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Ok. When I tell a customer that I will be coming in early so as when I copy over their database, no one will be using it, it would be good if said customer would not then log in three times and restart the process that I just killed.
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So, I found my first white hair today. That was a pleasant way to start the morning.

I'm stuck in a rut with the "idonwannas". Idonwanna work on this one support call anymore today because the guy I'd have to ask for the third time on this same issue has been acting a bit touchy towards me lately (hmm, I wonder why when I have to ask him so many questions on the same stuff all the time.....) and it is really becoming a pain in my ass. I don't like leaving things uncompleted but there is no way to make this work correctly. geh

I also am feeling a little (read: a lot) stressed about my workload for the semester and also planning things for the culminating project. I want checklists and format requirements and there aren't any. And I just want to bang my head on the desk. Idonwanna ask questions. I want all of my answers easily findable in detailed checklists on the internet. Is that too much to ask?

And I'm fucking pissed at Microsoft. WTF with the new Office 2007 and it's stupid new extensions that aren't immediately usable in any older version of Office?! And Open Office hasn't yet released the version that's due this month that can open that shit. Of course the university had to install Office 2007 on all of its computers and of course its default is to save it in the unusable format so that I have to dick around on the internet trying to find some stupid program that will allow me to even VIEW the fucking things when I could be getting my fucking homework done. So last night, instead of analyzing Steinway Piano's production processes and measures of quality compared to other companies today for my Operations Management group project that's due on Thursday, I was busy searching and downloading for stupid extension adapting programs (finding none), then looking for view programs so that I'd at least be able to see what I would then need to recreate manually. I ended up giving up at 9pm and emailed my group members to let them know I'd just work on it today. I'm sorry if I don't have $400 to drop on an over-bloated suite of programs just to be able to do the same things that it's 10-yr old versions can do just as well, if not better.

Fuck. I just want to kick shit but I feel too fucking useless and impotent to get anything done. I feel like I'm wading through chest-deep mud and it's such a fucking effort to move even a little and then I see how much further I have to go and I don't feel like I've gotten anywhere.
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Today is so damn busy. It's brain overload. None of these support questions are easy, either! Brain hurts. ehn.

I could totally use a beer later tonight. Or, right now even. ONE HOUR LEFT.
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Bills suck.

Especially when they happen all at once in the mail.

And uber especially when you just spent way too much money on shit this weekend.

And extra uber especially when your department head gets a wild hair up his ass and decides that everyone in your department who has been wearing jeans since its inception over ten years ago now have to wear "business casual" clothes. pbbt. I am not looking forward to spending hundreds of dollars on a whole new frickin' wardrobe when we don't even ever see the customers! We're in a frickin locked room people! Half of our department's employees work 7pm to 7am. Why would they need to dress up even?!?

And then, they are really fun when one of the bills is from the clinic and it comes right next to the envelope that has your next clinic appointment schedule.

Bah. I'm mostly just crabby because I was stupid (along with quite a few other Minnesotans this weekend it seems) and got sun burnt this weekend.

Purple and white boobs are hot, dammit.

Don't even get me started on how soon I'll have to pay for my classes...
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Two people died this week.

Well, lots more than two people died this week, but two people that I know of died this week.

The man who understood how I thought died yesterday. As soon as I saw the headline, my heart just sunk. His words just make sense and I can easily see how he gets from point A to point B. His heroes are weak and messed up fuck-ups whose breath may smell like mustard and roses. They are not grand by any stretch (or if they were, they forget it soon enough). They were real. I think my favorite image he ever painted was the one of the tralfamadorians and how they see the sky: like strands of spaghetti. They could see time from beginning to end, so the "spaghetti" is really the paths of the stars as time went by. It also helped explain death: a person may not be in such a good form right now, but look at the rest of the spaghetti line... they were in much better form at so many other spots in their life.

A pressman at my company shot himself on Sunday night. I did not know him, but would have been able to pick him out in a crowd. Jenny, a girl in CS who I adore, is/was his ex-girlfriend and he is/was the father of her 2-yr old son. When she heard the news, she was devastated. They had been broken up for quite a long time, but her first thoughts were that she was a terrible mother. She wasn't able to save her son's daddy.

I'm not sure what to think, but I imagine Mr. Vonnegut would say "So it goes."
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I don't know what that karma is smokin', but it has gotta be some good stuff.

So today I'm all tired and crabby. I still can't run the effin NCOA to save my life. I figure for sure it is the memory that is overloaded as it isn't every day we try to run it on 5 million names. But even after I trim it down to just 280k, it still freezes. What's worse is that after that job is run, I have another 700,000 names I also have to run an NCOA on. And that job was due today. I finally put in a work order with the software company this morning because I've run out of options.

Do you know what the problem was?

