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Our software is going live in Sweden in June. My bosses are flying to Australia next month for a meeting with some labs there about installing down there, too. We are just about to go live in Mexico in two weeks. Our salesman has a lead in Brazil. From the Expo two weeks ago, we have an interested potential customer from the UK.

It is all I can do to not yell "SIGN ME UP!" into the phone.

I understand that while I'd be in any of these places, I'd be working. It'd be much like our trip to Dallas where the days start at 7am and end at 10pm. I'd be exhausted every day. But the food... The views... The different air...
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This week has been an odd week and it is only Wednesday. But it doesn't feel like Wednesday. I've had the hardest time figuring out what day it is.

I think there is a conspiracy going on here. And I think that somehow Tim is involved, whether consciously or not. See, I tend to wear brown clothes as I think that color works on me. My husband is not a fan of brown clothes. I just realized this week that the two pairs of nice-ish brown slacks I have both need to be repaired as the cuff on the right leg of both of them has come undone. I find it too much of a coincidence that they both have the right cuff unsewn. *glares suspiciously at my right ankle*

Last night all of the co-workers and I went out to have a nice dinner. On my way home I got pulled over. I was in a mild panic. I went through my mind what I could have possibly done to get pulled over: speeding? no. swerving? no. seatbelt? on. blinker? used. I had had two small glasses of wine with dinner, but that was over a few hours and with lots of food and water mixed in.

Turns out my passenger headlight and license plate light were both out. The officer ended up just giving me a reminder - not even an official fix-it ticket - after checking my drivers license and insurance card and verifying my contacts were in. I believe the only words I said to him were "Yes, sir. No, sir. Sounds good. Thank you, sir. You, too." I promptly drove the remaining 4 blocks home and had a warm bubble bath. I'm bringing my car in this afternoon to have the lights replaced - I'm stressed out enough as it is without getting accosted by the authorities. (I'm exaggerating - the police officer was very polite. I hadn't noticed my lights were out, so I'm thankful he told me.)

I'm excited for [livejournal.com profile] thetim and [livejournal.com profile] princess_nicci's wedding this weekend. It should be a lot of fun. Then on Monday I'm flying down to Dallas for a few days for work. I'm not sure how that will be, but it's a new state on my list.

I need a nap.
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holy crap. we get on a plane in an hour and a half to leave. it's quarter after nine here. we arrive in minnesota at two pm tomorrow. then back to work wednesday and school starts thursday evening. my minor panic attack is bubbling under the surface. and the whole damn airport here does not sell chewing gum! what kind of crazy shit is that? that's all i got. i did finish a book on vacation. it was my maternal grandmother's originally. called the labrynth and was published in 1944. had some very interesting views that have not changed at all from the war then and the war now. and it used the word "wonky". that made me giggle. oy i'm ready for a nap.
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i've discovered that i do not have the stomach for ufc fighting. it was the battle between the two Pauls from england and one gave the other an elbow to the forehead. That two inch long gash had blood everywhere. and that's all of the fight that i saw. i stared at my greasy fried garlic bread and tried not to gag as i sipped my beer. yuck i don't know if i've ever been so ready for the beach.
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I'm loving the camera on this phone and my ability to post pictures directly. Here's waikiki beach and diamond head. That mountain is just breathtaking. Water is warm too. :)
Fri 01/18/2008 11:39 01182008074

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just had spam for breakfast. :) it's almost like we're back home in minnesota except that we don't eat spam there and it's about eighty degrees warmer here.
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Not the best quality pic but view from our hotel balcony. There's the ocean!
Wed 01/16/2008 20:35 01162008062

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Waiting for the bright yellow suitcase.
Wed 01/16/2008 18:24 01162008061

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First thought when the plane turned towards the island to land: we're almost home! what did that freud guy know anyway? :)
Wed 01/16/2008 18:17 01162008059

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Just landed in portland. We've got about an hour before the flight over the pacific. I came prepared. :)
Wed 01/16/2008 09:09 01162008058

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Leave for Hawai'i tomorrow morning! Just in time for the major cold snap we are beginning.

I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Luckily work has been busy enough to keep me occupied for most of the day. Otherwise I would just be completely unable to sit still.

Hopefully if we actually manage to leave by 5:30 tomorrow morning we won't hit rush hour too bad.




