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Ahrens Wedding
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So, do we really look like swingers in this picture?

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So, [livejournal.com profile] thetim and [livejournal.com profile] princess_nicci have been kind enough to ask me to be an usher in their wedding in March. The difficulty lies in that the main color of the wedding is brown and it will be in a catholic church so I apparently have to wear sleeves of some sort. (I don't know these rules - I was baptized catholic but we went to Lutheran churches up until I went Humanist)

I think I have found a winner:

Brown is challenging as there are many shades and mixing multiple shades of it usually doesn't work. I hope this one won't clash too badly and is still classy enough to walk Nicci's elder relatives up the aisle while not making me look like a potato sack. But one doesn't want to show up the lovely bride, either.

Hopefully it will fit, also. It said it should arrive within 4 to 7 business days...

OH! I didn't even think about the what shoes I'd wear!


Jan. 7th, 2008 11:02 am
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  • Not a kidney stone. Got some antibiotics and feeling better!
  • New news! I will be a bridesmaid in Gary and Terryll's wedding in June!
  • Researching rain gardens... Maplewood, Minnesota has done some neat things. I don't know yet if its feasible at our house, but it'd be nice if our laundry room didn't flood every spring!
  • Does anyone know of a good book or two on XML and .NET? New projects at work and it will need to be European compatible (being owned by a French company and all...)
  • Hey Karma, be nicer to everyone who has had babies very recently or will be having babies very soon! No more gestational diabetes, carpal tunnel syndrome, liquid filled cysts and labor horror stories. I mean it!
  • Oh yeah. The lab technician (James) at the clinic on Friday just happened to be the same guy I worked with at Sears in the Electronics department who also was the president of the fraternity across the street from me at my first apartment. Talk about the world getting smaller! I still remember him dressed up as a drunken sailor for Halloween one year...
  • Busy weekends this month: company party this weekend, Hawaii next weekend (missing [livejournal.com profile] princess_nicci's bridal shower), then [livejournal.com profile] motogeek's poker party.

Ok, so maybe not that quick. heh.
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More of the professional wedding photos here.
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Pictures are here.

I have to load them onto my site and everything which will take a few days as tomorrow is Tim's 35th birthday and Sparring Rohman is playing Friday at the Press and Saturday down in St. Paul and I'm planning on helping Jody move on Saturday and then Monday is birthday lunch at Dana's house for my two nephews and Tim. GAH!

The brother came up tonight to haul away our trailer he used to move last year when he goes up to International Falls this weekend. He's excited to see the cousins again up at the cabin.

He's so funny. He was looking at our pictures and kept saying "I made that tux look good. I looked damn good." heh
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Last night I dropped off the 23 FunSaver cameras from the reception at Coborns. It'll be interesting to see if I can tell the difference between the photos of the most avid photographers that night: the 2 year old ring bearer Jack or the 9 year old nephew Craig. Neither of whom really got the concept of setting the flash. :)

Ruminations of being an Aunt )

The wedding day was really golden. Read more... )

I just got finished planting some flowers around the mailbox and digging up our tulip bulbs in the back garden. Just as I was digging up my last tulip, it started to sprinkle, so I think I timed it pretty well. I'm off to the gym now, as it's been over two weeks and I feel the flab coming on!

footnote )
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There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And it burns.

My ass, actually.

Note to self: when snorkling in the ocean in Jamaica on your honeymoon, cover all skin that will be exposed to the sun. Don't just wear that nifty SPF shirt you bought in Hawaii. Also consider the three inches of butt cheek floating above the water that is not covered by swim suit.

Not that I'm speaking form experience or anything.

Yes, we spent most of the week in our hotel room. Unfortunately it was due to really bad sun burns.

In other news, I am now Mrs. [livejournal.com profile] theeothertim. The weather was beautiful and we were surrounded by millions of flying river bugs that do not bite but do tickle when they land on your skin. It was truly a golden day and I can hardly wait for the pictures!!!!

My good friend (and bridesmaid) Karen had her husband record the whole ceremony on DVD for us. Does anyone know of a easy way to capture stills from it?
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Got some shiznit done. The swag is all glued. Only burnt myself once with the glue gun (although it is creating a tiny blister). The last batch of programs are printing and Tim is folding them. Got back from seeing the movie "Inside Man" with my parents, as Tim was knocked out with Nyquil, and it was a decent show. I'm sleepy now. But in a much better mood. It's amazing what a good cry in the arms of your love can do for your outlook.
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My ring finger feels funny.

