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I am trying to eat a little better, in smaller meals more often.

This is tough, however, on days like today where the company ordered in food for everybody because we have potential customers visiting. So, there's a rumbley in my tumbley right now and lunch isn't here yet and the potential customers are in the break room/large conference room blocking my access to snacks and coffee.


I didn't plan very well this morning by bringing in any snacks, but in my defense, I was distracted because we also had to dress nicer today due to said potential customer visit and had to focus more on appearance than anything else this morning.

Mornings are tough for me. I tend to wander around in a confused state of mind trying to piece myself together for the day. The requirements list has to be minimal at such early hours. I even forgot my sunglasses which I had in my hands 15 seconds before I walked out the door.

In states like this, I'm reminded of a particular scene from a Doctor Who episode where this alien took over the TVs and kept saying "Hungry!" before sucking the face off of it's viewers/victims.

Update: Lunch has been served and I've sufficiently stuffed myself with brownies. yum!
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It is day 2 of my diet relaunch.

I believe the photos from our User Group meeting last week were the big kicker.

So, it is day 2 and I am hungry and I just ate. :( The cat and I have something in common: we both lick the black plastic bowl thingie for those SmartOnes dinners clean. What I don't get, she'll lick and lick and lick until the thing is stuck under my desk and she can't quite reach it anymore.

Dad made a drive-by visiting this week. He arrived around 6pm on Tuesday and left around 5:30 am on Wednesday. He had just finished his "gut bomb" at Burger King (his terminology) before he got back to my house and so was too full to have any of the brownies I made especially for his birthday.

I'm not sore about it, really, except that we don't usually have brownies or many other types of refined sugar in our house. Otherwise I will eat it all. So now I am stuck with a pan of brownies (of which I've probably ate 1/4 already). Stupid brownies. Stupid, fattening, delicious brownies with chocolate frosting. I told Tim to bring them to work, but I think he forgot and then gave the excuse that he wants to eat them. He better eat the whole damn thing, that skinny bastard. Mom is arriving tomorrow evening, so she better help, too.

I think she yelled at my dad because Wednesday night he called me and apologized for not eating any of the brownies. heh

I have to somehow convince myself to do my homework tonight so I don't have to work on it when Mom is here. This will be a very difficult task as I have started a new crochet project and am a touch excited about it. Plus, I'm a big lazy ass.

My cubicle at work has a view of the Mississippi river out the big wall of windows. So we had a nice view of the crazy tornado storm that passed through yesterday afternoon. All the different offices in the building emptied to the corridor outside ours by the brick stairwell and we watched as the sky went from gray to black to yellow to blue to white. No damage to our building or my house. Trees are uprooted all over the place, though. Our yard just has extra downed branches and that's about it.

I think my best argument for not putting off doing my homework is that by doing my homework, I have a good excuse to continue to put off putting the laundry away. Welcome to my brain.

update: I have the exercises completed but now I have to read two case studies and report on them. Ugh. I am not interested by case studies. They always ask stupid questions at the end that are just odd. Maybe I'll do those tomorrow morning....
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We're taking the plunge again. Together, this time, so maybe it'll stick?

We're going to try the Weight Watchers Core diet plan. When I lost 20 pounds for the wedding, I used the Weight Watchers FlexPoints plan and it worked pretty well. But I think the problem happened that I still ate the bad things (although to a much lesser degree) and had to have a strict routine in order to follow the plan. It wasn't so motivating after I was married, however.

With the Core plan, you ween yourself off of the bad stuff by eating mostly good stuff.


I suppose we'll find out. I filled the fridge full of yummy fruits and veggies that we both like along with low-point meats and then used a permanent marker to write the points values on every other food item we have in the house.

Plus, last week I went for two run/jog/walk outings around Whitney park and felt quite good about it. Hopefully more of that will occur this week as well. My knees feel a little wonky but nothing too painful or uncomfortable yet.

Here's hoping!
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WeightLoss 2005-2006

I made my goal this week at Weight Watchers: 142 pounds. I just have to maintain that for the next 6 weeks and then I don't have to pay anymore!