Jan. 7th, 2008 11:02 am
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  • Not a kidney stone. Got some antibiotics and feeling better!
  • New news! I will be a bridesmaid in Gary and Terryll's wedding in June!
  • Researching rain gardens... Maplewood, Minnesota has done some neat things. I don't know yet if its feasible at our house, but it'd be nice if our laundry room didn't flood every spring!
  • Does anyone know of a good book or two on XML and .NET? New projects at work and it will need to be European compatible (being owned by a French company and all...)
  • Hey Karma, be nicer to everyone who has had babies very recently or will be having babies very soon! No more gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, liquid filled cysts and labor horror stories. I mean it!
  • Oh yeah. The lab technician (James) at the clinic on Friday just happened to be the same guy I worked with at Sears in the Electronics department who also was the president of the fraternity across the street from me at my first apartment. Talk about the world getting smaller! I still remember him dressed up as a drunken sailor for Halloween one year...
  • Busy weekends this month: company party this weekend, Hawaii next weekend (missing [livejournal.com profile] princess_nicci's bridal shower), then [livejournal.com profile] motogeek's poker party.

Ok, so maybe not that quick. heh.
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After chatting with Miss Jody Mae, it sounds like I may be going here in the next year or so. *grin*

Unfortunately, it may not be in her son's best interest to go... (second to last paragraph)
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So, we went on a roadtrip to tailgate at the Brewers/Twins series in Milwaukee. the above is a video from some of our fellow tail-gaters. Heh. That is Dan dancing, with his wife sitting to his right. It must have been Friday night's game as we were behind home plate for that one.

Good times.... :)
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Target fixed the oops and the last of my pictures are now all uploaded in the Venice album.
Burano Canal
Key West stole Burano's charm and just made it kitschy. ;-p
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Tim and me in Rome
I will post more singularly, but most of them (sans a Target blank CD oops) are now here: Italy Trip gallery
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Got some FedEx fun in the mail today...
Thank you for choosing Air France Holidays for your international travel.


And... the random clapping accompanied by the huge grinning has commenced.

EEEE! Rome, Florence, Venice... And a couple of hours in the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris...


47 days left!
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Thanksgiving, we drove up to Deer River to visit my godparents (also known as my mom's step brother Randy and his wife Kay).

Interesting things of note:
- There is still a giant bald eagle's nest up above a power line near Remer on Hwy 6.

- We passed by a sign that said something like "Rich and Fay Smith" by a house. My mother's name is Faye and I proceeded to tell Tim about her story that when Hurricane Fay came through, it was so windythe "e" blew off. He snorted and said "Now I know where you get it from."

- My grandma (mom's step mom) wasn't told that we would be there, so she was happily surprised when we showed up an hour early. (I forgot how long it took to drive up there, so we left early)*

- My cousin Angie was there along with her nearly 6-month old daughter Georgia, her husband Chris (the tattoo artist), and Chris's parents and brother. Angie brought a veggie tray and deviled eggs on which I munched quite happily.

- Kay's mother turned 95 this summer and was also at the dinner. Georgia is her eightieth great grand child. Holy crap. We had a lovely conversation about car crumple zones and our lowest lake and river levels in years. Then she proceeded to inform me, with complete aplomb "If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's brown, flush it down." That's her motto for water conservation.

- After stuffing ourselves on stuffing and numerous delectable dishes, Kay took Tim and I on a 1 mile trot through the woods on the ski trail. (It's a Minnesota thing, methinks) You learn much about a person when you're a mile into the wilderness. Apparently, retirement is a scary thing when it's just a couple years away.

- The drive home was uneventful other than stopping to pick up the paper to see the ads for today.

- I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. :)

* I also forgot the exact directions to the house, and so went solely on the "follow the ski trail sign" which worked remarkably well.
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I've been putting off a lot of things lately that I shouldn't have and they're starting to bite me in the butt.

I should really call my aunt back to let her know we'd love to go to her house for Thanksgiving. The 4-ish hour drive (one-way) to her house in Deer River is a little ick-ish, but it'd be nice to see my grandma.

i should really pick up the box of contacts I have at the optomitrist's office that's been there for over a week.

I put off ordering tickets to Body World for today so they sold out and I missed getting to hang out with Ms. [livejournal.com profile] jo_mommday. (Luckily we also got an invite to [livejournal.com profile] thetim's place so we hung out with him all day instead. It was fun!)

I kept putting off repaying [livejournal.com profile] superna for the Spamalot tickets for next summer. Luckily she remembered and we evened up last night during poker.

[livejournal.com profile] viksin finally remembered the shirt she borrowed, oh, last year, and then we both forgot after she left Janna's last night. DOH!

I should really do some laundry as the pile of not clean is getting taller and the pile of clean and match-able is getting smaller.

Our kennel project is only part-way done and we haven't touched it in about a month and it is getting colder out.

Our nephew Craig will be ten on Thursday and his birthday gathering for the family is on Sunday and we don't have a gift for him yet...

And christmas cards and gifts for everyone are yet to be decided... ack!

I should go to bed, yet, too. :) Snuggle up to my wonderful husband and a purr-cat...


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