It's odd how when you first get a piece of jewelry that you are almost required to wear daily but are used to wearing no jewelry that your finger feels funny.

And it's odd how, almost a year and a half later, when you are not wearing said piece of jewelry, your finger feels funny.

I don't wear the thing to the gym. I don't wear it in the shower or when I go swimming. And it doesn't feel funny then. But it feels funny now.

I dropped it off at the jeweler's to get it (and the wedding band) sized and soltered. Hopefully it will be ready by Thursday like they said.


Oh. And I also just reserved the Lake George suite at the Victorian Oaks Bed and Breakfast in St. Cloud for the night before the wedding night. That balcony up front there? That's part of my room. :) And I got it for HALF PRICE because I mentioned the pamphlet I found at Serendipity which had a coupon for 20% off or so, but Mr. Louis Foote said I could get it for half price because it's available.

woot! I think it will be so neat to get ready for my wedding day in one of the most amazing houses in St. Cloud. *grin*
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Oh, and something to SQUEE about:
From Accuweather.com:
Friday, May 5
Saint Cloud, MN Weather A morning shower possible High: 66° F Low: 46° F
Saturday, May 6
Saint Cloud, MN Weather Sun and some clouds High: 70° F Low: 49° F

From Weather.com:
May 5
Partly Cloudy
61°/40° 20%

May 6
Partly Cloudy
64°/46° 0%

Either way, pretty decent weather to have an outdoor wedding in, I must say!

For Montego Bay, Jamaica:
From Accuweather.com:
Sunday, May 7
Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Humid with partial sunshine High: 86° F Low: 76° F
Monday, May 8
Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Humid with partial sunshine High: 87° F Low: 77° F
Tuesday, May 9
Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Partly sunny and humid High: 86° F Low: 76° F
Wednesday, May 10
Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Humid with sun and clouds High: 87° F Low: 76° F
Thursday, May 11
Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Partly sunny; humid High: 86° F Low: 76° F
Friday, May 12
Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Humid with clouds and sun High: 88° F Low: 76° F
Saturday, May 13
Montego Bay, Jamaica Weather Partly sunny; humid High: 85° F Low: 70° F
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Bachellorette party was yesterday. It was fun.

First I had to have a sobbing reunion with the hair stylist and now my hair is no longer purple. Yay.

Then, the glorious Miss Jody Mae picked me up and we had some tasty soup and fancy tea with steamed milk (I believe they called her fancy tea Xocatlatl) at Serendipity. We did not see the ghost, but we also stayed downstairs. We chatted about busy life, crappy dad's who don't pay child support and give her many many health insurance issues, and how she generally needed a vacation a year ago and it still hasn't happened yet. And, of course, how she needs a conjugal visit by either The Rock or a close look-a-like.

Next, we stopped at the DayLily Spa for many hours of pampering, champagne drinking and peanutbutter cookie chomping, gossiping, laughing, debating, and general good girly fun. All of the bridesmaids were there and it's just darn fun to hang out with them.

A side note: I smudged my nail polish less than twenty minutes out of the door there and I think the massage chair gave me a bruise!

Dinner at Ciatti's was good. The Salmon Orriechette was ordered by Dana and myself and we all agreed it needed something in the sauce. A little too flavorless. We were joined by Kelly, Amanda, and Ms. [livejournal.com profile] superna and had some good fun conversing as well. Karen, one of the bridesmiads, had to leave after that step as she's had strep throat for a month and anti-biotics and alcohol don't mix. Amanda also is on the anti-biotics, so she was kind enough to be our sober cab.

We trudged through the rain across the parking lot to the martini bar, where I was handed my bouquet of "suck for a buck" lolipops and garbed out in various dollar accessories from Target. (Including a blinking red lips pin which Karen surreptitiously helped me attach to my butt. I'd had a few drinks by then and was thoroughly amused! Wore it all night and I think Tim is planning on wearing it tonight on his crotch during his bachelor party. We be classy here in the Cloud.)

