to ship
on August 25th, 2006. ...

Most people wouldn't think that very funny except that I ordered the thing at the beginning of January. Yes. After getting no response about the shipment of my mp3 player, Tim gave me one for our anniversary at the end of March.

Forgive us for not waiting eight months for a product to be shipped. To be exact, I ordered the item on January 2nd.

Holy balls.

Anyhoo, Tim was ever so generous when he gave me my current mp3 player. However, it only has 1GB - not enough to hold my current music collection -- and the one I originally ordered has 4GB.


I don't need two MP3 players. And, I'm perfectly fine with the one I have. However, I really liked the one I had ordered.

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good golly miss molly

my head aches and now I feel sick to my stomach.

That second one could be because I just ate 8 servings of gardettos in one sitting.

I am never getting married again. Ever.

The hall can only hold 160 people. And that's tight quarters.

The permit for the park is for 149 people.

The invite list now stands at 188 people. And that's after only adding two of the four people my parents called me and told me to invite tonight. And that isn't including Tim and me!

I showed them the fucking list a year ago. They agreed on crossing off some names and when I asked them if there were any others they wanted me to invite, they said "Oh don't worry. Just invite who you want to be there. It's your wedding."

Then a year goes buy. I send out the invitations. Two weeks later they decide that I need to invite more of their friends. They call me at 6:20pm - 11 hours and 20 minutes into day 5 of seven on. They want me to send them the list of people I invited. At first I'm sure they think its just so they know what people they can talk to about the wedding. But I know as soon as I send it they are going to have additions and subtractions.

Sorry! Invitations were mailed two weeks ago!

My head is pounding.

When we originally booked the hall last summer, I was thinking it was going to be too big.


And when my dad called, I told him it was kind of a stressful topic for me and then he hung up on me! He said, "Oh. OK. We'll talk about it later, then. CLICK!"

I just want people to respond so I can get some idea of what the actual numbers will be...
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I went home early today. I haven't slept well in three days and my ass was dragging... even after the giant cup o' chai and the Diet Dr Pepper I had today. I usually don't have any caffeine.

So I left early. Kevin asked if I was feeling ok. Basically he thinks I look sick. Bah. Just cuz I've had this cold for three weeks...

But, being the tired and lonely fiancee I am, I stopped at the liquor store to buy Tim some beer before I came home. He needed some love.

I am really hoping this sick thing will be gone in time for the bridal shower and also my new drivers license photo I have to take (I'll be 25 next month!!!)

O'course, the last photo I took I had a fever but I like the picture a lot. *shrug* Maybe the fever added some needed color to my otherwise pasty complexion...
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I don't know why, but I really had this song in my head and Tim's just gonna have to listen to it over and over again. Cuz.

I am so sick of being sick. One noise I could TOTALLY go for not hearing ever again is the sound of me sniffling snot wads back into my nasal passages only to cough uncontrollably to get them back out again.

Apparently I look sick, too.

I went to the pharmacy to fill my birth control prescription and when I went back up to get it, the dude confused me with some other Jill who was picking up vicadin. And the vicadin was CHEAPER! I don't know how the vicadin would help me not concieve (fuckit, I can't spell that word) but I bet I'd feel a lot better about the damn snot wads!

And the check-out lines were long and the dude putting the bags in my trunk was all mumbly and looking at me funny and I forgot the damn coupons for a movie rental and I was all around crabby and whiney and cranky and I walk in the door to a delicious home-cooked lunch of salmon, peas and cheesy potatoes. Because I'm loved.

And it's still cold out, but not cold enough to discourage the damn cat from going outside and rolling in dirt. Her whole front is BLACK with dirt and she justs sits there all proud of herself.

Oh. And I got a letter in the mail today from Social Security. Why in the hell a 24 yr old would be getting correspondance (fuckit, another word I can't spell) from Social Security is beyond me. But I found out that if I die before I'm married, Tim gets nothing. And if I die after we're married, Tim gets nothing. But if I die after we get married and we have a kid, Tim gets, like, $870 a month and so does the kid. I'm totally rethinking the vicadin, now.
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Being sick sucks.
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I'm home. I have bronchitis and conjunctivitis (pink eye). Let me tell you, there is nothing sexier than waking up to your eyes crusted shut with yellowish crusty goo.

Damn sexy.
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I despise being sick. Mostly because of what I miss out on.

Tuesday I got a fever somewhere in the middle of the day. I stayed my whole shift though and Tim was kind enough to start a big warm fire in the fireplace and watch some tv with me snuggled on the couch (I was wearing a giant sweatshirt-nightgown, pajama pants, socks, a big fluffy blanket, and my winter hat). Then he even made the guest bed up all fancy-like with clean sheets and bedding so I could sleep in a room with my own control over the thermostat. My fever broke somewhere after 2am. My cough and headaches have been with me since.

Last night Tim's friend Aaron came up just to go out with Tim and another friend from high school and they all went to the bars. This was after Tim and I surprised Gary and Terryll and Ron and Deb at their league bowling and had some hamburgers. I was a sport and went to the bowling alley for dinner but did not feel up to going out drinking in smokey bars while I sneezed and coughed my throat raw. I dropped Tim off at the Carpet and picked up some Nyquil and cough drops at the grocery store and promptly drugged myself to sleep.

Tonight we were just going to go to a couple's dinner with Gary and Terryll (again, I can stay out enough for that) but then Keith called saying we should all play poker and Tim called everybody and anybody and suddenly it's poker night at Gary's and even Aron ([livejournal.com profile] superna's hubby) came up from the cities just to play poker. I feel a little bad because we had all dressed up and it was two couples and then Aron came up in his normal poker-night clothes all by himself. I know he felt a little awkward, but he came out to dinner with us instead and I tried to make sure he didn't feel too much out of the loop. I was coughing quite a bit during the whole thing and at some point Gary or Terryll asked me why I wasn't going to come over and play poker and then said, "You don't seem sick at all to me!" when I told them I'd be bedding with Nyquil again. (Sometimes it's a little annoying how little they pay attention to others) Aron had noticed, anyway. But he's just a nice guy like that.

So I'm home and they are all having poker fun at Gary's house.

On the upside, we have a newly-assembled futon in our office/spare room that looks quite nice. (and is soft and comfy, too!) The one at [livejournal.com profile] superna's is so handy in their office that we both thought it'd be a good idea at our house, too. The pictures I ordered from [livejournal.com profile] revjim will be going up in this room, as well.

Well, good night all. I'm off to kiss my lovely NyQuil bottle again. Hopefully I'll be healthy before my parents fly up this weekend and we meet them in Madison. *fingers crossed*


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