I have averaged 1 pound a week: approximately 21 pounds in 21 weeks. I think that's pretty good. I've gone from a BMI of 26 (25 - 30 is overweight) to a BMI of 23 (20-25 is healthy). I'm pretty proud of myself.

Now, this weekend, endless supply of pizza, beer, and other bad-for-you goodies will be had at [livejournal.com profile] superna's house.
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Yesterday was my 20th week at Weight Watchers. As of yesterday at 3:40pm, I have lost 20.2 pounds.

boo ya!
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Weighed in today. I only gained 1.2 pounds after all of the key lime bars, pumpkin bars, brownies with M&Ms on top, Trisha's German chocolate Cheese Cake, the freshly squeezed fruit juice from Mom's trees, the Cheeto chowing (I only eat the stuff at the parents' house), the parking on the couch in front of the tv for hours, the airplane food, the Val's bacon cheeseburger with fries, the disappointingly bland Burger King Whopper Jr and limp onion rings, the buttery grilled catfish and lemon egg Greek soup, the chinese buffet at Kwanda, the slice of pizza I stole from Tim yesterday, the beer, the three meat (steak, shrimp and mahi-mahi) Christmas Eve dinner that Mom cooked and served before we went to Trisha's to have more food, and the family size bag of Twizzlers I've been eating all day yesterday and today.

Woo hoo!

I think I shall celebrate with a caffeine-free Diet Dr. Pepper...
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Off to Florida we go, we go. Off to Florida we go!

Desk-top printers are stupid. Always trying to eat ALL of the paper instead of just one sheet at a time.

I weighed in yesterday. I've surpassed my 10% goal (16 pounds)and have now lost over 18 pounds. Some of my skinnier pants (which were fat pants at the time I purchased them) fit again. Woo hoo! Just 9 more pounds to go.

Tim keeps questioning me about things related to his Christmas present. And then he gets mad at me for not telling him (because he doesn't know its related to his Christmas present) and then I feel tricked when I have to divulge that it IS related to his Christmas present! The vicious cycle!

The kitty cat is all cute curled up on the fuzzy blue blanket and the SpongeBob pillow. Too bad it's in front of the closet with my suitcase in it. I don't really need to bring clothes to my parents' house in Florida. It's not as important as cute purry, squinty-eyed, squooshy-faced History cat.

We received our new Tempur-Pedic bed yesterday. It's definitely a firm mattress as both Tim and I are a little stiff this morning, but it's supposed to get a little softer with time as the visco-elastic cells open up. Man, I hope so.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Nov. 30th, 2005 09:35 am
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I got all of my prints I wanted into my album and decided to try scanning in my slides.

Unfortunately, Tim's scanner doesn't scan slides for crap.

In other news, I went in to work yesterday for 6 hours. It was a pleasant experience. My phone hardly rung (and when it did, it wasn't always for me) and I was left alone for the most part. I had a pleasant day at work for once. :)

And then I came home to a Christmas tree put up and glowing. Tim was just putting on the finishing touches as I walked in the door.

I also picked up the enlargement I had done for the Elk River Area Arts Alliance Arts in Harmony contest. I'm entering this one:

Mississippi Scene

I'm a little wary about going to weigh in tonight as I haven't been a good little diet monkey this week. But, I figure if I exercise a bit today and behave for the most part, I can't feel too bad about it.

What should I do about these slides, though? hmmmm I think I'll just have them made into prints (which I want to do anyway) and then scan the prints in instead...
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It sure has rained a lot today. As Tim said, "If it was cold, we'd have snow up to our asses." It's still a heavy mist right about now, as well.

We decided to tredge on over to the Y as they have cheapy gym memberships that include classes and the pools/hot tub/sauna. Plus we supposedly have a discount through work. (the girls behind the counter kept saying "we're cancelling corporate discounts January 1st" and we kept saying, "That's fine. We still want our discount and waived $50 joiners fee now.") It'll end up being a $48 couple's fee per month (and they are kind enough to state below their definition of a couple - two adults living together who define themselves as a couple) and then our new health insurance at work will be giving us a $20 per person per month gym refund if each person goes to the gym at least 8 times that month. Who WOULDN'T go take a nice hot tub and treadmill run twice a week for only $4 a month for each of ya?!?

Plus the place is just right across the Tech college's parking lot from us. Talk about convenience!