At the martini bar, I stumbled across a bachelor party and was propositioned by a groom-to-be to sit on his lap and suck cake frosting off his fingers in exchange for the lolipop. He, sadly, was turned down by a creeped out Jill. I was only slightly less creeped out when attempting to rid a loli on two older gentlemen, one of whom proclaimed he was getting divorced in two months and insisted I tell him why the hell I'd want to get married in the first place and what does this guy do for you anyway? Katie met up with us there and Dana had to take off -- she has my future nephew, the 17-yr-old, home alone that night and was eager to get back.

Our next stop was DB Searles across the street. I sold off the remaining suckers and also got a free shot and a few free drinks to boot. At one point while squeezing through the crowd, a man, upon seeing my outfit and big veil, wished me a happy birthday. We had a bit of a giggle over that. We rocked out to Kelly's high school alum and his band for quite a while, but the room was incredibly hot and we were quickly running out of layers to remove and still keep our modesty, so we headed off for The Press.

Kelly's fiance Dewey had picked Tim up and brought him to The Press, to be met by Katie's fiance, and an usher, Scott, and Cyndy's husband Dennis. We also ran into a recently promoted co-worker who has an unenlightened view of women. Thankfully, I did not have to hear first-hand his account on whose boobs are what classification in his puny little brain. Tim bought me a shot to take in my nifty plastic shot ring and additional dancing ensued. The party was winding down, as most of us had mates present.

All in all, the party was great. I got to hang out with some of my best friends, eat good food, drink good drinks, I was hugged and congratulated by many a stranger and escorted to the "little girls room" by an amicably amused white-haired man. I'm not overly hung over, and I came home to a beautifully cleaned house. My man loves me. :) So much so that he was vehemently requesting that if he called me tonight during his bachelor party, that I would come join them.

It's rainy and cold outside now, so I think I'll make myself some tea and curl up on the futon to crochet a bit more. Perhaps the cat will be good enough to sit on my lap a bit. :)
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Normally a hair appt leaves me happy and fresh and the self-esteem on the high side.

Not today.

I left the place on an ok note and went shopping at the mall for stuff. The more changing rooms I was in, the more I hated my new hair. Hated.

I was going for the brown with a coppery tone to it. This shit is purple. blech. And there's still some sections (spotty, of course) where my natural hair color show through. As in, not all dyed.

Jillith was not a happy camper. Jillith does not want to get married with purple hair. Jillith is just not that punk anymore. And Jillith definitely does not want to get married in spottily dyed purple hair.

I got home quite upset. Tim snuggled with me on the hammock and finally convinced me to call the place and ask for a fix. They wanted to fit me in tomorrow afternoon, but my bachelorette party is all day tomorrow. I insisted on a morning appointment. They finally managed to squeeze me in at 10:30 tomorrow morning.

I hate being that person. The one who isn't just happy with what they get. I mean, I'm not that picky of a person. I've gotten my hair chopped off once by a drunk girl at a party with dull scissors. I'm not kidding either. And I was happy with it!!! But I know a tear fell in that hammock when I was telling Tim that I didn't want my wedding pictures with me and badly dyed purple hair.

I am not looking forward to tomorrow. It's never fun (for me, anyways) to tell a person they fucked up and to fix it. And it's worse when you have to tell them to their face and then you and your entire wedding party is coming back the next week to the same person for your wedding hair style. Ick.

But seriously. When a person spends $120 on hair, products, and tip, the damn dye job shouldn't have missed spots. So that's the main thing. The purple hair will just have to be fixed as well.
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Last night I was cheered up quite a bit by getting to just hang out with Tim. We had some Spciy Thai Pepper Chicken at the Asian House, went to "Thank You For Smoking", and finished some grocery shopping. I really enjoy his company and my crabby mood was completely gone even as we ordered the food.

I am exhausted right now and have little desire to complete the projects left for the wedding. Or much else, really. I broke down and played solitaire for the first time in many days. Now, off to bed. And it's not even 10 yet. But nice warm bed is a very appealing idea right now.

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Funny Hat - cropped
Smiling Jill

The rest of the pictures can be seen here.