Apparently, recently the USPS decided to add the nickname "Zeke" to their nickname table to help make matches on people who have moved. And now, whenever there is a record with the first name of "Zeke", our program freezes and doesn't know what to do. There were 14 Zeke records in our 5 million name file. And at least 1 in the 700k file. How fucking obscure is that shit?

So, anyway, our software company has a fix that is in the new release that hasn't been released yet. They try to send me the specific bug fix program. All day long, I wasn't getting any emails from them and we couldn't figure it out, no matter what the IT team thought of. We renamed the thing, sent it to different emails, everything. At 1:45 I was ready to start stabbing anyone who even tried to talk to me. It wasn't until about 2pm we finally FTPed the file over. It fixed the issue. However, I was still unable to get the job out that was due today. But really, how bullshit of an issue is "the program doesn't like the first name of Zeke"?

I was totally having a terrible day and didn't want to think about the gigantic projects that are all coming in right now and I am one of the few people who knows how to work on them and I'm fried from working mandatory overtime and my house is a mess and I didn't have any ideas for xmas gifts for the parents and they're coming tomorrow!

And then around 3pm I get a phone call from one of the Nahans. They have a bunch of season tickets to the SCSU basketball and hockey games and give 'em to people if they can't make it. I just got four tickets to Friday night's Husky hockey game. My mom loves hockey. My dad likes hockey. I like hockey. My parents will be here on Friday. I think I almost had a coronary just from the highs and lows of that past hour.

This morning I had texted Tim about how I was so stressed out and didn't want to think about anything. I come home tonight to a clean living room, the christmas tree is lit, the fireplace is ready to be lit, and the presents I got for my dad in April that I couldn't find were sitting on my desk chair. Seriously. I just can't believe how thoughtful he is sometimes. How did I get so fucking lucky?

Anyhoo... yeah. Fuckin' karma, man.
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Texts from Tim

  • 10/19/06 15:08 Kitty just burrowed under a blanket next to me. Just the tip of her tail is showing. heh.

  • 10/19/06 11:14 I was going to best buy to get stargate but they were not open yet. Got shoes at shopko and they had stargate too. Got a fire and a kitty so I'm all set :-)

  • 10/19/06 09:36 Wow. You know the guy in dazed and confused who gets in the fight at the outdoor party? Well I just met his red headed twin. Same voice too.

  • 10/18/06 17:17 I couldn't find a happy medium when I was sleeping so I went with cold. Now I am sitting in kittys spot in the bathroom. She wanted out so is open.

I think that last one he sent me yesterday is my favorite. I laughed out loud when I read it. The cat sits in front of the heat vent in the floor of the bathroom whenever the furnace kicks in. She poses herself so as to absorb as much of the heat as possible. This spot's only competition is in front of the patio door, nose pressed to the glass, waiting to go outside.


(I work too much if the most conversations I get from my husband in a day consist of text messages)
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I hate it when I feel like I'm not good at anything. I am so sick of trying all the time. bah.
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I am on my 9-on. Yes, 9. Three days of training this week (Tues-Thur) and then I get to finish off the next 6 days for my usual 7 on. hurrah.

But, the trainer dude is a dreamy French Canadien named Yves. Really, quite dreamy. He even says "pro-ject" like my dad does in Canada. I tried to chat with him yesterday and asked if he was based in Boston (which is where the training was last year) and he said, no. Montreal. So I asked, "Oh, so how are the Canadiens doing this year?" He looked confused and said they had just had an election on Monday. Sadly, I was talking about the hockey team and did not realize that they had just elected a Canadian vesion of George W.

Anyhoo, the training is down near Rosedale Mall, which takes over an hour for us to drive there. It would take me about 90 minutes to drive there, but Arin is a crazy man and gets us there in just over an hour.

It is located in this office building that many companies are in and we have to walk through one companies front office area in order to use the restrooms. Well, Arin drinks a lot of green tea and Eric chugs about three caffeinated, carbonated beverages in just the morning session of the training, so I was outside the restroom doors waiting yesterday. And noticed a door between them with a label saying "Phone Booth".

Being the nosy person that I am, I tend to open doors with out-of-the-ordinary labels on them just to see if I can.

One time, in Winona, I was visiting a friend of mine at her dorm which was once a convent. Lovely place, with interesting floor tiles and stained glass windows. I can understand why they called the rooms "cells", though. Anyhoo, there was a door that said "Fire Hose" on the wall of the gorgeous dinner hall turned common room. It was a normal sized wooden door. I turned the knob and found it unlocked. Inside was no firehose but three chunks of 2x4 lumber.

The "Phone Booth" was ever so much more interesting than that.

Its door was unlocked as well. The room was about the size of a closet with one plastic office chair, a shelf with a phone book and office phone, and a Superman costume hanging from a hook.