A note to anyone about to get married in the near future that lives in or around Saint Cloud/Minneapolis: Ask for the free toss bouquet from your florist. seriously. Stems and Vines is a popular area florist and they send out postcards to any attendees to whatever bridal show there was for a free toss bouquet and consultation. I asked a competing florist (St. Cloud Floral) if they would match that deal and they agreed. And I even forgot the postcard today when we went to Stems and Vines and they wrote down "complimentary" next to the toss bouquet just the same.
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Having one of those odd days where I don't know what time or day it is. Tim and I both feel like it's at least 9 or 10pm when in reality it's hardly past 6.

I really hated work this week. I had to get the fuck out of there.

I had an interesting visit with my cousin Diane in Sartell. She gave me my grandfather's Bronze Star, letter of Commendation, and one of his dog tags to deliver to my mom this weekend. She also called her grandmother "a shit". But Tim became her son Aidan's new best friend.

Friday we hadn't even gotten out of the city limits before my car's "Check Engine" light went on. I was not about to continue on a 700 mile road trip through the uninhabited desolation that can be I-94 through Wisconsin when my car is questionable. $200 later, my O2 sensor is replaced and my tires are rotated. Tim, who hates driving long distances and can fall asleep just driving home from work, was a doll and drove all the way to Madison, all around Madison, and all the way home from Madison. Sometimes our topics of conversation were, shall I say, "improper", but it kept him awake and me amused.

If you had a pet pygmy goat, what would you name it? Tim suggested "Bucky". I forget what my ideas were...

The parents had been drinking free beer at the Holiday Inn Express in the hot tub with my brother for a few hours by the time we got in Madison. My mother hates her job as well. She jokingly said that every morning she and my dad debate going to work at all, but my brother's tuition bill keeps 'em plugging away, for now, at least.

I think driving in Florida, having a couple free beers, and just being crazy and borderline senile assisted us in our maneuvering through the maze that is Madison, Wisconsin. There are two big lakes in the city with a large capitol building in the small narrow strip of land between. It makes for some creative navigating at times. At one point, we followed my dad going from a parking lot, over the sidewalk and curb back onto the road on our way to dinner.

We went to a SCSU Husky hockey game last night versus the NDSU Fighting Sioux. The Sioux won 3 to 2. The second period was the best and we were in row four on the corner of the rink in the sweet seats Tim "won" in our company's silent auction.

We then met [livejournal.com profile] superna, [livejournal.com profile] viksin, Christel's cousin Heather, and their friend Lorna at The Press for the Slow Children show. Drinks were had. I tried hooking Lon up with a chick from work. He mentioned he prefers blondes more than once. I loved Slow Kids' first set as it included Corrosion of Conformity, old-school Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, old school Filter, and some Type O Negative for Christel to shake her booty to. And the girl in the bondage pants on the dance floor was totally making eyes at me. And there was a ripped navy blue girlie thong on the floor of the girl's bathroom.

Today we went to Tim's youngest nephew's 9th birthday party. We had ribs, rolls, veggies, potato salad and corn for dinner. The three-level chocolate cake was delicious. Craig always forgets my name (but at least he didn't call me Ginny this time. heh) and he was very excited about his new Harry Potter GBA game and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment as I gained 2 pounds last week when I was sick and didn't feel like keeping track of my cough drops, this week isn't looking much better, what with the tuna steak pre-Thanksgiving with the family in Madison and Craig's birthday party today in Rice. Next week looks worse with Thanskgiving in Rice, a possible day-after-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with Jody and her St Cloud friends, and another Thanksgiving feast on either Saturday or Sunday with Tim's friends.

I am not looking forward to working the next three days. I need a vacation.
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12.4 POUNDS!

I was aiming for 10 pounds and worked out twice this week (and was sick on Tuesday so didn't eat 3 of my 22 points that day) and lost 4.4 pounds instead!

*does a happy dance*
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Weighed in today.

I've lost 8 pounds. (total, not just in the past week)


That is about 5% of my body weight from when I started Weight Watchers. I'm pumped. The whole meeting I was doing a sing-song in my head chanting over and over again "I've lost 8 pounds - woo! I've lost 8 pounds!"


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