Apr. 3rd, 2006 12:46 pm
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Tim in Vegas )

Mom's travels )

Shower scares )

Sunday adventures )

And then we had some Pho. :)

Shower decorations )

Saturday night )

Math problems and crazy seamstresses )

Then we had BLT sandwiches at Benton Station. Mom thinks it will be a great place to bring Dad for lunch when they come up in May.

I also amused my mother this morning with this video.

Her friend Gail gave her a book that had us both cackling on the couch.

And now I think I will reserve hairdresser appointments for the big day and take a lovely nap on the couch.
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The porn is restored! The porn is restored!

Our cable company got bought out by the other cable company and the old cable modem from the previous company decided to kick the bucket this weekend. I bought a new one today and it is such a relief! I think I'm addicted.

In other news, I'm sure Mr. [livejournal.com profile] verucagonff would appreciate that we rented and watched Serenity this weekend and found it to be a rather good show. I didn't want to kick anyone or choke on my own tongue. The visuals were neat, the premise was intriguing, and that one dude was pretty darn yummy.

I've decided (now, this will still take some time) to stop stressing about the wedding and look forward to the fun. Like the bridal shower on Saturday. Rather than stressing about entertaining my mother for a weekend while missing Tim as he's living it up in Vegas and having to put up with a bunch of relatives, I'm looking forward to eating some food, seeing my mom, having some time alone in the house to get some stuff done (or not) and getting to open lovely presents and hang out with some of my best friends.

How long this will last is another thing, but for now, it's working. :) Plus, I found a cute outfit to wear to the shower so I'm a happy monkey.
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And.... the invites goes to 200.

And.... I have to call my grandmother with whom I find talking a very trying task

And.... I don't even have enough god damned stamps for the fucking four more invitations I have to send out tomorrow.

And my parents keep saying that they'll pay for these extra people. And that's all fine and dandy, but I still don't think they'd like it if they had to eat in the parking lot because the room is too full!

*flails arms around wildly and finishes off the bottle of wine*
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good golly miss molly

my head aches and now I feel sick to my stomach.

That second one could be because I just ate 8 servings of gardettos in one sitting.

I am never getting married again. Ever.

The hall can only hold 160 people. And that's tight quarters.

The permit for the park is for 149 people.

The invite list now stands at 188 people. And that's after only adding two of the four people my parents called me and told me to invite tonight. And that isn't including Tim and me!

I showed them the fucking list a year ago. They agreed on crossing off some names and when I asked them if there were any others they wanted me to invite, they said "Oh don't worry. Just invite who you want to be there. It's your wedding."

Then a year goes buy. I send out the invitations. Two weeks later they decide that I need to invite more of their friends. They call me at 6:20pm - 11 hours and 20 minutes into day 5 of seven on. They want me to send them the list of people I invited. At first I'm sure they think its just so they know what people they can talk to about the wedding. But I know as soon as I send it they are going to have additions and subtractions.

Sorry! Invitations were mailed two weeks ago!

My head is pounding.

When we originally booked the hall last summer, I was thinking it was going to be too big.


And when my dad called, I told him it was kind of a stressful topic for me and then he hung up on me! He said, "Oh. OK. We'll talk about it later, then. CLICK!"

I just want people to respond so I can get some idea of what the actual numbers will be...
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Giddy and worried

All at the same time.

Received the first response in the mail today!!!!

I was so excited! "Oh, who could it be? Who could it be?" I thought. And then opened it.

"Who's that?"

Tim's response: "Dear God, they're bringing the whole clan!"

One of the late additions to our guest list (courtesy of an over-zealous future sister-in-law and a procrastinating future husband) is some cousins. Having never met them, and as his family tends to be much older than my own, I assumed that when addressing the envelope to Mr. and Mrs. Cousin, that was the extent of the family. But no. The response card says "Number of persons: 8".

Tim immediately starts thinking we won't have enough room. And, well... We have a permit for 149 people at the park and invited (at initial count and not knowing family sizes) a little over 170. All of the books say to assume only 70% will show. So, if that is true, 120 people will show so that leaves plenty of room for this couple's six children.

I'm not trying to sound ungrateful or horrible! Just uninformed and unprepared for that first response card...

Now don't all of you other people start having six kids and wanting to bring them too! Unless, of course, they are unbelievably adorable and will distract from the crazy, harried lady in the big white dress. Then you can bring them.


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