I kid you not.

This particular office is also some kind of computer programming company with Microsoft plaques and whatnot on the walls.

Anyhoo, I was incredibly amused by finding a Superman costume in this odd closet-room. It wasn't until today that Arin made a comment making me realize why there would be a Superman costume in a room marked "Phone Booth". Yes, I am slow sometimes. I thought it was an entirely random and odd thing. But it's still rather amusing anyway.

In other news, I bought Tim a portable DVD player for Christmas from Radio Shack on the day after Thanksgiving with a sweet $70 mail-in-rebate. I mailed it in at the end of December. On January 7th I received an email:
Your rebate submission for $70 Axion 3.6 Portable DVD Player from RadioShack has been received. Please allow 8-10 weeks for final processing and validation.

Today I received a letter:
We appreciate your purchase, but unfortunately your submission for the RadioShack rebate offer was declined for the following reason(s):
  • Submission did not include an original UPC for a Axion 3.6" Portable DVD Player
Please return this entire letter with all the missing information to the following address by March 4, 2006

Unfortunately I do not have said UPC because I sent it in the mail to these guys. BAH! I have a copy of everything I sent them but, now that I actually have to use it, does it even mean anything at all?!? Potential conersation:
Them: We need the UPC
Me: I don't have it anymore I gave it to you.
Them: We don't have it. Prove you gave it to us.
Me: I have this copy of the UPC I sent in.
Them: You could have gotten that anywhere. Doesn't mean anything.

le sigh.
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Having one of those odd days where I don't know what time or day it is. Tim and I both feel like it's at least 9 or 10pm when in reality it's hardly past 6.

I really hated work this week. I had to get the fuck out of there.

I had an interesting visit with my cousin Diane in Sartell. She gave me my grandfather's Bronze Star, letter of Commendation, and one of his dog tags to deliver to my mom this weekend. She also called her grandmother "a shit". But Tim became her son Aidan's new best friend.

Friday we hadn't even gotten out of the city limits before my car's "Check Engine" light went on. I was not about to continue on a 700 mile road trip through the uninhabited desolation that can be I-94 through Wisconsin when my car is questionable. $200 later, my O2 sensor is replaced and my tires are rotated. Tim, who hates driving long distances and can fall asleep just driving home from work, was a doll and drove all the way to Madison, all around Madison, and all the way home from Madison. Sometimes our topics of conversation were, shall I say, "improper", but it kept him awake and me amused.

If you had a pet pygmy goat, what would you name it? Tim suggested "Bucky". I forget what my ideas were...

The parents had been drinking free beer at the Holiday Inn Express in the hot tub with my brother for a few hours by the time we got in Madison. My mother hates her job as well. She jokingly said that every morning she and my dad debate going to work at all, but my brother's tuition bill keeps 'em plugging away, for now, at least.

I think driving in Florida, having a couple free beers, and just being crazy and borderline senile assisted us in our maneuvering through the maze that is Madison, Wisconsin. There are two big lakes in the city with a large capitol building in the small narrow strip of land between. It makes for some creative navigating at times. At one point, we followed my dad going from a parking lot, over the sidewalk and curb back onto the road on our way to dinner.

We went to a SCSU Husky hockey game last night versus the NDSU Fighting Sioux. The Sioux won 3 to 2. The second period was the best and we were in row four on the corner of the rink in the sweet seats Tim "won" in our company's silent auction.

We then met [livejournal.com profile] superna, [livejournal.com profile] viksin, Christel's cousin Heather, and their friend Lorna at The Press for the Slow Children show. Drinks were had. I tried hooking Lon up with a chick from work. He mentioned he prefers blondes more than once. I loved Slow Kids' first set as it included Corrosion of Conformity, old-school Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, old school Filter, and some Type O Negative for Christel to shake her booty to. And the girl in the bondage pants on the dance floor was totally making eyes at me. And there was a ripped navy blue girlie thong on the floor of the girl's bathroom.

Today we went to Tim's youngest nephew's 9th birthday party. We had ribs, rolls, veggies, potato salad and corn for dinner. The three-level chocolate cake was delicious. Craig always forgets my name (but at least he didn't call me Ginny this time. heh) and he was very excited about his new Harry Potter GBA game and Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

I'm in a bit of a funk at the moment as I gained 2 pounds last week when I was sick and didn't feel like keeping track of my cough drops, this week isn't looking much better, what with the tuna steak pre-Thanksgiving with the family in Madison and Craig's birthday party today in Rice. Next week looks worse with Thanskgiving in Rice, a possible day-after-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving with Jody and her St Cloud friends, and another Thanksgiving feast on either Saturday or Sunday with Tim's friends.

I am not looking forward to working the next three days. I need a vacation.


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