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So, Sunday I emailed my committee members my new project proposal paper.

I had heard nothing at all in response since.

So, this afternoon, I sent my advisor an email:
Hi Dr. [advisor],
What is my next step, here? Do I need to have another proposal meeting for my project? How do you suggest I proceed?

His response:

You can send e-mail updates and send in a full report a month before you plan to hold a final conference.

Best regards

So, rather than looking a gift horse in the mouth, I am running with this answer as an OK to go! I'm probably shooting myself in the foot by not asking explicitly if it is approved, but he would tell me if it wasn't, right? Right?

(I'm working on not being so direct in my emails as I've gotten burned very badly at my past job. Who knew people hated it if my email only included the answer to their question and no fluffy stuff? But when I get stressed, like I am this week, I relapse a bit.)
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Got some shiznit done. The swag is all glued. Only burnt myself once with the glue gun (although it is creating a tiny blister). The last batch of programs are printing and Tim is folding them. Got back from seeing the movie "Inside Man" with my parents, as Tim was knocked out with Nyquil, and it was a decent show. I'm sleepy now. But in a much better mood. It's amazing what a good cry in the arms of your love can do for your outlook.
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Normally a hair appt leaves me happy and fresh and the self-esteem on the high side.

Not today.

I left the place on an ok note and went shopping at the mall for stuff. The more changing rooms I was in, the more I hated my new hair. Hated.

I was going for the brown with a coppery tone to it. This shit is purple. blech. And there's still some sections (spotty, of course) where my natural hair color show through. As in, not all dyed.

Jillith was not a happy camper. Jillith does not want to get married with purple hair. Jillith is just not that punk anymore. And Jillith definitely does not want to get married in spottily dyed purple hair.

I got home quite upset. Tim snuggled with me on the hammock and finally convinced me to call the place and ask for a fix. They wanted to fit me in tomorrow afternoon, but my bachelorette party is all day tomorrow. I insisted on a morning appointment. They finally managed to squeeze me in at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

I hate being that person. The one who isn't just happy with what they get. I mean, I'm not that picky of a person. I've gotten my hair chopped off once by a drunk girl at a party with dull scissors. I'm not kidding either. And I was happy with it!!! But I know a tear fell in that hammock when I was telling Tim that I didn't want my wedding pictures with me and badly dyed purple hair.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow. It's never fun (for me, anyways) to tell a person they fucked up and to fix it. And it's worse when you have to tell them to their face and then you and your entire wedding party is coming back the next week to the same person for your wedding hair style. Ick.

But seriously. When a person spends $120 on hair, products, and tip, the damn dye job shouldn't have missed spots. So that's the main thing. The purple hair will just have to be fixed as well.
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The porn is restored! The porn is restored!

Our cable company got bought out by the other cable company and the old cable modem from the previous company decided to kick the bucket this weekend. I bought a new one today and it is such a relief! I think I'm addicted.

In other news, I'm sure Mr. [livejournal.com profile] verucagonff would appreciate that we rented and watched Serenity this weekend and found it to be a rather good show. I didn't want to kick anyone or choke on my own tongue. The visuals were neat, the premise was intriguing, and that one dude was pretty darn yummy.

I've decided (now, this will still take some time) to stop stressing about the wedding and look forward to the fun. Like the bridal shower on Saturday. Rather than stressing about entertaining my mother for a weekend while missing Tim as he's living it up in Vegas and having to put up with a bunch of relatives, I'm looking forward to eating some food, seeing my mom, having some time alone in the house to get some stuff done (or not) and getting to open lovely presents and hang out with some of my best friends.

How long this will last is another thing, but for now, it's working. :) Plus, I found a cute outfit to wear to the shower so I'm a happy monkey.
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And.... the invites goes to 200.

And.... I have to call my grandmother with whom I find talking a very trying task

And.... I don't even have enough god damned stamps for the fucking four more invitations I have to send out tomorrow.

And my parents keep saying that they'll pay for these extra people. And that's all fine and dandy, but I still don't think they'd like it if they had to eat in the parking lot because the room is too full!

*flails arms around wildly and finishes off the bottle of wine*
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good golly miss molly

my head aches and now I feel sick to my stomach.

That second one could be because I just ate 8 servings of gardettos in one sitting.

I am never getting married again. Ever.

The hall can only hold 160 people. And that's tight quarters.

The permit for the park is for 149 people.

The invite list now stands at 188 people. And that's after only adding two of the four people my parents called me and told me to invite tonight. And that isn't including Tim and me!

I showed them the fucking list a year ago. They agreed on crossing off some names and when I asked them if there were any others they wanted me to invite, they said "Oh don't worry. Just invite who you want to be there. It's your wedding."

Then a year goes buy. I send out the invitations. Two weeks later they decide that I need to invite more of their friends. They call me at 6:20pm - 11 hours and 20 minutes into day 5 of seven on. They want me to send them the list of people I invited. At first I'm sure they think its just so they know what people they can talk to about the wedding. But I know as soon as I send it they are going to have additions and subtractions.

Sorry! Invitations were mailed two weeks ago!

My head is pounding.

When we originally booked the hall last summer, I was thinking it was going to be too big.


And when my dad called, I told him it was kind of a stressful topic for me and then he hung up on me! He said, "Oh. OK. We'll talk about it later, then. CLICK!"

I just want people to respond so I can get some idea of what the actual numbers will be...
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Giddy and worried

All at the same time.

Received the first response in the mail today!!!!

I was so excited! "Oh, who could it be? Who could it be?" I thought. And then opened it.

"Who's that?"

Tim's response: "Dear God, they're bringing the whole clan!"

One of the late additions to our guest list (courtesy of an over-zealous future sister-in-law and a procrastinating future husband) is some cousins. Having never met them, and as his family tends to be much older than my own, I assumed that when addressing the envelope to Mr. and Mrs. Cousin, that was the extent of the family. But no. The response card says "Number of persons: 8".

Tim immediately starts thinking we won't have enough room. And, well... We have a permit for 149 people at the park and invited (at initial count and not knowing family sizes) a little over 170. All of the books say to assume only 70% will show. So, if that is true, 120 people will show so that leaves plenty of room for this couple's six children.

I'm not trying to sound ungrateful or horrible! Just uninformed and unprepared for that first response card...

Now don't all of you other people start having six kids and wanting to bring them too! Unless, of course, they are unbelievably adorable and will distract from the crazy, harried lady in the big white dress. Then you can bring them.
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We registered yesterday at Marshall Field's. This was after his sisters insisted we go there. (We are also planning on registering at Target today)

Oh, goodness. I was expecting not to find much that we liked but after going through the store, I have gotten very nervous that we are listing wayyyy too many expensive things. They are all nice things, but expensive. So, if you look at that list, we did add a whole bunch of little kitchen utensils and bathroom stuff to help even it out a bit. And, Target will help too.

I couldn't believe the sale they are having this week. While we were looking at dishes we saw a big set that was on sale for $299 -- originally $1480. No shit. We both did a double take when we saw that. We didn't list it, however, as it was not dishwasher safe -- which is a necessity for our lazy asses.

One unique thing on our list was this chip and dip bowl:

We both thought it was pretty cool lookin'.

Oh, listen to that. The cat is barfing. Lovely.


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