Jan. 7th, 2008 11:02 am
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  • Not a kidney stone. Got some antibiotics and feeling better!
  • New news! I will be a bridesmaid in Gary and Terryll's wedding in June!
  • Researching rain gardens... Maplewood, Minnesota has done some neat things. I don't know yet if its feasible at our house, but it'd be nice if our laundry room didn't flood every spring!
  • Does anyone know of a good book or two on XML and .NET? New projects at work and it will need to be European compatible (being owned by a French company and all...)
  • Hey Karma, be nicer to everyone who has had babies very recently or will be having babies very soon! No more gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, liquid filled cysts and labor horror stories. I mean it!
  • Oh yeah. The lab technician (James) at the clinic on Friday just happened to be the same guy I worked with at Sears in the Electronics department who also was the president of the fraternity across the street from me at my first apartment. Talk about the world getting smaller! I still remember him dressed up as a drunken sailor for Halloween one year...
  • Busy weekends this month: company party this weekend, Hawaii next weekend (missing [ profile] princess_nicci's bridal shower), then [ profile] motogeek's poker party.

Ok, so maybe not that quick. heh.


Nov. 11th, 2006 03:51 pm
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Olivia Sky Beniek was born at 12:45 this morning. She was 8lbs 5 oz, even though she was only 39 weeks in the womb. So she's average size for a 41 week baby. She's alert and calm and happy (as long as you don't touch her sore head) and her eyes are open. Her mom and dad are doing well, also. Gary is just giddy. And such a proud daddy. Terryll looks lovely, as always. She and Olivia get to go home tomorrow.


Nov. 10th, 2006 06:47 pm
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So, did I tell you guys I put my application in for grad school last week?

Did I tell you that I got a letter in the mail last Friday saying I was missing a letter of recommendation and my GRE scores?

The letter was in the mail, but the GRE scores? Did I tell you that the application and letters of recommendation forms I sent out were from SCSU because they had received my GRE scores?

uh huh. Makes sense to me, too.

Apparently I am on a very aggressive mail list now for Duke's MEM degree. I just got a letter in the mail talking about how a certain company offers a full tuition fellowship, paid summer internship and $1500 stipend for summer relocation and living allowances to women and minorities interested in the MEM degree. Only two of them, but damn!

Tim thinks I should apply. But Duke is all the way in North Carolina. I'd miss him and the kitty cat. But, I suppose applying will only cost me a stamp and an application fee and if I get the fellowship (not likely) it'd be an opportunity I couldn't turn down.

Final event of the day: Terryll had her water broken at 9am this morning. A little after lunch Tim texted Gary to find out the status. Gary was still pacing the halls at that point and we haven't heard anything since. I guess we'll just have to wait to meet Olivia...

(I gave blood last night, too. I figure it can't hurt having a couple extra pints on hand.)

And tomorrow I have to work.
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I had a dream last night. (obvious reasons why this has to be a dream)

My mom and I were at the mall to eat chinese food (because my mom is not currently in Florida and there's a chinese restaurant in the mall.)

We saw Gary and Terryll there looking through the movie store to see what they wanted to rent. (because there's a rental place in the mall)

Mom and I went downstairs (becausen there's a downstairs at our mall) and saw Terryll shopping for clothes.

That's when she told us she's having twins.

I felt it necessary to point out all of the flaws in my dream to help reassure people that I am not psychic and Terryll is more than likely not having twins. Just thought I'd clarify.


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