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Christmas Eve was spent in a more-unusual-than-normal way.

You see, my parents live in a suburb of Tampa. Next door is a couple, Trisha and Anthony, and next door to them is another couple, Ray and Tina.

Ray and Tina are both from Panama. Ray "pushes tin" as an air-traffic controller and Tina collects all things collectable. Ray loves the run from Guyana. Ray, Tina, and my family were all invited over to Trisha and Anthony's house for drinks and food on Christmas Eve.

Trisha is from Trinidad with grandparents from India (very lovely woman whose speach is just musical). Anthony is from Guyana and can't sit still for very long without offering more rum (of which my poor hung-over father proclaimed he'd get him back for) or changing the CD or making my dad a tiny paper boat as a present. Very jovial company.

Trisha made some absolutely delicious food! We had corn soup which was a little concoction of meat and corn and various seasonings and then some curry goat which had the texture of deliciously melt-in-your-mouth roast beef and was delightfully spicy. There was also some roast pork with a spicy pepper sauce to dip it in, various baked desserts, homemade chex mix, and a variety of "I'm not telling you what is in this alcoholic drink" drinks.

Definitely a different kind of Christmas Eve.

In my mother's backyard there is a lemon tree, a lime tree, a tangerine tree, a grapefruit tree, an orange tree, a basil plant, and some tomato plants that are growing like weeds! Not to mention the cute little lizards skittering all about! In her front yard is an array of local fowl -- a wood stork, many egrets, and shorter white birds, as well. Apparently they like balogne, but much preferred the left-over catfish I had for lunch one day.


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