Apr. 18th, 2007 07:03 pm
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And AND the Wild totally kicked Anaheim's cheating butts last night in hockey. Even without getting the fifth goal the damn partisan refs stole from them.
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I have registered for two classes, now. I set up the fund transfer and in 3 to 4 business days, I can pay for my classes.

Holy crap, it's getting closer!

And tomorrow we're going to a wild game!
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I don't know what that karma is smokin', but it has gotta be some good stuff.

So today I'm all tired and crabby. I still can't run the effin NCOA to save my life. I figure for sure it is the memory that is overloaded as it isn't every day we try to run it on 5 million names. But even after I trim it down to just 280k, it still freezes. What's worse is that after that job is run, I have another 700,000 names I also have to run an NCOA on. And that job was due today. I finally put in a work order with the software company this morning because I've run out of options.

Do you know what the problem was?

Apparently, recently the USPS decided to add the nickname "Zeke" to their nickname table to help make matches on people who have moved. And now, whenever there is a record with the first name of "Zeke", our program freezes and doesn't know what to do. There were 14 Zeke records in our 5 million name file. And at least 1 in the 700k file. How fucking obscure is that shit?

So, anyway, our software company has a fix that is in the new release that hasn't been released yet. They try to send me the specific bug fix program. All day long, I wasn't getting any emails from them and we couldn't figure it out, no matter what the IT team thought of. We renamed the thing, sent it to different emails, everything. At 1:45 I was ready to start stabbing anyone who even tried to talk to me. It wasn't until about 2pm we finally FTPed the file over. It fixed the issue. However, I was still unable to get the job out that was due today. But really, how bullshit of an issue is "the program doesn't like the first name of Zeke"?

I was totally having a terrible day and didn't want to think about the gigantic projects that are all coming in right now and I am one of the few people who knows how to work on them and I'm fried from working mandatory overtime and my house is a mess and I didn't have any ideas for xmas gifts for the parents and they're coming tomorrow!

And then around 3pm I get a phone call from one of the Nahans. They have a bunch of season tickets to the SCSU basketball and hockey games and give 'em to people if they can't make it. I just got four tickets to Friday night's Husky hockey game. My mom loves hockey. My dad likes hockey. I like hockey. My parents will be here on Friday. I think I almost had a coronary just from the highs and lows of that past hour.

This morning I had texted Tim about how I was so stressed out and didn't want to think about anything. I come home tonight to a clean living room, the christmas tree is lit, the fireplace is ready to be lit, and the presents I got for my dad in April that I couldn't find were sitting on my desk chair. Seriously. I just can't believe how thoughtful he is sometimes. How did I get so fucking lucky?

Anyhoo... yeah. Fuckin' karma, man.
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Tim and I went to the Wild game last night against the Avalanche. We were in the 13th row from the ice at center ice practically -- much better seats than row 30 of the second floor at the Metrodome, which only has 31 rows total! They lost, but it was all kinds of fun - like seeing my family again. And Bruno (Andrew Brunette) and Antti Laaksonen (my mom's favorite former Wild player) were both playing along with Mr. Hinote who graduated from the same high school as Mr. [livejournal.com profile] thetim and me. It was kinda neat cuz at one point when the Avs were having a powerplay, Mr. Captain himself, Willie Mitchell, was chatting it up with Bruno at center ice like old buddies. Unfortunately less than a minute later, the Avs got their first score of the night. (With Mr. Mitchell reaching but not quite defending his goal.)

Picture of my favorite player )

Tonight, Mr. Wonderful fiance of mine made a delicious steak dinner with some mixed veggies and warm-from-the-oven rolls. He's too good to me, sometimes...

oOOo! Look! I can even get wallpaper of him!

*school-girl giggle*


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